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"Wh-What the hell are you talkin' about?! Akane Kurashiki died 9 years ago in this room... I was there, I saw-- What the hell...? Where's...where is she? Where's Akane Kurashiki?"
— Seven, questioning Aoi on his motives in the incinerator

Seven (セブン Sebun) (true name unknown) is a player of the Second Nonary Game in Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors who suffers from amnesia and can't remember how he got on the ship, but assumes he was abducted in the same manner as the other eight players were (being kidnapped by Zero with a gas grenade). His bracelet number being 7, Seven is the only character that doesn't have his real name revealed.


Seven has the look of a stereotypical tough stoic guy. He is much bigger than the other players, in both strength and size, to the point where Junpei called him a "terrifying giant of a man." Lotus called him "Elephant Man", Clover called him a "fatty" and a "whale", and Santa called him a "fatass".

He has brown hair and brown eyes, and extremely small pupils. He has a big wide nose and thin eyebrows. His skin appears to be a shade darker than the rest of the players. After 2018, Seven obtained several scars on his face, received from fighting Free the Soul.

Seven wears a big, black jacket with stripes of white red and blue going down the arms and around the arm cuffs. He wears a white shirt underneath. He also wears a blue beanie with a design of a white apple on the lower right corner. His hair is brown and slightly messy when his hat is taken off. Yellow overalls are worn on top of all of his clothes, and he wears black shoes. Like the other players, he wears a bracelet on his left wrist.

In the past, Seven wore a black shirt, light gray pants with a white belt, and white shoes. He also wore an orange jacket. His hair is more kept, and he has yet to gain his scars.

In Virtue's Last Reward, Clover mentions that Seven is a "Japanese detective". It is unknown if this means he's of Japanese descent or that he has lived in Japan, or possibly both. If Seven is of Japanese descent, then it is unusual since most Japanese men aren't big and tall like Seven or have lighter shades of brown hair like Seven has, although dying hair is common in Japan. Seven could be considered to be ambiguously brown.


"The most powerful. He is sturdy, both physically and mentally. He's awkward, lacks delicacy, and his words tend to be frank and to the point. Visually he may be intimidating, but he's actually quite nice and rather lenient. He has amnesia and no memory of what happened to him before he woke up. However I will tell you one thing: He is someone who holds the key to unlocking the truth behind a particular incident. If his memory comes back."
— Kotaro Uchikoshi [1]

♪ Seven sings a song he wrote for Junpei. ♪

Junpei inquiring Seven about his amnesia.

Seven is very easy going, and gets excited at times of distress, but overall, he tries to keep an optimistic outlook for the sake of keeping his and the others' sanity. He is awkward, lacks delicacy, and his words tend to be frank and to the point. He is a drinker and enjoys booze. He also has a bit of a perverted side when it comes to women and their "parts". He talks with a slightly laid-back, lazy accent. For example, "Wadda you mean?", "gotta", "outta", "wanna", and words that end with "-ing", he uses "in'" instead ("thinkin'" rather than "thinking", "makin'" rather than "making", etc).

He has a kind heart, cares deeply for everyone, and treats all the other players with kindness, although he tends to spat with Lotus, whom he thinks to be a demon disguised as a beautiful woman. As shown in the Laboratory, he occasionally argues with Clover.

Despite this tendency of his to argue with others, as well as his bluntness and awkwardness, Seven genuinely cares for others and is willing to go to great risks and effort to protect and save them; as shown when he helped save the First Nonary Game participants (confronting Cradle Pharmaceutical agents alone without backup), volunteered to go past Door 5 to prevent everyone else from seeing the mangled corpse of the exploded Teruaki Kubota, and when he volunteered to stay behind to let everyone else pass through Door 9 (though this proved unnecessary as Santa took June hostage just after Seven offered).

His appearance and behavior hide an intelligent mind well-equipped for solving problems. Surprisingly, Seven's intelligence is comparable to that of a scholar. He knows information about morphic resonance, the Gigantic, Alice, and even other tidbits no one would expect from him.

Seven is based on the "Helper" Enneagram of Personality. He is mainly a supporter for the others who they can always turn to for protection.


Seven and the Cradle kidnappers.

Seven worked as a lone-wolf detective who who valued his own code over the rules, doing what he felt was right over doing what he was told. Seven investigated the disappearances of 18 children in August/November 2018. He found that all the children were linked to Cradle Pharmaceutical and managed to convince an employee of the company to tell him what the CEO was planning to do with the children.

Seven found out that the children were placed on a ship named the Gigantic and sneaked over to the harbor where the ship was planning to depart from. He spotted a couple of men carrying sacks large enough to fit a person and figured they contained the kidnapped children. He tried to stop the men, but wound up getting knocked unconscious with a Soporil injection and placed into a confinement room to be dealt with later.

