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  • I live in Okinawa, Japan
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male

Hello, welcome to my page! I am an admin and bureaucrat on this wiki, along with AlexShepherd, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask on either one of our message walls! Anyways, I have all different sorts of hobbies, including playing video games, basketball, football, and bowling. I'm also obsessed with shoes, putting aside money for $250 Nike Foamposites. To wrap this up, I love working together with the users in our small community, and hope that we can make this THE place to go for Zero Escape information (If it isn't already). See you around!

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I'm laid back and relaxed, but don't mind working hard to achieve my goals. I can always be found with a smile on my face, not letting other emotions get in the way. I have high tolerance for others criticizing or talking about me, as I believe in the old adage that words can't hurt you. Like June and Junpei, I have a penchant for humor of all kinds, and love to catch people off guard with situational jokes. During any form of competition (video games, sports, etc...), I love communicating with the competition and if I know them well, I'll engage in some friendly trash talk, if I can back it up (I almost always can).

What I Like In The Zero Escape Series

Like everybunny on this website, I love the Zero Escape series and visual novels in general. My favorite character in the series is June. I love how well developed her personality is and was utterly shocked when such a nice, pretty, innocent young woman turned out to be Zero. Her naiveness and dirty mind gave me many laughs during the 999, including the elevator scene (dialogue was planned out perfectly!) and when Santa was examining her picture on the stairs in the steam engine room.

As for VLR, I was disappointed that she didn't appear as a playable character, and when it was finally time to meet her, she seemed a lot more cold and distant. I understand that it was for the good of mankind, but still. At least the "End or Beginning?" segment was there to finally meet her as her younger self again! Finally, I think ZTD wrapped up things nicely, and I was excited that we would finally get to experience a good ending for her. She retains much of her quirks from 999, and this helped made C-Team's sequences my favorite in the game. I'm really happy about how the proposal scene was executed and how the post ending files showed her and Junpei on the path to marriage, an outcome I've wanted ever since I first played 999.

Favorite Things In The Series

  • My favorite moments are...
    • 999: The Elevator Scene
    • VLR: Phi kicking Dio
    • ZTD: Junpei proposing to June

Biggest Contributions

999 Voiceovers

999 doesn't have voice actors, but I love voiceover videos on the game.

June Sprites

June Sprites
Embarrassed JuneEmbarrased
Big Smile JuneBigSmile
Nervous JuneNervous
Worried JuneWorried
Smile JuneSmile
Smile 2 JuneSmile2
Surprised JuneSurprised
Serious JuneSerious
Uncertain JuneUncertain

June Gallery

Favorite Quotes

  • Examine the Saturn elevator on C Deck.
    June dialog June: W-w-w-Wait...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: What...?
    June dialog June: I-I-I-I'm not really...uh... I just... Oh gosh...
    What could she possibly be so frightened of?
    June was probably afraid of... being locked up alone with a boy. In a way, it was kind of cute. Very... demure, you could say.
    Still, even though it wasn't exactly roomy in the elevator, they weren't going to be pressed up against one another. At least they didn't have to be...
    Still, it was making her nervous. I couldn't help but think how innocent she was...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: C'mon, let's go.
    And again, I felt myself restrained.
    June dialog June: I said wait a minute!
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Why?!
    June dialog June: Aren't you afraid, Jumpy?
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Afraid of what?!
    June dialog June: Well, I've never... you know...
    She'd never been in an elevator with a man alone before?
    Even so, she seemed awfully alarmed.

    June dialog June: I might... get wet.
    June dialog June: Down there... I'd get soaking wet...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: W-Well, I mean, of course you would, that's the way it works.
    Junpei dialog Junpei: I mean, I've never heard of anyone getting soaking wet... somewhere... else.
    June dialog June: That's...that's true...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
    June dialog June: You... don't mind?
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Mind what?
    June dialog June: Getting... wet...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: W-Well, I dunno, I think I'd probably... You know... like it.
    June dialog June: Gosh, Jumpy! You're so brave!
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...Really? I mean, I kinda think any guy would do the same thing, you know?
    Junpei dialog Junpei: What happens, happens, right? If you get the chance, you've just gotta go for it. That's what a man's supposed to do, I guess.
    June dialog June: Y-You're so cool, Jumpy! I really admire you!
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Uh, that... doesn't seem like the sort of thing you oughta admire someone for...
    June dialog June: I'm... I'm really scared...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Y-Yeah... I mean like you said, you've never... done it... before...
    June dialog June: Yes... So I don't think I will be able to last very long, and then it'll be... over...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...O-Over...?
    June dialog June: Yes. I'll go to heaven...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...Heaven...?
    June dialog June: It feels kind of like you're floating in space, and your mind gets all fuzzy, like when you pass out...
    June dialog June: At least, that's what I've heard from people who experienced it...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: A-Ah, yes, I've heard it too. Although I don't think the same thing happens to guys.
    June dialog June: ...What?
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...Huh?
    June dialog June: But, it would happen to men too, wouldn't it? It would happen to anyone. Once it gets into your body, the same thing happens to everyone.
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...Well... I mean... Usually it doesn't ...go inside... the man... I mean, generally...
    June dialog June: Yes, it does. Well, eventually it will. It's not like you really have a choice...
    June dialog June: Your body will force you to swallow some of it, eventually...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Wh-What are you trying to do to me...?
    June dialog June: Nothing... I'm not trying to do anything to you. I'm just saying that that's what happens. It's a psychological reaction to what you're experiencing...
    Was... was that really how it happened? It occurred to me that perhaps that was how it worked... Perhaps he'd been mistaken all these years. Had I misunderstood life so gravely? The thought terrified him. June seemed to be entirely oblivious to my mounting confusion and terror.
    June dialog June: I know most men probably have larger lungs, but even then, I don't think you could hold your breath for 20, or even 10, minutes.
    June dialog June: Eventually you'd have to breathe, and then the water would get into your lungs. Once that happens, your body won't be able to get oxygen anymore, and you'll start to feel that floaty feeling as you pass out...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
    June dialog June: ...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
    June dialog June: ...
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Ha ha... Ha ha ha ha... Ahahahahahaha!
    Finally, I understood. I understood what June was trying to say, and why she was so scared.
    Junpei dialog Junpei: Yeah, you're right, you wouldn't last very long.
    June dialog June: See?
    She was afraid that the only elevator button pointed down.

