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"What the hell is this place..."
— Junpei, first impressions

The Torture Room is an escape room located on the Bottom Deck of the ship, behind Door 2 and through the Confinement Room. It is, as its name suggests, a torture room, and has several different kinds of torturing tools scattered around the vicinity.



Art of the torture room.

The room is trapezoid shaped, with a chair in the center. A device for the chair's use is directly next to it. A rectangle of glass is underneath the chair. It is initially too dark to see through, but the space below it is eventually filled with water and thus makes the glass see-through. A small table with many rusty tools and a brand-new wrench is to the right of the chair.

A raised platform takes up the south and west walls. The exit door is on the right wall of the raised platform, and the door of entry is on the bottom left corner of the raised platform. A pipe with a glass pane is underneath the raised platform on the south wall. A control panel for the chair and glass floor is underneath the raised platform on the west wall. The chair has wires sticking out of the back and handcuffs on the arm rests.


JunpeiSeven, and Lotus go through the "EMERGENCE" after solving the Confinement room door and immediately come upon the torture room. The door locks behind them as they enter. The three players are daunted by the appearance of the room and Junpei suggests that they search it as fast as they can.

Torture Chair

Triggered by touching the green computer monitor when the power is on.


As part of a puzzle necessary to leaving the room, one of the three must be a subject in a brain experiment. As Seven is too large to fit in the chair, only Lotus and Junpei are eligible subjects. Lotus volunteers to be the subject and Junpei unsuccessfully tries to convince her not to. She hesitates before she gets into the chair and reveals to Junpei and Seven that she has daughters, asking the two to tell her daughters that she always loved them. Lotus begins telling the two their names when Seven and Junpei are surprised by her mention of Nona. Seven asks Lotus if her surname is Kashiwabara and she confirms it.


Seven reveals to Lotus that he met Nona 9 years ago on the Gigantic.

To explain the surprise, Seven tells Lotus about him being a detective. Once Seven finishes, Lotus goes on to explain that she'd been seeking this information. 9 years prior, her children vanished for 9 days. When they came back, they refused to talk about it. According to doctors, they weren't hurt, but Lotus was still suspicious that something terrible had happened. However, she couldn't make the two talk, since they'd then have to relive what they experienced. The two eventually took on normal behavior, and Lotus found it only more difficult to talk to them about it. She eventually decided to search for what happened on her own, but couldn't ever find any information. The police and media were silent.

Sender receptor 1

Person Q sending images to Person A.

Seven reveals the Ganzfeld Experiment was performed on the children in the First Nonary Game at a hospital owned by Cradle Pharmaceutical. Two children (likely siblings), were placed in rooms far away from one another. In one room, a child (now called Q), was shown video images. In another room, another child (now called A), was blindfolded and put into a reclining chair. Q was told to send the images to A by thinking about them. With their senses cut off, A was asked to guess what images Q was looking at. The whole thing was passed off at counseling for the children that Cradle Pharmaceutical tested on. Junpei says that that was likely the experiment they were doing on the ship and that someone from Cradle Pharmaceutical had been desperately wanting to test it to see if it could be used to control people, but he nor Seven can see how it is connected to the Nonary Game.

The chair then threatens to shut down and take an hour to recover its system, so Lotus sits down and Junpei resumes the chair's puzzle.


After completing the chair puzzle, Lotus states that her life may have been shortened, and Seven and Junpei decide to quickly leave the room with her.


Wrench Mini-wrench


A brand new wrench!

The wrench is found on the table in the northeast corner of the room. It looks remarkably newer than the other tools on the table. It is used only to remove bolts keeping the glass pane to the pipe containing the Sun Key.

Sun Key Mini-sunkey

Tort sunkey

The Sun key found in the depths of the unknown.

The Sun Key, a Planet Key, is found in the pipe with the glass pane, but can only be accessed after the bolts are removed with the wrench. Its only purpose is to unlock the manacles on the chair. The key is also used to unlock the sun door on C deck.