However, Seven was still capable of escaping the cell through the ventilation system under the bed, and as he crawled through the vent, he heard the sounds of children speaking about a door. Seven quickly approached towards their direction and opened the ventilation entrance in the room with Door 9. There, he managed to open up the vent cover for the incinerator and lower a rope made of bedsheets to the four remaining children: Light, Nona, Akane and Aoi, and pull them into the vent while the other five children had went through Door 9. However, Seven was spotted by Gentarou Hongou, whom Seven recognized during his investigation, when Hongou saw him pulling Aoi into the vent.

As they went through the duct, they went through another direction, since there was no point on returning to Seven's cell. When another duct had met theirs, heading down, all of them slid down the duct to find themselves in a narrow hallway. The left side of the hallway had a regular double-door while the other side had the entrance to the incinerator. With no other way to go, all five of them went to the double-door only to find a large spiral staircase. They quickly ran up the stairs, but during their escape, Aoi noticed that Akane was nowhere to be found. While they were running the stairs, Akane noticed she dropped Junpei's present, a voodoo doll he called June.

She quickly ran towards the opposite direction when they were out of sight and went back to retrieve her doll. As she picked up her doll, she was caught by Hongou and he dragged her back into the incinerator. Although she resisted, it was futile and he had ultimately placed her into the incinerator, despite the others coming back for her. Hongou soon placed two numbered bracelets created by Teruaki Kubota by the RED and exited the incinerator through the double-doors.

Seven rows the boat of children away from the sinking Gigantic.

This led to a branch of two possible timelines - in one timeline, Akane was saved by Junpei in the future. Seven and all the children then escaped the ship in a lifeboat. In another, Akane did not survive. This is the cause of a discrepancy in reality.

Sometime after the First Nonary Game, Seven received scars on his face from fighting Free the Soul. He also pursued a personal case against Cradle Pharmaceutical -- not as part of his organization, but due to pressure from higher-ups, he was told, "don't get involved in this case." This shows the influence Free the Soul and Cradle had over society and the police force. Unfortunately, a lot of the evidence of the Nonary Game was covered up.[2]

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Seven descending the left staircase.

Seven first appears on the left side of the central staircase leading up to A Deck, with Teruaki Kubota (9th Man), Hazuki Kashiwabara (Lotus), and Aoi Kurashiki (Santa). He has presumably waken up in a room similar to the 3rd class cabin and escaped to meet up with the other players on the staircase to go check the doors on B Deck. He is described by Junpei as a "veritable mountain of a man" and shoves Junpei aside while he is running. The group finds the doors locked, so he tells everyone to move out of the way and slams himself into Door 5 five times. Zero comes on the speaker system and explains to the players the rules of the Nonary Game he has planned for them. The players check all of the areas they can access. There appears to be no way out, as all of the doors they can access are locked, and all of the windows have a metal plate bolted to them.

Seven concerned Zero is watching him now.

They realize that the numbered doors might be their only option to proceed forward and everyone except Junpei starts screaming at each other on what they should do next. Junpei says that they need to exchange information and Akane agrees with him. Akane starts revealing some personal information on the relationship between her and Junpei, and Seven abruptly stops her, saying that Zero might be listening in and that he could use the information against them. He suggests that they use code names to refer to each other. He chooses the name Seven and the rest of the players create code names for themselves. Bracelet 1 is Ace, 2 is Snake, 3 is Santa, 4 is Clover, 5 is Junpei, 6 is June, and 8 is Lotus. Clover walks up to the only player who hasn't revealed his code name yet, Kubota. Kubota tells her that he doesn't need a codename because he has a plan and suddenly grabs her. Santa tries to retaliate, but Kubota whips out a knife and holds it against her neck, threatening to kill her if the other players don't comply with his demands.

Kubota drags her back to Door 5 and demands that she "verifies". Clover doesn't understand what he means, and he directs her to the scanner panel next to the door and instructs her to put her hand on it. She complies and the machine registers her bracelet. Kubota looks around at the rest of the players and realizes that he needs Ace to get through the door. After some hesitation, Ace comes forward and verifies. Kubota then verifies his own bracelet and puts his hand on the panel. He laughs giddily and pushes Clover back after he pulls down the lever. The door opens with a metallic creak and he enters it, saying farewell to the rest of the players. Kubota starts yelling from inside of Door 5 as the DEAD does not work properly. He begs the other players to get him out, but the scanner panel is set to "ENGAGED", not letting anyone else scan their bracelets. About a minute later, an explosion is heard, with Kubota calling out no more.

Kubota's blood and gore after his death.

