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Hi, I'm keeping this short for now, because, honestly, I find my time on this wiki is better spent doing actual edits than writing on this page. That said, as I have now amassed a very significant amount of edits, I feel I should at least say something.

I tend to focus on text, and the current methods I'm using to obtain gameplay images are very coarse (namely, they are screencaptures from youtube playthroughs). So, if you see a gameplay picture posted by me and you have a better quality one (see 343GuiltySpark for a nice standard), please replace them, no need to ask.

On another note, should you ever enter a conversation with me you may notice my tendency to be curt and to say exactly what I think. Should this happen to you let me assure you it is unlikely I mean it as an insult, and is merely a result of me preferring to state my honest opinions instead of sugar-coating them.

Oh, and welcome to the wiki! We need more people here!!

To do

Below you can find notes about my work on the wiki. They are mostly meant for myself (I may sometimes think of some detail that needs working on and just "jot down" something about it here), so if you don't understand what I'm talking about, that's perfectly normal. That said, the "To do" section will contain the main pages I'm doing big work on, so you may want to focus attention elsewhere (given how much work there is still left to be done on this wiki this shouldn't be hard).

- June.

- Add the humorous quotes to RandomQuote (3rd class, 2nd class, Laboratory, 1st class, Casino done)

- Finish organizing CG

- Add to Large hospital room


-Add new Clover concept

-Replace images!

-Manage the Deck category pages

-Track Q&A trivia mentions (1st class & ...)

- 2nd class concept art

-Also see if I can do something about the initial concept & fanart

- Decide on indentation (Laboratory)

English polishing

-3rd class cabin (done)

-1st class cabin (done)


Finished for now

-2nd class cabin (Also requires "morphogenetic field", "ice 9" and "leaf words" pages. Santa's quote needs reformating And polishing)

-Planet keys (Still almost no text, though. Just bare bones.)

-Laboratory (will need eventual polishing, though)

-Door [7]

-Door [8]

-Door [3]

-Door [4]

-Finished the humorous quote sections in the escape room pages.

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