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The Pantry is an escape room that is found within the Suspicion fragment for C-Team. It is compact, rectangular shaped area divided into two sections, one section that stores and prepares dry food and another section that acts as a freezer. It is searched by Carlos and Akane Kurashiki. Junpei is missing during this puzzle.


The pantry is stocked with a variety of non-perishables such as potatoes, canned food and crackers to wait out a long nuclear winter. It also holds a refrigerator, a freezer, and a device called a thermofridge which can warm up or cool down objects. The camera pans to the blue doll holding an arm.


Carlos and Akane wake up inside of the pantry and check the time. Soon, they notice Junpei is missing. Carlos says that he may have gotten out of the room before them and suggests they do so as well. Akane then talks to Carlos about her childhood and how she met Junpei. She also explains how special he is to her. This leads to Carlos bringing up his sister's condition, but before telling her anymore, the pair decides to find a way out of the room.


Found Items

Round part


Found inside the box with the potatoes, needs to be placed at the bottom of the heating device.

Gelatin powder


Found inside the left cabinet.

Iodine solution


Found inside the right cabinet next to the torso. Use it on the potatoes in the box.

Bottle of water


Found after opening the right glass cabinet, needs to be combined with the mold.

Blue doll


Found inside the left glass cabinet along with the hand. The doll must be warmed.

Pale doll


Obtained after warming up the doll, has a group of numbers written on the stomach.



Found inside the drawer after completing the fruit minigame, needs to be combined with the water.

Small key


Found inside the drawer after inserting the gelatin into the device. Use it on the handcuffed arms.

Right arm

The doll inside the glass cabinet is holding the arm. The arm needs to be warmed and used on the scanner to open the freezer.

Combined items

Mold with water


Obtained after putting water in the mold, the gelatin powder must be added.

Mold, water & powder


Combine the powder with the mold and water to obtain this item. This item needs to be placed inside the microwave oven.



Obtained after putting the mold with water and powder inside the microwave, needs to be placed in the deposit shaped like a doll to open the cabinet.


Cabinet Doors

Left door: DUDLLR

Right door: RLLDUD

R = right

L = left

D = down

U = up


This minigame is accessed after opening the left glass cabinet. The player must move all the tiles to match with each other. An easy way to solve the puzzle is to start with the grapes. Once the grapes are done, the rest is easy.

Number Pad

Use the "left hand + doll" hint, but remember to imagine viewing the hand in its own position.

625 + 1234 = 1859

After, use the right arm on it.

Decision Game


Carlos and Akane find Junpei's decapitated head in the freezer.


  • Akane remembering "how much fun I had baking as a child" may be a dark reference to her being put in an incinerator during the First Nonary Game.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the man-shaped hole on the thermofridge.
    Akane Akane: ...
    Carlos Carlos: Is that hole really that fascinating?
    Akane Akane: Oh, well... I was just remembering how much fun I had baking as a child.
    Carlos Carlos: Did you bake heart-shaped cookies full of love for your darling Junpei?
    Akane Akane: Oh Carlos... Would you please stop teasing me...
  • Examining the right arm from the inventory before it's been warmed up:
    Carlos Carlos: This right a fake? It's strangely cold.
    Akane Akane: It's in a fist, too... Oh! Does that mean...?!
    Carlos Carlos: No, I really don't think it wants to win at rock paper scissors...
  • Examining the right arm from the inventory after it's been warmed up:
    Akane Akane: It's a fake right arm. Heating it caused it to open.
    Carlos Carlos: ...
    Akane Akane: ...Did you just play rock paper scissors with it, Carlos?
    Carlos Carlos: Wh-What?! Like I would do something so...childish!
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