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"But I don't see any pods here..."
— Q, after waking up

The Pod Room is an escape room that is found within the Pop Off fragment for Q-Team. It is an oddly shaped room that can be rotated back and forth by using a hammer. It is searched by Q and Eric. Mira is missing.


A large number of cold sleep pods are stored here. Proper operation dictates that the pods remain stored away at all times.


Eric and Q wake up and realize Mira is missing.


Found Items



Found by completing the first two slider minigames, it is used to rotate the room.

Driver handle


This item is found behind thick glass. In order to obtain it, the hammer must be used to rotate the room and two more slider puzzles must be completed. Needs to be combined with the driver tip.

Driver tip


This item is found behind thick glass. In order to obtain it, the hammer must be used to rotate the room. Combines with the driver handle.



Obtained after completing the last two slider puzzles. Used to break the glass covering the red button to reveal the pods.

Combined Items

Large driver


Obtained after combining the driver with the handle, is used for the becoming Zero minigame and used on the rotating device.


Quest Files

There are two files, one on the floor, the other below the "Turning Zero" game. Although not a mini-game, be sure to take the file on the floor since some players miss this.

Hammer Case Slider (bottom)

Hammer Case Slider (top)

Large Driver Case Slider 1

Large Driver Case Slider 2

Golden Wheel Slider (left)

Golden Wheel Slider (right)

Turning Zero

The puzzle.

The goal of this game is to get the number in the center to 0 using addition and subtraction. However, if the number drops below 0 and becomes negative, the puzzle resets (not the entire puzzle, just the part the player is on). The player must do this a total of three times:

  • Part 1: Turn left twice, then constantly turn right
  • Part 2: Right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left
  • Part 3: Keep turning left until the number becomes 80. Then simply right, right, left, right.

If these solutions don't work, make sure you aren't confusing left and right. Try the opposite.

Driver Turning

After completing the previous mini-game, turn the room until all three green stripes are on the bottom floor. Keep experimenting with left and right. It shouldn't be too hard.

Shotgun Case Slider (left)

There are multiple ways to complete this puzzle, but the ultimate goal is to try to get the purple c block down (while the game suggests placing the purple c-block in the bottom left corner, it technically doesn't have to be). Here is one easy solution:

Shotgun Case Slider (right)

There are multiple ways to complete this puzzle. Here's one fool-proof solution:

After escape


Eric and Q find Mira's body in a pod. Eric has a traumatic flashback of his brother's (Chris's) murder by his father. Eric then blames Mira's death on Q. The only way to progress is to let the timer run out when it appears (don't say anything).

Humorous Quotes

Examine the lock on the top of the hammer:

Eric Eric: This puzzle looks annoying... You like these kind of things, right?
Q Q: Ah, yeah... I guess...
Eric Eric: I guess I'll leave it to you then. I'd do it myself, but since I'm nice, I'll let you try.
Q Q: Uh... Isn't it just that you don't want to do it...

Examine the lock on the bottom of the hammer:

Eric Eric: Hmm... I see. I think you should do this one.
Q Q: Huh? Why?
Eric Eric: Uh, we'll divide up the roles. This is too easy for me, so I'll take care of what comes later.
Q Q: ...If you say so. Okay, I'll try it.

Examine the lock on the bottom of the driver:

Eric Eric: This is like that game... what was it? The one where you get the car out of the parking lot.
Q Q: Oh, I know that game, too! ...Why do I know that?
Eric Eric: Maybe you played it somewhere before? Whatever, let's just get this off.
Q Q: Where... Hmm... I can't remember...

Examine the driver tip:

Q Q: It's toothy.
Eric Eric: Yeah... toothy.

Examine the large driver:

Q Q: Activate the form of large driver!
Eric Eric: ...Such a kid. What? I wasn't thinking of doing it...

Examine the lock on the left side of the driver:

Eric Eric: I'll work on some cool lines to say when Mira and I are reunited...
Q Q: I-I see... Okay, you work on that. I'll concentrate on this over here.

Examine the lock on the right side of the driver:

Q Q: This is the right lock. I did the other locks, so now it's Eric's turn.
Eric Eric: ...
Q Q: Eric...? Are you ignoring me? ...Fine, I'll do it.

Examine the family portrait when it's right-side up:

Eric Eric: Family...
Q Q: ...Eric? What is it? Is there something about this painting?
Eric Eric: Ah, no, it's nothing...
Q Q: But you're acting a little weird right now. You're... smiling...
Eric Eric: What? I said it's nothing, okay? Didn't you hear me, you stupid brat?
Q Q: S-Sorry! I really am sorry, so please don't make that face!
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