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All nine character endings completed.

A fan-made flow chart.

For endings from other Zero Escape games, see Endings

In Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, there are 22 (technically 28) endings in total, composed of good and bad endings. There are:

  • 9 character endings including the true ending
  • 11 bad endings
  • 6 non-standard game overs
  • 2 endings occurring after the true ending (One of which is non canon)

When an ending is completed, the portrait of the character appears on the flowchart and save file and on the PlayStation Vita, the player earns a trophy for each one (excluding bad endings and game overs).

Character Endings

These ends are generally more dramatic and gives more information about why Sigma is here and what is happening outside of the facility. All the endings usually provide backstory or extra information about the characters they are named after, with the exception of Quark END, and happens at a lesser extent in the Phi END.

All good endings occur during either the second or third round of the AB Game.

Endings are listed from left to right based on the flowchart. Requirements are also listed.

Luna END

Magenta Door > Ally > Green Door > Ally > Ally

Requires K and Sigma END for password.

Luna's end can be achieved by visiting the Lounge, choosing "Ally" in the first round of AB Game, going with Luna and Alice through the green door, and voting "Ally" in the second and third AB Game, a login and password received in Sigma's and K's routes are also necessary to get this ending. After finishing the puzzle and leaving the Security room, Sigma and Phi find that everyone besides them and Quark, who is missing, is dead. They both visit the Director's Office, finding a computer with an image of a lion biting a sun on the screen, and an input field for a username and password. While Phi decides to take a look around the room, Sigma stares at the screen, and suddenly remembers the login and password from the other timelines.

Luna's ABT beginning to decompose.

After logging into the computer, they learn the truth about Luna, and that in actuality, she is not dead. After the third round, Sigma and Phi find Quark alive, but unconscious in the Treatment Center, and they carry him to the Number Nine Door and open it. However, Sigma decides to stay in order to find Luna, letting Phi and Quark leave. He finds Luna in the B. Garden, where she reveals more information about herself and explains how the other participants died. Sigma learns that she hacked the core of Zero Jr., and she is going to be terminated once he recovers. Before Luna dies, she hugs Sigma, and thanks him for believing in her. With her last breath, she says "Doctor..."

On the Vita, you get a trophy called Tears in the Rain. This ending is similar in some regards to the Safe Ending, in which Sigma learns a lot of information regarding the Nonary Game, Luna's purpose, and Dio's objectives. This should be the second to last ending because of the heavy spoilers revealed. It also shows Luna's devotion to Sigma which is later revealed to be because he built her, and was in essence, her father.


Magenta Door > Ally > Blue Door > Betray

Requires Clover END.

Sigma is partnered with a deceased Alice and has 5 BP; K is a Solo with 6 BP. Both of them betray one another; there is no change in either's BP. The two have a somewhat tense conversation, but do not seem too hostile to one another.

Everybody decides to split up to look for Quark, with Sigma and K teaming up. They go to the Treatment Center, where they find Quark sleeping in Pod 01 without his bracelet on. K tells Sigma to leave him there, since he might have been infected with an illness (Presumably Radical-6). The pair then go to the infirmary, where they see the corpse of the old woman, and notice her wrist is covered in blood in an odd way, and deduce she was wearing a bracelet, and was killed by one of the players, who is now using a bloody bracelet. Sigma remembers the bottles of Luminol at the Rec Room, and he goes to search for the others.

K restrains Dio in the Rec Room.

After finding Phi and Dio, Sigma leads them to the Rec Room and, after turning off the lights, sprays Luminol on his, Phi's, and Dio's bracelets. Dio takes back his hand, saying the Luminol was cold, and attempts to leave, before K tackles him. The three all see the bloodstain on Dio's bracelet, and he confesses to killing the old woman, but denies killing Alice and Luna. They lock him up on Pod 02. They then return to Warehouse B, but Tenmyouji and Clover haven't returned. K and Sigma leave to search for them, while Phi stays to see if they will come back. They notice the door to the GAULEM Bay has been opened, and Sigma notices K staring at the open safe. Sigma notices, and K says he was thinking about who could have opened it.

Dio asphyxiated.