Brain Adjustment


The solution to the first phase of the minigame in the DS version.

In the first adjustment, Junpei must press [On/Off] switches, changing what blocks are shown in an attempt to match the head on the bottom screen to the head on the top screen. In order to do that, all but the top-right button must be turned on.

In Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, this puzzle is changed so that all should be on except the bottom-left button.

After this is entered, the monitor says:

[Adjustment is completed. Now proceeding to execution phase.]
[To complete the experiment, data must be collected from subject.]
[Once preparation is finished, place subject in chair.]

The murky depths are revealed to the world...

To "prepare", Junpei must pull the yellow lever on the control panel. This will flood the tank under the glass floor with water, revealing a dead shark with EDBF written on its belly. By pressing these four buttons in that order on the control panel, power is routed to the chair. Once Lotus seats herself, the second phase of adjustment begins.

In the second phase, the head is separated into three sections, but only two of these sections can be interacted with. On these sections, Junpei must put switches into correct positions to match the head on the bottom screen to the head on the top screen. The correct way is to have everyone on the left side be set to 2, and everyone on the right side be set to 1.

After this is complete, the monitor says: 

  1. [The experiment has concluded. The door will now unlock.] 
  2. [Release subject from the restraining device.] 

It's then possible to leave the Torture Room.



The players in the torture room.

  • In an artbook for the game, there is art of six players in the torture room at the same time, something which never occurs in-game.
  • Every route through this room ends in the Submarine Ending.
  • All of the items in this room are useless outside of it. The Wrench is disposed of when Junpei undoes the bolts on the pipe's glass pane, and the Sun Key's intended door, the door to the Storage room, is already open by the time Junpei and co. get to the door.
  • There are a couple of typos when the tank to the pipe is given a close-up and the pipe is examined. Lotus mis-says the phrase "What on Earth" to "What are Earth", and Junpei's following line has the word "find" with two I's-- "fiind".
  • In the iOS version, Lotus refuses to sit in the torture chair (in the other versions, she volunteers to sit in it). Junpei is then forced to sit in the chair, getting shocked in the process.
  • After completing the "Brain Adjustment" minigame, Lotus states that she feels like her life got shorter, which foreshadows her death in the Submarine Ending.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine cables, when facing the control panels:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: These cables are really complicated... Does this thing really need all these cables?
      Seven dialog Seven: Maybe they're for adjusting the voltage, you know?
      Seven dialog Seven: If you power just one cable, then the voltage is low. You turn on more ables if you want more voltage.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: If you pump electricity through all 10 cables, that'd probably be enough to electrocute someone.
      Oh man, just thinking about that scares the crap out of me. Let's try not to do that anymore, okay?
    2. There's something about those cables that creeps me out... They feel...heavy.
  • Examine pipes when viewing the tank closeup:
    1. There's a metal pipe connected to a big tank-like thing.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: What on Earth is hitting that pipe supposed to accomplish?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: I'm trying to find out if it's hollow.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: What did you find out?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: I found out that I don't know enough about pipes to know if it's hollow or not.
    2. This paint on this pipe is faded.
  • Examine the floor after pulling the yellow lever:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: Guess the shark was someone's pet, huh? That's a bit of a surprise...
      Seven dialog Seven: You die on the chair, you get dumped into the water and he cleans up the mess. Convenient.
    2. The only thing in the water is the dead shark.
  • Examine the wrench:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: This wrench looks brand-new.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: Considering where we found it, I have to wonder how it was used.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Knock it off. I don't wanna think about that.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: You've already seen plenty of things that are a lot more cruel than that. He he... You're unexpectedly sensitive.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: C'mon, let's not talk about stuff that doesn't matter, okay? We need to find somewhere where we can use this thing.
    2. A brand-new wrench. Maybe I can use it to unscrew bolts or something.