Seven decides that the group should open the door. They do and are shocked to find Kubota's mangled corpse, his organs spewed on the walls and floors of the hallway. June lets out a shriek and collapses back into Junpei's arms. 9 seconds have passed and the door closes, hiding the gruesome site. Junpei helps calm June down, and one hour is shown to have passed in the game. Santa goes off and says that they can't be standing around doing nothing and that they should go through the numbered doors. Lotus disagrees, not wanting end up like Kubota. Snake starts chuckling at Santa's exasperation, saying that the reason why he had died was because he had broken one of Zero's rules. He had gone through the door by himself, when it required that all players who register at the RED have to register at the DEAD. Snake takes out a card, which turns out to be a message from Zero, written in braille.

He reads the card and it explains the function of the REDs and DEADs. The group, now relieved that they know how to avoid being blown up, decide to split into two groups.

If Junpei chooses Door 4

Seven goes though Door 5 with Ace, Clover, and Snake, while Santa, Junpei, June, and Lotus go check what's behind Door 4. Seven, Ace, and Clover hesitate in walking through the blood left from the corpse, but eventually rush into the door behind Snake. They authenticate and escape from the 1st class cabin and the casino.

If Junpei chooses Door 5

Seven goes though Door 5 with Junpei and Snake. June, Clover, Ace, Santa and Lotus enter Door 4. Seven investigates the 1st class cabin and casino with Junpei and Snake.


The large hospital room.

They group eventually find the large hospital room, containing Doors 3, 7 and 8, and looks around the small hospital rooms nearby. They hear voices nearby and everyone in the group except Snake is surprised to find the other 4 players in the room. Exchanging stories and relieved to be back together (and still alive), they decide to conquer their next problem: finding the parts for the RED. Before they do that, Seven claims that the ship that they are on could be the Gigantic, a sister ship of the Titanic that was purchased by Dashiell Gordain. Lotus scoffs at this and asks him for proof, but he struggles to find an answer. Lotus says that the memory loss is still in effect, surprising no one but Junpei. The clock rings to tell them that it is midnight and they start their search.

After another hour wasted, they meet up back in the hospital room, with the parts already inserted. No one takes credit for doing so, creating another mystery. Snake doesn't show up for a while, and they split up to try to find him. They get nowhere on their search and Lotus says that they have to move on. She suggests leaving one person behind and splitting the other 6 into 2 groups, but June is strongly opposed to the idea. Lotus lashes back and asks the other players on their opinions. The majority of the players like the idea, and they start a vote on who to sacrifice. Ace says that it isn't necessary to do so, and volunteers to stay behind. June is still against leaving anyone behind and goes over to Ace who has sat himself onto a cot. Ace falls forward on the ground. He reveals that he had injected himself with Soporil, which will prevent June's efforts in trying to bring him along.

If Junpei chooses Door 3

Seven investigates the shower room with Junpei, June and Santa. There, they find Snake's corpse.

If Junpei chooses Door 7

Seven in the operating room closet.

At last, they split into two groups: Junpei, Clover, and Seven through Door 7, and Santa, June, and Lotus through Door 8. After authenticating, Clover says that Seven had no balls for being scared of the DEAD and they argue back and forth until Junpei finally stops it. The group enters the Operating room and Clover's curiosity takes her ahead, towards the operating table. After seeing what looks to be a real person, she lets out an ear-splitting screech. They find that it is only a mannequin, and Clover is relieved. Seven mocks her for being scared and they start arguing again. Junpei calms them down once again, and they start their search. Throughout the room, Seven is found to have a "thing" for female mannequin parts which creeps Junpei and Clover out. After examining the chemical closet and about to leave, Junpei finds Seven twirling a bottle of EDT in his hands.

An EDT factory.

He starts telling Junpei a story about how EDT crystals had "communicated" with each other to turn into hydrates. Junpei tells the story about glycerin that June had told him in the freezer. He then asks Seven if he knows anything about Ice-9. Seven thinks for a moment and says that woman named Alice was on board the ship with them. Seven explains that a ship called the CS Mackay-Bennett had collected the bodies from the Titanic wreck and had found a coffin in the water. The crew opened the coffin and found an Egyptian woman inside of it. It was taken back to Halifax, and while the rest of the corpses melted, the woman didn't. The news spread around and everyone wanted to see All-ice (Alice). One day, someone had snuck in and stole the coffin. It reappeared at a Black Market auction in New York, with a Titanic survivor named Dashiell Gordain buying it.