They proceed to the Lounge, where K tells Sigma everything he remembers about his father and mother figure. He then suffers from a headache and lays down on the couch to rest. Sigma bumps into Phi out of the room, and they hear a loud noise from down the hallway. They go to the Treatment Center, and find Dio dead from lack of oxygen in the pod. This leads them to the conclusion that either Tenmyouji or Clover killed him. They return to the Lounge and tell K about Dio's death, then return to Warehouse B to wait for the white doors to open, while K goes to fetch for Dio's bracelet. He returns with Dio's bracelet, which has been destroyed, which means K and Phi won't be able to go through the doors. Sigma remembers the injection gun Dio has was an antidote for tubocurarine, and runs to look for it. When he returns, the white doors close, and he injects Phi, who falls asleep.

K's face is revealed.

Sigma notices K's suit is open, and realizes K left his helmet on the couch and killed Dio. Sigma asks why, and he says he killed the only woman he ever loved, the old woman. Sigma takes off his helmet, and sees his own face, before dying. Although this ending does not reveal what happens to Clover and Tenmyouji, it is possible that after K and Sigma searched the infirmary, Clover and Tenmyouji returned to the Infirmary and are attacked by Dio and handcuffed to the sink, because it is a possibility that Dio and Phi split up while searching for Quark. This ending is also the only ending where Sigma unmasks K.


Magenta Door > Betray > Betray

Available from start.

Alice and Luna dead in the Crew Quarters.

Sigma, partnered with the now deceased Alice, betrays Clover to gain 9 BP after Phi's warning of how Dio would vote in the next round. Sure enough, Phi and Dio betray the "deceased" Luna to reach 9 BP as well. All three of them leave, much to the disgust and scorn of the rest of the group.

Beyond the 9 door lies a large lift and a second Pressure Exchange room, which they pass through. Unlike the original PEC, this one has several chambers and a working door to the outside. The three of them pass through to the outside to find themselves in an endless desert.

The desert and the facility.

Sometime during their exit, Dio disappears and Phi seems to undergo a shift in behavior, demanding to know where Dio is, due to needing information from him. She and Sigma split up to look for him, with Phi managing to find him first. As Sigma rushes over to them, he hears scraps of their conversation along the way. Dio appears to have been trying to operate a transmitter, which also shows a 25-digit code, which he says is the key to decrypt a message.

Dio attempts to kill Phi.

Dio gives the password to Bomb #3.

Dio attempts to kill Phi, but Sigma rescues her and incapacitates Dio. Outnumbered, he tells them about his membership in the cult Free the Soul and his status as a Myrmidon terrorist. Phi threatens Dio, demanding the "code to bomb 0", and talks about "jumps" and "timelines", which confuses Sigma. Dio eventually gives the code and says that it's pointless. After he gets it, he is coerced into taking the two to a shelter he knows of. Above, they see the red Moon from the solar eclipse, but it appears strangely close. Quark also disappears in this route as well, but it is likely that he was placed in the Treatment Pod by Luna, before she was "killed", since he is never found in this ending.

Tenmyouji END

Yellow Door > Ally > Blue Door > Ally > Ally

Requires Laboratory escape.

In this ending, after the third round of the Ambidex Game, Phi and Alice betray Dio and he betrays them, resulting in a 0-point game, Luna and Clover betray K and he allies, giving Clover 11 points. Finally, Tenmyouji and Quark betray Sigma after he had allied, giving Tenmyouji and Quark 11 points each. Clover opens the number 9 door and leaves, with Tenmyouji and Quark following, but before then, Quark hands Sigma a letter. They leave and the number 9 door is sealed permanently and the announcer announces that all the doors have been unlocked except for the number 9 door and also that escape is impossible.

Quark gives Sigma a letter explaining his and Tenmyouji's past.

Sigma reads Quark's letter and it describes how he met Tenmyouji. Quark met Tenmyouji when he went in an abandoned building as a baby. He was crying and Tenmyouji, even though it was raining heavily, had heard him and taken him in. Quark had been in a terrible condition for a while, but he had managed to get through it. He said he was extremely lucky, because when he was one he fell off the back of a truck and didn't even get a scratch. In addition, when he was two he learned to walk and then at one point fell down the stairs, but didn't even get injured. Furthermore, when he was three he had a really high fever for a week but managed to pull through just fine. At seven years of age, Quark found out he was adopted, and goes on to mention that Tenmyouji taught him about his work of collecting stuff from abandoned buildings and sorting useful things from useless junk. Tenmyouji then bought him a root beer float, which was worth more than the most expensive liquor.

