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"These dolls are really kind of creepy, you know..."
— Clover, after examining John

The Operating Room is the escape room found by entering Door 7, which is in the large hospital room on the C Deck. It's a room with surgical and medicinal equipment spread about, with the major point of interest being the mannequins that are laid out on surgical beds. Junpei, Seven, and Clover enter here after finding the DEAD.



Concept art for the operating room.

The Operating room has two examination tables. A medical "test dummy" lays on each of them. The names of the two test dummies are Lucy and John. The table that Lucy is on is covered with a white sheet. Directly across from Lucy's table is a shelf well stocked with different kinds of medicines, and a couple of tables with mostly rusted and dirty medical instruments. There are also two doors behind a partition that lead to different rooms.

The door on the left of the partition is the preparation room. It has a dresser with 3 doors with different colored plates on the them (red, blue, and purple), a sink, a set of drawers, a bed, and a mysterious laser machine with a small beaker in the middle.

The door on the right of the partition houses a chemical closet. It is a small room with vast amounts of chemicals on its shelves. The only other object of interest is a locked box on the table.


After entering Door 7 and enduring an argument between Seven and Clover, Junpei and his two companions come across a door at the end of the hallway. They enter it and it turns out to be an operating room. Clover rushes in and lets out an ear-splitting scream. They catch up with her and find that a mannequin is on the table. Another argument breaks out between Seven and Clover, but Junpei interjects with the fact that they need to get out of the room as fast as they can. The two reluctantly drop the argument and the group begins their search of the room.

Chemical Closet


Bottle of EDT.

Triggered by leaving the chemical closet.

As Junpei leaves the chemical closet with Clover, he notices that Seven isn't following him. Seven tosses a bottle of EDT (ethylene diamine tartrate), which is an industrial-strength detergent. Seven then mentions that it cleaned his brain up and more importantly, he remembers something.

He proceeds to tell a story about EDT. Apparently, a factory that manufactured EDT had something strange happen to their crystals. They started to hydrate, even though no one has ever been able to get a hydrate before. After that day, every EDT crystal hydrated, and no one was ever able to make a pure EDT crystal. Junpei remembers that June told him a similar story in the freezer, the one where the glycerin "communicated" with each other, and he brings up Ice-9.

If Junpei chooses the choice, "Do you know something about it?", Seven states that he remembers something. He soon yells at Junpei for making him forget what he was going to remember and then leaves the chemical closet. This choice is not recommended if the player is going for the True Ending, because the information on Alice is needed to obtain the true ending.

If Junpei chooses to ask Seven if he knows about Ice-9, he starts muttering about a woman on the ship. This turns out to be All-ice. Junpei is shocked to hear this. Seven informs him that after the Titanic sank, a ship called the CS Mackay-Bennett came to collect the dead bodies and found 306 of them. The ship also found a coffin out at sea and collected it. When the crew opened it, there was a frozen woman inside. She looked like a goddess and was so well preserved, she could be mistaken for being asleep. As the Mackay-Bennett headed back to land, all the bodies recovered thawed, except one, which was of course, All-ice. Weeks and months passed, and she never melted. Seven states that she was like a miracle, since she didn't melt. People from all over heard about her, and came to see her. Until one day, she was stolen.

Allice for auction

All-ice up for auction.

Around that time, she ended up being put up for auction on the black market in New York City. Millionaires everywhere were bidding for her, and finally, Dashiell Gordain won the auction. He bought the Gigantic 4 years later and hid All-ice somewhere on the ship. Throughout his lifetime, he never revealed the location to anyone. An associate of his asked where she was and he said:

"Alice sleeps in a small chamber past the forest of knowledge, beneath the navel of the Gigantic."

If Door 5 was previously chosen, Seven talks about the EDT crystals, but he does not mention All-ice.

Before the Door


Clover feeling depressed.

Junpei and Seven are about to leave the operating room and they notice that Clover is not following them. Junpei goes back and finds her next to the mannequin, staring at it. She starts whispering that Snake might be dead and that she's next.

If Junpei decides to give her the bookmark, a new conversation is started. Junpei recites the leaf words to Clover and reassures her that Snake is still alive. She thanks him and cries.

  • A sock with a hole in it.
  • A patched up sock with none of its original cloth. (Locke's socks)

Suddenly, she brings up a "morphogenetic field experiment" that was once conducted on this ship. She points at John (the mannequin) and asks if it's really John. Junpei is confused, so Clover tries a different approach: the Locke's socks paradox. Say a person has a favorite pair of socks and one of them gets a hole in it, what do they do? Junpei has the choice to say that either he would throw the sock away or he would patch it up. Both choices end with the same result: If the person keeps patching up a sock until all the original cloth is gone, one really can't call it the same sock anymore.