  • Examine Junpei's card in the cargo room.
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: Not cool, man... You took this picture without my permission.
      June dialog June: It looks pretty cool, though. You look really handsome in this picture...
      Santa dialog Santa: Hey, knock it off, lovebirds.
      June dialog June: Wh-Wh-What?!
      June dialog June: We're not a couple! Not at all! Not in any way!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...

  • Examine the ADAM (in the Infirmary) on "EASY" mode.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: La-La-La! Lu-Lu-Lu! Look at all the cats today!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Stop singing! That's not a microphone!
      Phi dialog Phi: La-La-La! Lu-Lu-Lu! Timeeee gooooooes byyyyyyy!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: For God's sake, that's not a microphone!
      Phi dialog Phi: La-La-La! Lu-Lu-Lu! Whenever I think of you, my heart is set on fire! Nothing can come between me and you!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: No! No! You can't rhyme "you" with itself! That's not how rhyming works! You are bad at songs!
      Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: Yo, yo, yo, where my boys at? Tee to the en to the myo-yo-gee! Dropping the sickest beats till this puzzle completes!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Not you too... This is the most embarrassing thing I've seen in my life.

  • Back out of the Ice Cube sliding puzzle 6 times on "EASY" mode (In the Pantry).
    1. Clover dialog2 Clover: H-Hey, Sigma, are you all right? Maybe you aren't feeling well...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Shut up! Just tell me how to do this, goddamnit!
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Oh. Well. If you're going to be like that, I don't think I will.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Oh no no no no no no I am so, so sorry. Please, please tell me the answer.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Theeen... "Clover-chan is hella moe."
      Sigma dialog Sigma: ...What?
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Say it!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: C-Clover-chan is... hella moe...
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Louder!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Clover-chan is hella moe!
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Eeeeeee! Oh, you're embarrassing meeee! He he he.
      Alice dialog Alice: What in God's name is wrong with you...
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Huh? Did you say something?
      Alice dialog Alice: No, nothing.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Whatever. Anyway, lemme show you how it works.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: After you move cube 2 like I told you before, you just need to move cube 3 down, then left.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Then it'll brie- I mean freeze there, so you can bounce cube X off of it.
      Alice dialog Alice: Getting it into the hole should be easy.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Okay, give it one more shot!

  • Go in front of the white chromatic doors on Tenmyouji's route.
    1. K dialog K: All of the doors are identical for this round. I believe it doesn't matter which team uses which door.
      Dio dialog Dio: Then we're taking the one in the middle.
      Phi dialog Phi: Why that one?
      Dio dialog Dio: You want a kill-shot, you aim for the center. You're more likely to just miss the extremities.
      Phi dialog Phi: That logic is flawed and more than slightly disturbing. Unfortunately, I don't really have a counterargument, so center door it is.

  • Before entering the Archives on Sigma's route.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: Clover, try pulling that lever.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Why do I have to do it?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: It might be dangerous. I was hoping you could just wrap your hands around it and give it a good jerk. It is kinda big, but I'm sure you can handle it. gentle.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Uh... This doesn't seem like appropriate workplace behavior. You're kinda grossing me out.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: I know you probably still think of yourself as just a girl, but you've become a woman some-
      Clover dialog2 Clover: You're not making it any better! Why don't you do it?!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: If you can't take it, then maybe Luna can. Have you done this before? You just start at the base and work your way up, then give it a good tug once you get to the top.
      Luna dialog Luna: ...Wh-What?
      Clover dialog2 Clover: What is wrong with you?! If you're so desperate to give that lever a good time why don't you do it yourself! Just leave me and Luna out of your sick fantasies, you creep!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Hmph. Fine. But I won't like it.
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Oh...
      Luna dialog Luna: One of the doors opened. Hmm, we might as well go through it.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe we should try flipping it one more time, though... I think you could actually manage with just one hand, Clover. Just do it real fast, it'll only take one second. Just up and down once...
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Ugh. You are disgusting.



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