A while after that, Quark goes to an abandoned building on his own and brings stuff home, but according to Tenmyouji, it was all useless garbage. Quark then got really angry and stormed out and then went to an abandoned building. Eventually, his anger evaporated to guilt, as after Tenmyouji had purchased him that root beer float, he went and betrayed him. It starts raining heavily and as Quark waits in the abandoned building, Tenmyouji finds him, soaked to the bone. They return home, and Tenmyouji catches a terrible fever. The doctor said he could die if it didn't go down, and Quark mentions that his luck must have run off onto Tenmyouji, as his fever does goes down. They then hug and Tenmyouji says that he never thought about disowning Quark. The game's credits then roll and you get Tenmyouji END. If playing on the Vita, you get the In Root Beer Veritas trophy. This is quite a strange ending, as it explains more about Quark than Tenmyouji and as Quark's ending explains practically nothing about Quark himself. It's also considered strange as it is the only ending which has a single lock that doesn't require an entire ending (Phi END doesn't count, as it's not only the true ending, but also technically has 3 locks).

Quark END

Yellow Door > Ally > Red Door > Ally

Requires Sigma END.

In the previous escape room, Dio, who had 6 BP while Sigma had only 1 (and his partner Clover 6), made an ultimatum; if Sigma did not vote Ally, he would destroy the Axelavir which he was holding hostage, and it was the only medicine that could save the seriously ill Quark.

Sigma chooses ally, and gives in to Dio's demand. After the results are posted, it is revealed that Dio and K successfully betrayed and both had 9 points, while Sigma was left with -1. Soon after, the bracelet activates and begins to administer Soporil. Sigma collapses while Dio and K make their escape. Sigma manages to crawl over to the number nine door, in order to obtain the Axelavir.

Sigma cuts off his arm using the Number Nine Door to save his life.

Once Sigma is in possession of Axelavir, he remembers that in a different timeline, he discovered that his arms are really cybernetic. With nothing to lose, he grabs hold of Dio's leg, causing his arm to be crushed, along with his bracelet, allowing him to remove the bracelet before the deadly turbocurarine can be injected. He later awakes after the sedation from the Soporil wears off. He is happy that he lost his hand over his life, and that he is the "only young reproductive male, among 4 females".

Identification with the name "Kurashiki" on it.

Inquiring into the Old Lady's identity, Sigma thoroughly checks her corpse and finds a key card. The key card has her face on it, and next to it, has the name "Kurashiki" on it. The back of the card says "pass=JUMPYDOLL", referring to a computer password. Almost immediately after that, he witnesses Alice thrusting a scalpel into her chest because of Radical-6, and the credits roll. It is unknown what happens after that.

Clover END

Yellow Door > Betray > Ally

Available from start.

Sigma and Clover ally with Quark, resulting in them all coming up to 8 BP. No one in the remaining group is able to attain 9 BP, so the decision is made to search for the Axelavir to cure Quark.

Sigma, Phi, and Clover go to the PEC, where Sigma asks Clover about Alice knowing about Radical-6 possibly being used for biological warfare. Clover affirms that she trusts Sigma and explains that she and Alice are part of the SOIS (Special Office of Internal Security).

Banner of the SOIS.

Clover then discusses the time when she met Alice in the Nevada Desert, following the events of the Second Nonary Game. Alice's car had broken down on the way to the building they had been trapped in, prompting the group to give her a lift. After she revealed herself to be an SOIS agent, the group discusses what happened during the Nonary Game, prompting Alice to believe that the culprits (Santa and June) may have had some connection to the Myrmidons' terrorist organization.

Clover then goes on to talk about how she and her brother, Light, were assigned bodyguards by their mother, upon returning from a Nonary Game for the second time. After being socially stymied by being shadowed, the two decided to run away and moved into an apartment. Both began to work at a café, Clover as a waitress and Light as a musician. After some time had passed, Alice came looking for them once more, claiming to need their help.

The morphogenetic field theory.

Alice brought the both of them to SOIS because of their ability to access the morphogenetic field, and there, the siblings encountered the people who were trapped with them during the First Nonary Game (sans Santa and June). Alice then explained to the group that the Myrmidons were planning a viral pandemic, one that could wipe out all of humanity. According to Alice, people who can access the morphogenetic field are called "espers", and the SOIS have known about it for some time, planning to use them to help uncover and prevent the Myrmidons' plan of attack. While Clover initially refused to help, due to having a normal life again, and Light agreeing to follow her decision, their minds were ultimately changed when Alice came to them again with Seven, who asked for their cooperation.