After Gordain bought Alice in 1912, he buys the Gigantic in 1916 and stashes Alice aboard it in a disclosed location. Up until his deathbed, he never reveals the location of her body, only hinting that "Alice sleeps in a small chamber past the forest of knowledge, beneath the navel of the Gigantic." Seven concludes his story and Clover yells at the two to come back into the operating room. The three of them go to the exit to find that Clover had gone back. Junpei goes to retrieve her, while Seven waits at the door. After a little joke about "playing with mannequins", they continue on to meet up with the other group in the hallway, which they take back to the large hospital room.

If Junpei chooses Door 8

Seven, June and Santa enter Door 7 and investigate the operating room.

Snake's death

Nijisaki's explosive death, mistaken for Snake's, in the shower room.

To their surprise, they meet up with the other players back in the hospital room. The groups fill Ace in on what they had found, and decide to continue on, but Clover stops them all. She asks them to take a group to Door 3 to check if her brother might behind it. Ace and Seven decide to go with her and they enter the shower room, finding Snake's horrific carnage strewn on the walls and floor. A distraught Clover and the rest of her group trod back to the large hospital room and wait for the other players to come back. When they do, Ace solemnly tells them about the discovery of Snake's body. They decide to check on it themselves and return back to the room, shocked. Seven puts forth his theory on how Snake died. Everyone assumes Zero had killed Snake. Clover says that Zero is one of them, and suspicion between the players starts to rise. Ace cuts in and explains that they should form a bond of friendship so they don't fall for Zero's trap.

With that statement, they move on to the Mercury elevators, where Junpei conducts his voting system. Seven chooses Door 2 and after seeing that Lotus picked the same, calls her an "exhibitionist grandma", which causes Lotus to lash out at him. Luckily for Seven, Ace manages to restrain her. The players split themselves into two groups based on the votes.

Submarine Ending

Depending on if Junpei chose Door 3 (excluding iOS version) or Door 2 during the voting, Seven, Lotus, and Junpei head through Door 2. After scanning at the DEAD behind the door, the trio begins to investigate the confinement room, with Lotus investigating the second room. After opening the Emergence door, Lotus, Seven, and Junpei find themselves in the torture chamber. Lotus says she wants to get out of the room as quickly as possible. After opening the locks on the chair, she volunteers to sit in the chair. Before sitting, she tells Junpei and Seven that if something happens to her, she wants them to tell her children that she loved them. She then tells them that one of her daughters is named Nona.

Seven reveals to Lotus that he met Nona 9 years ago on the Gigantic.

Once Seven hears this, he tells Lotus about the Cradle Pharmaceutical experiment and that her daughters were part of that test. Seven mentions that the kids had to go through a telepathy experiment called "The Ganzfeld Experiment". He explains that it involved two people and one person would have to send the picture they were shown, using telepathy to the other person and the other person must identify the picture. Lotus says that after her daughters returned from the experiment, she began investigating what had occurred when they went missing but was unable to find anything, she states that someone must have been covering up what really occurred. After hearing that if someone does not sit in the chair and the device will restart in an hour, Lotus sits in the chair.

Seven and Lotus murdered by Ace.

After leaving the torture room, Seven, Junpei, and Lotus head back to the central staircase to open the Sun door. Upon reaching the central staircase, they discover that Ace, Clover, and Santa are dead. After Seven states that Clover has no pulse, Lotus takes the Sun Key from Junpei's pocket. She says they need to leave in case the killer returns. After putting the Sun Key into its lock, Lotus discovers that the door was already unlocked. After heading down the nearby hall, Junpei, Seven, and Lotus find a large door which they assume to be locked. Junpei is able to open the door by stepping in front of it. Lotus and Seven get scared because this door opened without a key or a bracelet. He goes through the door while Seven and Lotus stay. However, Ace kills Seven and Lotus and takes her bracelet to escape, as he had the number 9 bracelet as well.

Safe / Zero Lost Ending

Seven goes through Door 1 with Lotus and Clover, while Junpei, June, Santa, and Ace go through Door 6. They investigate the Wheelhouse and the Wireless room. Clover finds the Captain's Quarters and investigates it herself, but never leaves the room. Seven and Lotus get worried, and he breaks the door down. Once inside the Captain's Quarters, they find the exit door unlocked. They assume Clover went through it and end up back at the central staircase.

Clover holding the note to open the safe.

It is not long before Junpei, June, Ace, and Santa return to C Deck and learn about Clover's disappearance. They all split up to look for her around the ship. Seven finds Clover dead in the 1st class cabin. He calls everyone to the room to show what happened. Junpei accuses Seven of killing her because he left the door to the room opened. He tells Junpei his reasoning of leaving the room unlocked. He wanted to know what was inside the safe in the room, since they could not open it while searching the room earlier. After Junpei goes to the living room, Seven examines Clover's corpse and finds the Number 0 bracelet and the sinister hand note in her hand. He calls Junpei to the bathroom where Clover's body is and gives him the note in her hand.

