Zero Escape Wiki

With its complex storyline, the Zero Escape series can create confusion and inconsistency when editing articles. This page sets the general standards that the content pages on this wiki follow and clears up inconsistency.


Please use proper grammar and spelling when writing content for articles. Though this is a fan site, it still strives for a degree of professionalism.


  • Content articles in Zero Escape Wiki should be written from an in-universe (IU) perspective, this is, the perspective from an in-game character (typically Junpei in 999 or Sigma in VLR), as opposed to out-universe (OU), the perspective of the player.

    Example: "At this point Junpei can choose to..." is to be used instead of "At this point you/the player can choose to..."

    Out-of-universe (OU) perspectives are hence to be reserved for secondary pages, like talk pages, edit summaries, blogs, etc...
  • The True Ending is to be regarded as canon when discussing global information on the plot, which is to be written in the past tense.

    Example: When discussing whether characters are alive or dead at the end of the game, or which actions they performed, the True ending is to be used as default.
    Character pages are great examples of this.

    This does not, of course, apply to content specifically detailing what happens in specific story paths, though all these should be clearly signaled as such.
  • When discussing specific story events, however, and as seen for instance in the escape rooms pages, a local perspective is to be preferred. This means that the preferred tense is the present, and that no information should be presented that the protagonist would not be aware of at that point in the story (such remarks that might be of interest should be reserved, for instance, for Trivia subsections).
    Also, when discussing story branching, the guiding principle is that common information should be discussed first, followed by subsections for the relevant branching (escape rooms like the 2nd class cabin or the Laboratory provide examples of this).
  • All pages that are mainly focused on the game's endings should be instead put into the game's Endings page. 


The following are some resources that can help contributors working on the 999 section of the wiki:

  • True ending walkthrough on Youtube[1]
    Safe ending walkthrough on Youtube[2]
  • Full game script on gamfaqs[3]. Excellent for checking doubts about story branching, or for filling the "Humorous Quotes" sections in the escape room pages.
  • Many of the game sprites can be found here [4], though a small amount of editing is needed to use them. Also, if you're looking for CG relative to the story, check Story CG, which is an almost complete list of those right here on the wiki.
  • Lastly, 343 GuiltySpark has tips on how to extract high quality images from DeSmuME:
    Although I usually play the official game on the Nintendo DS, I am currently using the DeSmuME emulator to rip sprites and other data from the game. Images are then processed through Adobe Photoshop CS5 and saved in their native format, PNG. Animated GIFs are ripped in raw AVI format using DeSmuME's capture feature and are then converted into animated GIFs and finally processed and rendered through Photoshop.
    Thou shalt not post any images edited using MS Paint on this wiki. Bad. Bad. Bad.