Clover kidnapped by Free the Soul.

After several months of training, they were ready for field work. Clover's mission was to infiltrate a research facility while Light stayed at the base so she could relay information to him. Unfortunately, the facility turned out to be a fake and Clover was captured. Alice arrived to save her some time later, prompting Clover to do everything she could to be more like Alice from that day forward. From the infiltration, even though it was failure, they had learned the whereabouts of the terrorist organization's real headquarters. The directors decided they would strike on December 25th, 2028, and at that time, Clover promised herself she wouldn't screw up this time. But, on December 22nd, they were kidnapped by Zero and forced into the Nonary Game.

Injection gun containing Neostigmine.

Clover says that she has been sending messages to Light ever since she woke up, but to no avail. She speculates that if there was another esper with stronger powers than her among the group, they would be able to absorb her powers to strengthen their own. Sigma asks her when the virus was to be released, but Clover gives a vague answer, stating that she, Alice, and Sigma (given his date of being kidnapped), may have been frozen in cold sleep when the pandemic was released. She says that the objective of the terrorist organization was to purify the unclean, the word "clean" reminding her of a drug called "neostigmine". She tells Sigma that neostigmine can be used to counteract the tubocurarine muscle relaxant in the player's bracelet, which means someone with less than 9 BP can leave with someone with 9 BP or more.

Clover runs out to tell the others, and Sigma chases after her. He sees Phi on the first floor of the PEC staring blankly straight ahead. After talking to her and finding her mostly unresponsive, Sigma asks her where Clover is and Phi points in the direction that the girl went. Sigma looks around for a while, and though he finds Quark still asleep, he is unable to encounter anyone else.

Sigma discovers a mass suicide.

Sigma then enters the infirmary to find Alice, Clover, Tenmyouji, Luna, Dio, and Phi dead in a pool of blood (K's missing), the group having succumbed to Radical-6. Sigma sees a nearby scalpel, which was obviously the weapon, only to succumb to the symptoms himself. Lifting the scalpel to his throat, Sigma slices it and kills himself.

The scalpel everyone used to kill themselves.

This ending is probably the most gruesome in the game, as Sigma witnesses almost every character dead. This is very similar to the Submarine Ending in 999. The only exception is Quark, who would remain in the pod, and eventually die from the penalty. K's missing appearance among the dead might have been used to trick the player into thinking K killed everyone else. Most likely, he had looked for another way to kill himself, through his armor.

Alice END

Cyan Door > Ally > Betray

Requires Laboratory escape and Dio END.

Alice in the AB Room.

In this ending, Sigma and Luna betray Alice (who should have still been unconscious) and she betrays you also. It is later found that everyone had betrayed each other. Alice turns up in the AB Room and says that she got up after she was given the Axelavir and anesthetic, as she was less susceptible to them and voted betray, thinking that Sigma would try and get a few easy points. Everyone then leaves to go to different places, and Sigma goes to examine the data he had found on a memory card next to the bomb.

The purple memory card Clover found in the Laboratory.

He inserts it into the side of the screen in the Infirmary TV monitor and a message appears: "CQUJHNMTEONERAXDFMIOVP, BYOLWXYPXSVZEQGTKRTLED (x3)" Alice then goes on to say that this type of code was used by the Myrmidons and that the bomb was set by a Myrmidon. He asks Alice to tell him more about the Myrmidons, but she leaps up and runs off. He follows her to the B. Garden. She then asks if he hates her, because she tried to kill him, and that she was scared of dying. She then says if he doesn't tell Clover she had cried, then she would tell him everything about herself.

Alice regrets almost killing Sigma.

She explains to Sigma about her past as a child. She explains her father was kidnapped by the Myrmidons and that she was raised by only her mother. She tells that she excelled in math, got a full ride scholarship to college, and got a job at SOIS (Special Office of Internal Security) in order to track down her lost father. She got a tip that members of Free the Soul were located at an abandoned facility in the desert and drove to the building. Along the way, her car broke down, and as she was figuring out what to do, she met Clover, who was leaving that exact facility with what looked like 4 others. Clover told Alice that they were trying to track down the ones who trapped them there, and Alice decided to tag along. Though their efforts were not rewarded, the two became great friends.