Theseus ship

The Ship of Theseus.

Next, Clover explains a similar paradox: the Ship of Theseus. If one repairs the ship until all of the original parts are gone. It is not the same ship as the original. If they then build a ship with all the broken parts, then that ship would become the Ship of Theseus.

The paradox is finally applied to the mannequins. John with all of Lucy's parts is not John. Lucy with all of John's parts is not Lucy. She concludes by saying that their body parts are indirectly made out of food that they've eaten and that is how they are connected by the morphogenetic field. Before Junpei can ask her more, Seven interrupts them, saying they need to get moving. Seven jokingly asks if they were playing with Lucy and John, but they don't answer back. As they are leaving, Junpei can only think about Clover saying that her brother is dead and she will die soon.


Clover apologizing to Junpei.

If the player chooses to not give Clover the bookmark (or never obtained it), Junpei finds Clover looking depressed by the operating table. He asks her to come with them, as they got the Jupiter key for the exit. She whispers that Snake might be dead, and that she will be the next victim. Clover suddenly starts to apologize, saying that everything is her fault, and that he should forget everything she had just told him. Junpei starts to believe that she has become emotionally unstable from her brother's disappearance and that she needs to get out of the room as quickly as she can. He leads her back to the exit, where Seven waits. When they meet up with Seven, he asks what occurred in the other room, but Junpei doesn't tell him.


Found Items

Scalpel Mini scalpel


A simple, brand new scalpel.

This scalpel is the only clean object on a table full of rusty surgical tools. It cuts the organ key out of the fake organ.

Combines with fake organ to form: organ key

Kocher Forceps Mini forceps


A pair of well-used forceps.

A pair of surgical scissors is found on the desk next to Lucy's operating table.

It is used to get the fake organ out of the medical mannequin.

Fake Organ Mini organ


Is it an organ, or an orgone?

A rubber, artificial organ that is found on the medical mannequin. It is a representation of the human lung and can be cut open using the scalpel. Doing this will give Junpei the organ key needed to open the two locked rooms behind the partition.

Combines with scalpel to form: organ key

Red Liquid Mini liquid


A bottle of red liquid.

A bottle of this red liquid is found on the table in the chemical closet. If Junpei pours it in a machine in the preparation room and turns on the laser, it will unlock the red door. This will allow Junpei to get the fake right leg.

Blue Liquid Mini liquid


A bottle of blue liquid.

A bottle of this blue liquid will be sitting right next to the red liquid on the table in the chemical closet. If Junpei pours it into a machine in the preparation room and turns on the laser, it will unlock the blue door, allowing Junpei to retrieve the fake left leg.

Fake Chest Mini chest


An artificial chest that turns Seven on.

An artificial chest that belongs to Lucy. It has a weird metal holder on the right side of it (to hold the heart) and has 4 other holes that connect with the head, arms, and stomach. It is found on a desk near the shelf full of medicine in the main operating room.

Fake Right Arm Mini arm


A fake right arm that belongs to Lucy.

An artificial right arm that belongs to Lucy. It is obtained after you open the lock on the box in the chemical closet. It is one of Lucy's body parts and is needed to do the Body Swap minigame.

Fake Heart Mini heart


A fake, disfigured heart.

An artificial heart that belongs to Lucy. It is located in the same electronically locked box as the fake right arm. It is a necessary part for the Body Swap minigame.

Fake Right Leg Mini right leg


The right leg of Lucy. Yet another body part that turns Seven on...

An artificial right leg that belongs to Lucy. It is obtained using the red liquid in the colored liquids minigame. When you open the red locker that unlocks, this item will be in there. This is a necessary part for the Body Swap minigame.

Fake Left Leg Mini left leg


Lucy's left leg.

An artificial left leg that belongs to Lucy. It is found if you use the blue liquid in the colored liquid minigame. The blue locker will then be opened, revealing this leg inside. This part is necessary to complete the Body Swap minigame.

Fake Stomach Mini stomach

Fake Stomach

It does look like a nose...

An artificial stomach that belongs to Lucy. It is found if you use the purple liquid (mix the blue and red liquid together) in the colored liquid minigame. The purple locker will then be opened, revealing this inside. This part is necessary to complete the Body Swap minigame.

Jupiter Key Mini jupiter


A key engraved with the Jupiter symbol.