He, however, does not tell Junpei about the bracelet. Junpei uses the note to open the safe. Junpei then tells everyone to come with him saying that he figured out who the killer is. He gathers everyone in the large hospital room. Junpei asks Ace, Seven, and Lotus to scan their bracelets, while Junpei waves his hand over the scanner. As he suspected, his number is registered into the red. He opens the door and lets it close. Next, Junpei confronts Ace about his prosopagnosia and how his inability to see faces and remember them lead him to kill the wrong man. Junpei tells everyone Snake is still alive and that someone switched Snake's clothes with an unknown person (Junpei calls him Guy X).

Ace reveals himself as Clover's, Kubota's and Nijisaki's killer and holds Lotus hostage.

He then talks about Ace's motive for wanting to kill Snake and shows the others the note in the safe, about the Nonary Game 9 years ago. Then, Junpei asks Seven to take the 9 bracelet by force. At this point, Ace gives in and admits to his crimes, saying that Zero used him as a puppet and that he was set up because of the missing hardware being fixed when he arrived at the hospital room. He admits to killing Clover because she might have had valuable information and could have revealed who he is. Santa says that they should escape and leave Ace on the ship, but Lotus punches him first and Ace holds her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her if they follow him. He tells the others that he killed the 9th Man to get his bracelet and to keep him quiet about the events nine years ago. He leaves saying that he will head through Door 9 and leave them to die.

After Ace gets away, Junpei and Seven go after him, leaving Santa and June in the large hospital room because of June's fever. Junpei and Seven head to the chapel on E Deck and find that Ace and Lotus went through the smaller 9 door. While contemplating on what to do next, they hear a knocking sound from the nearby coffin. Seven tells Junpei to type in the safe combination, believing that it would open the coffin, since Zero set up both the safe and the coffin, so the combination would have to be the same. Junpei enters the code, and to his surprise, the coffin opens and it is Snake. He is shocked to see Junpei and Seven and asks where the others are. They begin to question Snake about his disappearance and about some of the information in the safe, but Snake does not talk. Realizing they need to rescue Lotus, Junpei decides that the only way to save her is to go through the other 9 door but they don't have a digital root to open Door 9 with Junpei, Seven, and Snake. Seven remembers the Zero bracelet he took from Clover's body, but lies to Snake saying that she gave it to him.

After several combinations, they are able to determine the bracelet number is really 6. Junpei and Seven are concerned that Snake cannot go through Door 9. However he takes off his bracelet and throws it into the coffin. Junpei and Seven scan their bracelets and the Zero bracelet to open the larger door 9. While running down the hallway Seven asks Snake how he removed his bracelet. Snake tells him that it was a trick he could use, if there was a necessity to use it.

Hongou holds everyone at gunpoint.

Eventually Snake, Seven, and Junpei arrive at the incinerator, and meet up with Ace and Lotus. Ace thanks Zero for letting him win and the incinerator activates itself. When Snake tells Ace that he is alive, Ace then reveals the bitter truth to him that he killed Clover and how he enjoyed it. This angers Snake who threatens to kill Ace for what he has done. Ace provokes Snake to attack him saying he will send him to his sister. Despite Junpei and Seven screaming for him not to attack, Snake lunges at Ace, but Ace shoots him with a gun.

The distraction causes Lotus to be released from Ace's grasp. He then turns the gun on Junpei, saying to hand over Lotus or he will shoot everyone. Before anyone can react, Snake gets up and walks towards Ace ready to kill him. Ace shoots Snake with all the bullets in the gun, thinking it will kill him. However Snake uses the last of his strength to grab Ace and hold him saying that they will die together. Ace tries to break free, even offering to treat Snake's wounds at one of his hospitals. Snake calls him pathetic for thinking he would forgive him. Seven and Lotus beg Snake to escape with them saying they cannot leave without him. Snake refuses saying that he deserves to die because he failed to protect his sister and that his death will pay for that crime.

Seven restrains Junpei from saving Snake.

When the incinerator is about to activate in one minute, Junpei does not move, but Seven grabs him to save his life. Junpei tells Seven he has to help Snake and can't let him die. Seven punches Junpei in the stomach and is able to drag him out of the incinerator. They watch as Ace and Snake burn to death. After resting a few minutes, Junpei goes back to the Large Hospital Room to get Santa and June, leaving Lotus and Seven on the Bottom Deck. Their fate in this ending is unknown.

True Ending

Seven offers to stay behind.