Alice got another tip of what may have been the Myrmidon stronghold from her bosses. Clover, who had became a member of the SOIS, was with Alice as Alice lead the infiltration mission. However, it ended up in failure as it was a set up. Clover was captured and all the conspirators that were dressed up as researchers disappeared. When Alice went to rescue Clover, next to Clover was the body of her father. Upon further examination, it was found that they had beaten him to death. Alice pledged to herself that she would avenge her father.

The code on the memory card.

After she finishes the explanation, she began discussing the code found previously. When Alice says that the key to breaking the code is normally a long line of numbers, Sigma remembers the key (From Dio-END) to crack it. If successful, it will turn out as "COMPLETED, COMPLETED, COMPLETED". After revealing this to Alice, Sigma remembers that Dio is the leader of the Myrmidons, and must have planted the bombs. After being interrupted by Clover, who mentions a fight between Phi, Tenmyouji, and Dio, the two head back inside.

Sigma interrupts the fight by saying that he knows who planted the bombs, insisting that they will admit their guilt shortly. Sigma proceeds to use his knowledge about Dio's mission, the Myrmidons, and Free the Soul to trick Dio into thinking that Sigma was sent by Brother. Sigma is successful in goading Dio into admitting that Brother trusts him and that Dio is the leader of the Myrmidons. Alice charges towards Dio, who pulls out the detonator. Alice coordinates with Clover to get the detonator away from Dio. This sets the bombs on a 30 minute timer, which happens to be the amount of time until the white chromatic doors open.

Alice attempts to break Dio's arm to get him to reveal the location of the input device for the bomb deactivation codes. Instead, Dio tricks Clover into giving him the poison pill hidden in his coat. Dio admits that he lost the input device in his couch at home before giving Sigma the code for bomb 3. Dio succumbs to the poison, and the remaining players search in vain for bombs 1 and 2, the input device, or the deactivation codes. The white chromatic doors open and the bombs explode, killing everyone in Rhizome 9.

Sigma END

Cyan Door > Betray > Green Door > Ally

Requires Alice END and Lock 06 Game Over.

Sigma's hand with a mysterious white liquid.

Luna is over the moon at the results of the round - everyone had allied! She and Sigma go to the garden and talk about her background. Luna also catches Sigma in a paradox: he says that he went to the garden looking for Alice earlier, but also admitted only visiting the Lounge before finding her. Luna also suggests that the white blood coming from Sigma's palm could indicate that he is a robot and has been in the facility for a long period of time, which would explain his knowledge about the garden. Sigma is surprised that he isn't shocked by this information.

Sigma accuses Dio of planting the bombs.

The bombs are discovered in the facility, and Sigma announces that he knows Dio planted the bombs (with a Phoenix Wright signature point), although he isn't sure how. The others tackle Dio, but accidentally separate the detonator from him, activating the bombs' 30 minute fail safe. Dio reveals the password for bomb 2 and attempts to consume his poison pill. Sigma holds Dio down until Luna sedates him. Everyone panics and goes to look for the codes for the bombs and/or the password entry device.

Sigma's test results reveal he is human but has cyberkinetic arms.

Sigma finds Luna in the Infirmary and she says she's been waiting there to scan him with the ADAM. Sigma is surprised by this, but allows her to scan him since she waited for him for that reason. The 5 minute scan reveals that Sigma is not a robot, but he does have cybernetic arms, although neither can say how he got them. Sigma and Luna talk briefly, until Luna points out there is only one minute left before the bombs explode. Luna tells Sigma that she was told to tell Sigma to remember something, and Sigma is baffled - how can he remember something when he's about to die? Luna gives the first code for the two-headed lion, and then, as the bombs finally explode, wishes that she'll "see Sigma again, somehow."


Cyan Door > Betray > Red Door > Ally

Requires Phi Game Over and all other Character endings.

A hologram of Akane Kurashiki.