This key is the big prize to get out of the Operating room. It is obtained by solving the Body swap puzzle in the main operating room. It is added to the inventory, unusual for planet keys. This key also allows the group to access the central staircase from the large hospital room. The lock is located in the hall with all of the rooms.

The Medical Record


The mannequins' medical record.

File screen

The medical record is found in a dresser drawer in the preparation room. It shows how heavy each body part is and how much John and Lucy must weigh to solve the body swap puzzle.

Combined Items

Purple Liquid Mini liquid


A bottle of purple liquid, not people liquid.

Created from: red liquid + blue liquid

The result of combining the red liquid and the blue liquid. If Junpei pours it in a machine in the preparation room and turns the laser on, the purple door will open, allowing Junpei to take the fake stomach.

Organ Key Mini organ key

Created from: scalpel + fake organ

The organ key.

Junpei gets this key from the fake organ in the medical mannequin. After detaching the fake organ with the forceps, he cuts it open to reveal this key inside. It can open the doors on either side of the partition in the main operating room. 


Chest Lock


The password to open the chest.

An electronically locked chest sits on the table in the chemical closet. To open it, Junpei must find the total amount of atoms in carbon dioxide, ammonia, and ethanol by adding them up. By examining different shelves around the room, Clover and Seven will tell Junpei how many atoms are in whatever substance is on the shelf. To get the solution, Junpei needs to add up however many atoms Seven and Clover explain are in each substance. He may need to examine the chemicals multiple times in order for Clover and Seven to reveal these numbers.

Colored Liquids


The mysterious laser contraption...

This is the contraption where Junpei uses the red, blue, and purple liquids to open the lockers corresponding to those colors. In order to use the purple liquid, he must have already poured the red and blue liquid into the beaker.

Successfully solving this minigame will give a body part depending on which locker you opened.

Red: fake right leg

Blue: fake left leg

Purple: fake stomach

Body Swap


The body swap mini game solution.

After Junpei obtains all of Lucy's parts, he must swap them out with John's so both John and Lucy reach the weight found on the medical record.

To solve it, swap every body part except for the heart. After completing this minigame, the Jupiter key can be found in the drawer of John's examining table.


  • The compound ethylene diamine tartrate (EDT) that Seven mentions is a real-life substance, but it didn't display the mysterious behaviors that he describes to Junpei.

Humorous Quotes

  • After the team authenticated themselves with the DEAD, before entering the operating room:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: This is the 2nd time we've gone through one of these numbered doors, but...
      Seven dialog Seven: *Phew* You never really get used to it...
      He stood up straight, no longer out of breath, and wiped some of the sweat from his head and neck.
      Clover smirked at him.

      Clover dialog Clover: I would'a thought a guy your size would have bigger balls than that.
      Seven dialog Seven: What!? What the hell did you just say!? Say it again. I dare you!
      Clover dialog Clover: YOU HAVE NO--
      Seven dialog Seven: Y-You little--... You wanna die?
      Clover dialog Clover: I'd like to see you try!
      Seven dialog Seven: You fucking brat... All right, let's go!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey, hey, calm down guys. This isn't the time for...uh...this.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: It's not gonna do us any good.
      Seven dialog Seven: Hmph.
      Clover dialog Clover: Ugh.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Gosh...

  • After Clover's scream and her realizing the thing on the table is just a mannequin:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: *Phew*
      Junpei could see her relax.
      Clover dialog Clover: You're right... It's only a doll...
      Clover dialog Clover: Man, it really scared me...
      She heaved a great sigh of relief, and wiped a few drops of sweat from her forehead.
      Seven smirked.

      Seven dialog Seven: Heh... Well, I guess it would'a been weird if you actually had any balls.
      Clover dialog Clover: Shut it! Don't you start with me, fatty!
      Seven dialog Seven: Oh, what's this? You want a piece of me, short stuff?
      Clover dialog Clover: Yeah, bring it on, you whale!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey, guys...not again, okay...? Seriously, knock it off.
      Seven dialog Seven: Hrm.
      Clover dialog Clover: Hmph.

  • Examine pipes when facing the operating table:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: There's a pipe going outside.
    2. Clover dialog Clover: There's a pipe going outside.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey, I know! Let's go through that pipe and escape!
      Clover dialog Clover: Are you nuts? What the hell is wrong with you?
      Clover dialog Clover: Junpei, are you flexible like an octopus or something?
    3. There's a pipe going outside.
      Since we're not octopi, we can't go through that.
    4. There's a pipe going outside.