Seven and his group escape from the Steam engine room and Cargo room to eventually find the chapel. They discover that there are two Door 9s, meaning all of the players can escape. They quickly turn back to the central staircase to meet up with Junpei's group to bring them to the chapel. The players, excited with anticipation, cram into the elevator for the trip down to E Deck. They all rush in and decide on what they should do next. Clover cuts in and tells them that not everyone would be able to escape, and proves her point by using Junpei's notebook. Her calculations show that if 3 people go, 4 will have to stay, and if 4 people go, 3 will have to stay. The room is now deathly silent, and after a little while, Seven volunteers to stay behind, which will allow the other 6 players to proceed. The idea is rejected by the other players and they resume thinking. Santa gets in on the conversation and says that he wants to leave at least 2 people with Seven behind.

Santa holds his sister hostage.

He quickly takes out a revolver and holds June hostage. He drags her back to the RED and demands that Ace and Lotus come with him. They hesitate to move and Santa shoots the floor to show them that he is serious. Clover tries to talk him out of his anger, but he threatens to shoot her in the head if she doesn't cooperate. They grudgingly follow him through the big 9 door and are gone.

Seven had stayed behind with Junpei and Clover. They sit around in the room in silence, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, a knocking noise reverberates through the room. The source of the sound appears to be the coffin sitting on the altar. Seven and Junpei try to open it up with sheer strength, but soon discovers that it is electronically locked with a keypad. Junpei thinks about the passcode, and hears the "sinister hand tip" inside of his head. He looks down at his bracelet and pushes the buttons in this order: Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left. The interface on his bracelet flashes 8 numbers: 14383421. Junpei decides to input the numbers into the keypad and it opens.

Clover leaps into her brother's arms.

Snake sits up out of the coffin, wearing a set of Free the Soul robes. Upon seeing him, a relieved Clover jumps into his arms and starts sobbing, leaving Snake confused as to why she would be crying. While they reunite, Seven asks Junpei how he figured out those numbers, but Junpei says he cannot explain it and that the numbers just came to him. After Clover calms down, Seven and Junpei tell Snake everything that has happened since he was stored in the coffin. Snake mentions that they are running low on time and insist that they go through the small 9 door. They authenticate and seem ready to go, but Junpei stops them and says that he wants to find the value of Cap's bracelet, which Clover had picked up in the Captain's Quarters. He tries several combinations and finds that the value of the bracelet is 6.

Snake concludes that June's bracelet is flipped and its value is 9. Since Santa went through every door with June, he suspects that Santa's bracelet's real value is 0. Snake says that Santa is most likely Zero. Before anyone can argue with him, he tells them that they have to get moving and the group go through the door. Following a flight of stairs and a hallway, they find a door locked with a Uranus card scanner. They scan the card and the door opens, revealing a gigantic library behind it. After looking through some of the books and solving all of the puzzles, two bookshelves slide open, revealing an exit. Junpei types in the passcode into the keyboard and the exit automatically opens.

They follow through the exit to find themselves in the Study. The room is messy and everybody except Snake complains about having to find a small key card in the piles upon piles of junk. Junpei eventually comes across a coffin behind a metal shutter. Seven hesitates to open it and is scared that Alice might be inside of it. Junpei slowly gets it open and finds the Neptune key and the coffin emblem inside. Seeing that there is nothing inside the coffin, Seven laughs, saying he got scared for no reason. Clover is confused by his reaction, but says nothing. Junpei uses the emblems to access a computer in the back of the room. After he solves the numbered door puzzle, the drawer on the desk opens up and there is a picture of the 4 Cradle Pharmaceutical executives on it.

Junpei looks at the picture and recognizes Ace, Kubota, and Cap. Seven asks to look at the picture and starts mumbling the executives' names to himself. This jogs his memory back and he tells the others that he remembers everything that happened before he was kidnapped. Thus, he begins his story.

Seven wakes up from his ordeal.

Seven was a detective who recently got kicked off a case. He followed a slim lead to the wharf one night and saw men loading body bags onto a ship. He heard the faint cry of children and was about to step out when a gun was pushed to the back of his head. A man behind him demanded that he dropped his gun, and Seven complied with the request. As soon as he did, a needle was injected into his neck, which knocked him out. Hours later, he found himself in the confinement room, on board of a ship. He searched the room for a way out, to no avail. While sitting in silence and drifting off to sleep, he heard children's voices coming from far away. He looked around for the source of the noise and finally found it when he flipped his bed over. A vent was concealed behind the bed. He ripped open the cover to the vent and crawled into it, following the voices.