Once you escape from Q, a computer screen pops up, prompting Sigma to type in a username and password. He tries KURASHIKI for the username and JUMPYDOLL for the password (found on Quark END) and it logs him in. A hologram of 67 year old Akane then pops up from the screen. Akane tells Sigma and Phi about why they were in the game, and told them that they needed to develop the ability to retain memories during a time jump. Acknowledging that Junpei is also in the room, she tells him that he has to wait just a little bit longer to see her. The three leave the room and go back to the warehouse. K suggests that Phi goes and votes alone, as she has no benefit in betraying, as she already has 9 BP. They decide to wait for the others to catch up and Tenmyouji goes off to find Quark. Sigma and Phi stay behind and have a time jump.

Dio knocked out by Phi's kick.

The two wake up in the elevator, a couple hours prior to the game starting. The two realize that they can save Akane before she gets killed by Dio. They quickly escape the elevator again and spot the two near the wall, Dio closing in. Phi runs across the elevators and lands a flying jump kick on Dio's head, knocking him out. Akane thanks the pair for rescuing her and tells them she doesn't have much time to talk, as the game must be reset to the conditions when they started playing. She quickly ties a key around Sigma's leg and tells him to look for a tombstone that says "Tu fui ego eris". The two time jump back to the present.

The Earth appearing red due to an indirect effect of Radical-6

They wake up in the infirmary, the other players found and alive. They had apparently worked together to get everyone's BP up to 9 so they can all escape. Everyone except for Dio (he is chained to the sink in the Infirmary) escape through the Number Nine Door. The group pass through the Pressure Exchange Chamber and head to the outside world. The players assume that they are in some sort of desert, but Tenmyouji thinks otherwise. He tells the other players that they are in the year 2074, 45 years after they were kidnapped. Apparently, the Radical-6 virus had escaped sometime in 2028 out of the Mars Mission Test Site. It spread throughout the Earth and infected billions of people. These people either killed themselves (due to the virus' effect) or died from a lack of food. Survivors in 2029 tried to get rid of the virus by blowing up the Earth's annihilation reactors, but that sent dust in the atmosphere, making it appear red in space. The players realized that they were standing on the Moon, in a base called Rhizome 9. Sigma retorts by saying that there would be a difference in gravity. Tenmyouji says that due to the effect of Radical-6, they didn't notice the change of gravity because their brains' processing speed had slowed down. This also explained Phi's incredible jumping ability.

After some further arguing, Sigma realizes that he needs to check the tombstone in the B. Garden. They head back into Rhizome 9 and go through the Nine Door connected to Warehouse B. They go to the tombstone and unlock it. The ground opens up to reveal a fourth treatment pod. They try to open it, but it has to have time to defrost first. While they are waiting, K suddenly speaks up and says that his memory has returned. He says that he was born in the facility and that Zero Sr. raised him. The Akane and Zero Sr. had created the Nonary Game to allow Sigma and Phi to go back in time to stop Radical-6. The numerous choices and options in the game were there to create multiple timelines that they could jump to. The pod is now defrosted and ready to be open.

Akane is revealed to be in K's armor.

To Sigma's shock, the person inside the pod was not Akane, but a clone of Sigma. K takes off his armor and Akane steps out of it. This was only possible because they had saved Akane in the past. If she had died, the mysterious Sigma clone would be in the armor. The other players ask about their roles in the Nonary Game. Clover and Tenmyouji were espers, needed to enhance Sigma and Phi's powers. Quark was dragged along by Tenmyouji. Alice was necessary to be able to decode one of the bomb passwords. Luna was a GAULEM that helped guide the players through the game. Dio was there to cause disturbances that would enable Sigma and Phi to use their abilities.

Sigma realizes he is Zero Sr.

Akane asks if any of them recognize the man in the treatment pod. All of the players shake their head and Sigma is dumbfounded. He tells them that the man and the pod and he have the same face and they call him off as crazy. Sigma rushes to the pond and is shocked to see that he is 67 and has a bionic eye. Akane tells the group that Sigma himself is Zero Sr., and that his 22 year old consciousness was inside of his 67 year old body. Akane quickly draws out the Myrmidon knife Dio had and lashed at Phi. Sigma tries to take the blow and blacks out.

After completing this, END OR BEGINNING appears at the top of the flowchart.

Bad Endings

The Game Over endings are triggered when player makes a wrong choice during the AB game. There are 11 bad endings in total, and each character route has one or two of them.

Luna Game Over 1

Luna Path Rd.2 ~ Betray.