  • Examine the anatomical model after taking lung:
    1. The chest of the medical mannequin. One of the organs is missing.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: The organ is...?
      Clover dialog Clover: ...Or-gone?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Really Clover? I expected more from you.
      Clover dialog Clover: Oh, like you could do better!
    2. The chest of the medical mannequin. Part of one of the organs is missing.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: The organ is...?
      Seven dialog Seven: If you pull out the lung on the right, there's still more stuff in there...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Man... You're kinda slow, aren't you...?
      Seven dialog Seven: You say something?
    3. The chest of the medical mannequin. One of the organs is missing.

  • Examine the bottom left shelf in the chemical closet:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: Hey, Junpei. You think there are any slugs on this ship?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Huh...?
      Clover dialog Clover: Well, if there are, I was thinking we could put salt on them.
      What's she pointing at...
      The label states [NaCl]...

      Junpei dialog Junpei: Salt, huh...
      Clover dialog Clover: Do you think Seven will shrivel up if we put it on him?
      Seven dialog Seven: Hey. You say something?
    2. There's a bottle of salt on the shelf. The label says [NaCl].
    3. Seven dialog Seven: [NaCl]...
      Seven dialog Seven: Na is sodium and Cl is chloride.
      Clover dialog Clover: So salt is made up of...
      Clover dialog Clover: 1 sodium atom and 1 chloride atom.
    4. There's a bottle of salt on the shelf.
      Salt is made up of 1 sodium atom and 1 chloride atom.

  • Examine the top right shelf in the chemical closet:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: Hey, Junpei! There's dihydrogen monoxide on the shelf!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Why don't you just say "water"...
    2. There's a bottle of water on the shelf. The label says [H2O].
    3. Seven dialog Seven: [H2O]...
      Seven dialog Seven: H must mean "hot", and O probably stands for "orphans"...
      Seven dialog Seven: So [H2O] must be made of 2 hot orphans...
      Clover dialog Clover: Seven...
      Clover dialog Clover: Is your head...okay?
    4. There's a bottle of water on the shelf.
      The water molecule is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

  • Search the fake chest:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: Ewwwwwww that's gross.
      Seven dialog Seven: This's the chest... It's a woman's chest...
      Seven dialog Seven: The heart's gone, but it's pretty hot.
      Clover dialog Clover: If that kinda thing turns you on, Seven, you're a real creepo.
    2. The chest of a medical mannequin. There's a hole in the left side of the chest.

  • Search the fake heart:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: A heart. This thing is super creepy...
      Seven dialog Seven: This ain't good for the heart.
    2. The heart of a medical mannequin.

  • Search the blue liquid:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: It looks like there's something inside that bottle.
      Seven dialog Seven: Why don't you try pouring some out into the cap?
      Can't see any reason why not...
      Clover dialog Clover: What's that? It's bright blue. Do you think it's...alien blood?
      Seven dialog Seven: *Sigh*
      Seven dialog Seven: Where the hell did that come from?
      Clover dialog Clover: Then what do you think it is, Seven?
      Seven dialog Seven: I dunno... Some sorta special bath soap?
      Clover dialog Clover: Ugh. What a boring guess...
    2. A bottle with blue liquid in it.

  • Search the purple liquid:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: That bottle has purple liquid in it.
    2. A bottle with purple liquid in it.
    3. A bottle with people liquid in it.
      W-Wait, what?!
      What would "people liquid" even--oh...oh! It wouldn't even be this color--aah! Why am I even thinking about that?!
      The liquid in the bottle is purple! Purple!
    4. A bottle with purple liquid in it.

  • Search the fake stomach:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: This is a really big nose.
      Seven dialog Seven: That's no nose... It's a stomach!
      Clover dialog Clover: Oh... A stomach.
    2. Clover dialog Clover: *Tap* *Tap* *Tap* *Tap* *Tap* *Tap*
      Seven dialog Seven: Hey, that ain't a drum, kid!
    3. The stomach of a medical mannequin.

  • Search the fake left leg:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: This is the left foot of the mannequin.
      Clover dialog Clover: Do you think I'm better?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Uh...what?
      Clover dialog Clover: Do you think my legs are skinnier?
    2. The left foot of a medical mannequin.

  • Search the fake right leg:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: The right foot of the medical mannequin.
      Seven dialog Seven: I guess it's a woman's foot but damn... Doesn't look hot at all...
      Clover dialog Clover: Have you got a thing for feet, Seven?
      Seven dialog Seven: N-No! Th-That's crazy...
      Clover dialog Clover: You're sure actin' kinda shady...
    2. The right foot of a medical mannequin.
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