The vent led him to the incinerator, where four other children were trapped. They explained to him that they were going to be burned to death in the next couple minutes and contemplate how he could pull all of them up. Luckily, Seven had an idea and told the children that he would return. He crawled back to his cell, cut up some bedsheets, and tied them together to make a rope. He quickly crawled back to the incinerator and pulled the children up. While he was trying to get the last boy up, Gentarou Hongou saw that the kids were missing and entered the room. He saw Seven, and in a fit of rage, dashed at the rope to try to pull it down.

Seven pulled it up just in time, and he and the kids followed the vent to a room outside of the incinerator. He saw a large spiral staircase up ahead and instructed the children to run. They didn't have to be told twice, as everyone started dashing up the stairs. They were almost there when a boy with white hair noticed that his sister Akane was not following the group. The boy decided to go back and look for her. Seven followed him and told the remaining two children to continue to the exit, but only a girl in a green dress did so.

On the bottom floor, Akane was screaming while Hongou pulled her into the incinerator. Her brother charged at Hongou, but Hongou threw her in and entered the incinerator, with the door closing behind them. Seven, Light and Aoi pounded at the door, and realized that Akane had no means of escape. In a couple of minutes, a horrifying scene unfolded. Akane was burned alive in the incinerator, leaving only her bracelet. Her brother entered the incinerator and screamed out in sadness.

Junpei asks Seven what Akane's last name is and he hesitates, finally replying "Kurashiki". Seven starts talking with Snake and Clover about some of the details, like on how Aoi Kurashiki is the same person as Santa. Junpei cuts in and says that there is still a lot they don't know, but what he does know for sure is that the body in the shower room is Nijisaki's. Snake explains that only people involved with the Nonary Project had been killed. Then, Clover cuts in and exclaims that Santa is Zero and this game was all for revenge for the death of his sister. Suddenly, they hear a rush of water coming from above and realize that their nine hours are up. Junpei grabs the keycard, scans it, and the group escapes from the room.

Hongou on the ground in pain after being charged at by Seven.

Shortly down the hallway is the Neptune door, and they open it to find the incinerator right in front of them. Ace has Lotus hostage by the final "Door 9", with the gun he took from Santa. Ace scans the necessary bracelets on the panel and gloats about how he beat Zero at his own game. He pulls down the lever and to his utter shock, it doesn't open. He tries a few more times, leaving Seven a wide open chance to charge at him. He does and Ace is left kneeling on the ground. Junpei questions him about everything that he knows, and then shifts his interrogation to Santa, asking him if he is Zero, which he denies. Santa claims that he is only an assistant to Zero. He also explains that they were kidnapped for the game for another reason: to save Akane.

Seven looks around the room for June, but she is gone. He stammers about her disappearance and starts to have a headache. Santa continues on, explaining the purpose of the First Nonary Game. Then, he quickly picks up the gun and points it at a kneeling Ace, dragging him out of the incinerator with him. The remaining players (Junpei, Clover, Lotus, Seven, and Snake) think about their escape plan, and Junpei suggests that they try the 9 door. Clover asks for his notebook and does the calculations for all of the possible combinations. Leaving Lotus behind is the only option of escape, but Seven and the other three players refuse to do that.

They realize that the settings on the RED were changed, not allowing a digital root of 9 to pass through. Suddenly, the incineration process starts, and the doors shut. A computer rises from the ground. Junpei rushes up to it, desperately solving the puzzle on it. He ends up saving Akane in the past, but in the present, the incineration process does not stop. Junpei quickly remembers the numbers Akane gave him on the puzzle: 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. He finally realizes that the door is actually a q instead of a 9, which is equivalent to 26 in hexadecimal. He tells everyone to scan their bracelets, and in confusion, they all do. Junpei slams the lever down and the door opens.

Seven and the other surviving players.

They end up making it out and they rush up a spiraling staircase, into freedom. When they open the exit, they realize that they are in Building Q, in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Their bracelets fall off and they end up finding a SUV with a tied up Ace in the back of it. They cram into the vehicle, with Clover being the driver. Junpei asks Seven if he was lying about Akane's death, but before he answers, there is a hitchhiker on the side of the road, whom they pick up: Alice.

Virtue's Last Reward

It is revealed that after being taken in for questioning by Alice, Seven returns to his police work.

At some point in time, Alice contacted him via a phone call to convince Clover and Light to join the SOIS.

He is also mentioned in the Secret Archives as an amnesiac detective.

It is unknown if he survived the Radical-6 outbreak in the game's timeline.

Zero Time Dilemma

During the scene in the Decontamination Room, Junpei reveals that in-between the events of 999 and Zero Time Dilemma (during which Junpei had joined a private detective agency), he and Seven teamed up and took part in missions against Free the Soul.

During one of these missions, they destroyed their headquarters. It is possible that these headquarters were later the staged headquarters the terrorists baited Clover and Alice to, and had dumped the corpse of Alice's father in.