Magenta > Ally > Betray

This ending happens if the player chooses "Betray" after escaping the GAULEM Bay on Luna's path. Luna is very disappointed in Sigma for betraying her and goes together with Tenmyouji to look for Quark. After they leave, everyone splits up to help. Later, when Sigma comes back to Warehouse A, he finds Tenmyouji carrying an unconscious Quark in front of Number Nine door. Since Quark's BP is 9, Tenmyouji wants to open the door and get him out, even if his own BP is under 9. When Sigma is off guard, he kicks him and opens the gate, then escapes with Quark in his hands, ending the Nonary Game.

Luna Game Over 2

Luna Rd 3. ~ Betray.

Magenta > Ally > Green Door > Ally > Betray

Both Sigma's and Phi's BP reaches over 9 points after betraying Luna, who didn't vote. Both of them decided to look for Quark before leaving the facility. During their search, they hear the announcer's voice, which states that the Number Nine door has been opened, and they rush to the Warehouse A, only to find out that Luna and Quark had already escaped. When they look at the results screen, Zero III appears and explains that Luna used Quark's bracelet, which had 9 BP and was in the Infirmary the whole time, to open the door.

K Game Over

K Rd. 2 ~ Ally.

Magenta > Ally > Blue Door > Ally

Sigma, who has 5 BP, is up against K, who has 6 BP, and K is paired up with a deceased Alice. K tries to convince Sigma to pick Ally, and he does. When they get to the results board, they see that K has picked 'Betray', which boosts his BP up to 9. Dio gets frustrated with Sigma and has an argument, while K slipped by without being noticed by everyone to get in front of the Number 9 door. He says that 3 people have been murdered and that is why he is leaving. He then leaves, and the Nonary Game ends.

Dio Game Over

Dio Rd. 2 ~ Ally.

Magenta > Betray > Ally

Phi convinces Sigma to betray Clover. When Clover says she going to pick ally, Sigma is worried because he doesn't want to break Clover's trust. Sigma can't think what to pick between 'Ally' or 'Betray' and decides to pick 'Ally'. After the voting is finished, Dio runs to the 9 door, not even bothering to look at the results board, knowing that he and Phi have 9 BP. He and Phi leave the others behind, which ends the Nonary Game.

Tenmyouji Game Over 1

Tenmyouji Rd. 2 ~ Betray.

Yellow > Ally > Blue > Betray

Clover and Sigma are in the voting room and Clover seduces Sigma to pick 'Betray'. She promises Sigma that she won't open the Number 9 Door and tells him not to pick 'Ally' because that would be trusting Tenmyouji, and Sigma follows Clover's suggestion and picks 'Betray'. After the voting results were shown, Tenmyouji now wishes he'd picked 'Betray', which would have killed Sigma. Clover is standing at the 9 door and opens it, saying that she had faked her promises to grant Alice's wish to escape before she dies. She leaves, and the Nonary Game ends. Tenmyouji goes quiet and goes to the Yellow Door, leaving Sigma and the rest of the group remaining mad.

Tenmyouji Game Over 2

Tenmyouji Rd. 3 ~ Betray.

Yellow > Ally > Blue > Ally > Betray

Sigma does not know whether he should trust Quark and Tenmyouji and runs through the potential outcomes in his head. Sigma realizes that if he picks 'Betray', he would be closer to 9 BP and would make sure that they won't be able to escape. Thus, Sigma picks 'Betray'. After the voting results were shown, Clover betrays K, who allied, which makes her have 11 BP and she can escape. Quark is quiet and Tenmyouji is shocked when they realized Clover is at the 9 door. She says nothing and goes through the Number 9 door, avoiding a punch from Dio. The Nonary Game ends.

Quark Game Over

Quark Rd.2 ~ Betray.

Yellow > Ally > Red > Betray

Dio, who has 6 BP, has blackmailed Sigma and Clover (who have 1 and 6 BP respectively) -- if they do not pick "Ally", Dio will destroy the Axelavir bottle he is holding, which is the only medicine that can cure Quark. Since Sigma has 1 BP, if he picks Ally and Dio picks Betray, Sigma will die. After stopping Clover from picking Betray on her own, Sigma votes Betray. Dio doesn't look at Clover and Sigma when they exit the room and he picked 'Betray' too. They realized that K has 9 BP now. Dio is furious and when the other players find out he has the medicine, he smashes it as promised. Luna is sad and K runs to the 9 door, revealing that Alice is in the AB room sleeping, which makes the players think that something happened in the voting room. He leaves, which ends the Nonary Game.

