Any combination that yielded a digital root of 9 could have worked.

Although Zero Escape Wiki strives to balance, in article pages, official content and fan-based speculation, sometimes the two become blended together. One example is the common acceptance that,

June's bracelet number was actually 0 and Santa's was actually 9.[citation needed]

However, the game never mentions what their actual bracelet numbers were, only the fact that Santa and June had bracelet numbers that, combined, allowed them to always go into the same rooms together. Since this claim has never been confirmed in neither the game nor in any official sources, it remains as speculation, and is best left for blogs and other fan-pages, not in articles.

If you suspect an unsourced claim, simply leave a {{citation needed}} tag at then end of it, and discuss the matter on the article's comment section. If, after a period of time, it becomes apparent that no one can verify it, you may simple remove the entire claim altogether.

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