He is also symbolized by a number 7 on the slot machine in the Rec Room.

It is unknown if he joins the fight against the religious fanatic with everyone else in the true ending, as Delta would likely disband Free the Soul at that point.


  • "Whoa... That's... pretty bad..." (seeing the 9th Man's bloody corpse)
  • "Hey, Junpei, I wrote a little song for you. Take a listen. "The Ballad of the Well-Organized Man"... ♪ Well-organized... Well-organized... You're orderly, but not an orderly... That ain't no bull. ♪"
  • "Hey Junpei, I wrote you another verse... Listen... Well-organized... Well-organized... You've got it all laid out, when you're not out getting laid... Not a torus but a Taurus."
  • "Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Who is the toughest, sexiest, and most beautiful young man of them all? "That is of course Seven." Hahahahaha!"
  • "Heh. Hard for you to turn, kid? How 'bout you let a man give it shot? Hnngh! HnnnnnRRRRGGGGGHH! Damnit! Nothing... Might as well be a damn rock."
  • "Junpei, look! There's a hand coming out of the toilet! Just a joke there, kid. I'm too old for this shit."
  • Clover: "I would'a thought a guy your size would have bigger balls than that."
    Seven: "What!? What the hell did you just say!? Say it again. I dare you!"
    Clover: "YOU HAVE NO--"
    Seven: "Y-You little--... You wanna die?"
    Clover: "I'd like to see you try!"
    Seven: "You fucking brat... All right, let's go!"
  • "Heh... Well, I guess it would'a been weird if you actually had any balls." (to Clover after she scares herself)
  • "Knock it off! We've got bigger shit to worry about right now!"
  • Seven: "Just give it up, Lotus. It's not like I wanna hang out with some exhibitionist grandma."
    Lotus: "I'm not an exhibitionist! I'm wearing clothes!"
    Seven: "Barely."
    Lotus: "So?! Last I checked, that's not a crime!"
    Seven: "Maybe, but what about common decency? Nobody wants to hafta look at a chick who looks like a half-naked raisin..."
    Lotus: "RrrrrrrrRRRRGH! I'm going to kill you!"
  • "Shit... Holy shit... This is nuts... I remember... Everything... Yeah... yeah! I remember all of it! My memory's back! I remember what happened before I got snatched!"
  • "I never thought I'd hear that damn voice again, after 9 years!" (after the emergency incineration command was activated)


  • Seven was intentionally designed to look a bit physically ugly because he has a "pretty neat role".[3] This likely refers to an intentional breaking of the trope/cliche of main protagonists and major characters usually always being on the attractive side.
  • It is implied that Seven's amnesia is caused by a Schrödinger's Cat-like situation in which there are multiple overlapping alternate histories causing discrepancies in reality and he has undetermined implanted memories in his mind as a result of this. His memories are yet to be determined, finalized, and confirmed due to Akane living/dying, leading to a branch of two possible alternate 2018-2027. His memories of Akane Kurashiki dying, in a way, could be considered both fake and real at the same time. Lotus hints at this in the laboratory, saying, "If memory is actually stored somewhere else, in some sort of "main body" somewhere... Maybe he hasn't "forgotten" anything at all. He's just having a difficult time accessing his memories because the monitor--his brain--has been damaged."
    • When asked about it, Uchikoshi said, "I can't give a clear answer about Seven's amnesia. There are two possible interpretations: either he's a collaborator and in on it, or he's not. I leave the question up to the player's imagination."[4]
  • Seven was suggested as Aoi's partner by Uchikoshi.[5] It is unknown if this is a joke or a serious claim.
  • Seven likes booze, along with female mannequin parts, strangely enough.
  • Seven's name was never revealed. Even in Virtue's Last Reward, when Clover tells her story to Sigma during her ending, he is only referred to as "Seven". Kotaro Uchikoshi, the lead writer for the Zero Escape series, jokingly said in a Q&A session that his name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, which is the real name of pop star Lady Gaga.
  • In the character popularity polls, Seven ranks #8 in Japan and #7 in the United States.
  • Junpei goes with Seven through more numbered doors than with any other character. (Five times to be exact: Doors 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9)
  • He knows how to play baccarat well, shown when he explains to Junpei the rules of the game in the Casino.
  • He is the only character that Junpei does not speak to when searching for Snake with June. He is only mentioned when speaking to Lotus.
  • In Virtue's Last Reward, Clover mentions that Seven is a "Japanese detective". It is unknown if this means he's of Japanese descent or that he has lived in Japan, or possibly both.
  • As an amnesiac, Seven's counterparts in the series are K and Sean. Seven shares with K the trait of being the largest and tallest character in the group.


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