Clover Game Over

Clover Rd. 2 ~ Betray.

Yellow > Betray > Betray

Clover says to pick 'Ally' after she talked to Tenmyouji, retracting her previous statement before the voting started to pick 'Betray'. Regardless, Sigma goes with Clover's original suggestion, and picks 'Betray', bringing the two of them to 9 BP and Quark down to 4. Everyone else realizes that Sigma only was trying to escape, and he bolts for the Number 9 Door. Phi, Dio, Alice, and K pin him to the ground after he unlocks the door, preventing him from getting through. Alice shouts at Clover to leave, as she also has 9 BP, and get help. Clover refuses at first, but Alice shoves her through the door. The door closes, and the game ends.

Alice Game Over

Alice Rd. 2 ~ Ally.

Cyan > Ally > Ally

Luna and Sigma are in the voting room and urges Sigma to pick 'Ally' because Alice is in the Infirmary and will default to "Ally". The player picks 'Ally'. When they get to the result board, they realize that Alice had gotten out of the infirmary in time and had voted betray, which increased her BP to 9. A shocked Sigma is down to -1 BP. His bracelet injects his hand, making him collapse on the ground. Before he dies, he sees Alice coming out the voting room and he says 'Ali-ce'. The Soporil causes him to fall unconscious and he gets killed by the penalty.

Sigma Game Over

Sigma Rd. 2 ~ Betray.

Cyan > Betray > Green > Betray

Luna and Sigma are saying that Clover won't vote, which means she will 'Ally' by default. Sigma picks 'Betray', which makes Luna sad, and gets 9 BP after the voting results. She goes to a chromatic door, not even bothering to see the results of the voting. The group notices that Sigma was the only one who betrayed and sees the something white in his hand. They asked him whether he was a robot or not. Sigma says he isn't and counters that K is a robot, saying that he may have always been that way. He says he isn't and that he knows he is human. Everyone is furious at him and to make sure he doesn't leave, they knock him out. He wakes up in the infirmary alone and finds that his arm was cut off. He notices that they had used his bracelet to escape. Upon seeing that they cut off his bracelet hand and that he has artificial tissue within it, he begins to scream and jumps from the stress.

Phi Game Over

Phi Rd.2 ~ Betray.

Cyan > Betray > Red > Betray

After promising Phi that he will pick ally, Sigma makes a horrible mistake and picks betray. Phi tells him that he will regret his decision and that he will pay. Since he has 9 BP, Phi, fearing for the group's safety, tells K to slam him on the neck and he passes out.

Alternative Game Overs

There are also a few non-standard game overs in the game that do not count towards endings, but still bring up the Game Over message:

  • Not finding and saving Alice during Sigma's path brings up a Game Over, similar to the one needed to continue down his pathway.
  • Should Sigma fail to solve the Myrmidon Code, Alice berates him for his lack of intelligence and leaves him alone in the B. Garden.
  • Failure to disarm the bombs after a certain number of attempts results in them exploding and killing the cast. For the #3 and #2 bombs, Sigma and Phi have enough time to have a heartfelt talk before they die.


  • Clover's END is the only ending where almost every character involved has died on screen. This is similar to 999's Submarine Ending in that it explicitly shows everyone's corpses, and similar to the Axe Ending in that it is Clover's ending and easily the most nightmare-fueled. Also, she makes a reference to Seven, when she says that "I am this close to remembering!".
  • In every good ending, Sigma learns more about that respective person. He will learn more about Alice in Alice's ending, Luna in Luna's ending, etc. The only END's that break this are Tenmyouji's and Quark's, as Sigma learns about both of them in the former's ending, yet learns about neither in the latter's ending.
  • Dio's END is the only good ending which explicitly shows Phi "jump" from another timeline. This does not include Phi's true END.
  • There is a spelling mistake in Quark's ending. Sigma says "there has always been one chocie" in the infirmary, when it is supposed to be spelled "choice".
  • There is a mistake in K's ending. When Sigma wonders what to choose during the second round of the AB Game, he states that he will have 2 BP if K betrays him, instead of 3.
  • On all of the yellow door paths, there is a mistake when Sigma and the players exit the infirmary. The narration says "warehouse" instead of "hallway".
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