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The Zero Escape series contains several mistakes. Most of them are typos and other grammatical errors.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

  • In the Central Staircase, after the 9th man dies, Junpei can ask one of three pairs to open the door: Ace and Lotus, Snake and Seven, or Santa and June. However, no matter who he asks, the narration says that Santa and June are the ones to scan their bracelets, even though the dialogue and display show the correct pair.
  • After June collapses following the 9th man's death, Junpei questions the remaining 6 people, after which the narration says that the 6 stood there with "7 pairs of downcast eyes and 7 grim lines for mouths".
  • In the 1st class cabin, if Junpei examines the vase while in the bedroom with the piano, he mentions that he found the vase in the kitchen instead of in the living room. There is no kitchen in the 1st class cabin.
  • In the 1st class cabin, one of the notes for the Westminster chime puzzle is wrong. While the in-game art asset correctly displays it as an "F," the text description says "D". The Japanese version of the game uses "do-re-mi" terminology and correctly identifies the note relative to the others.
  • In the kitchen, the word "storage" is mistakenly spelled "storange" when Junpei is describing the purpose of the cellar.
  • If Junpei examines the knife in the kitchen freezer, he says "Hey, guys, take a look THIS!" There is no "at".
  • In the kitchen, the book Futility was actually written in 1898, while June says that it was written in 1892.
    • This is fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • In the freezer, when discussing the differences between water and carbon dioxide, Santa's written line says refers to them as H20 and C02. The correct writing is H2O and CO2.
  • In the shower room, when June is telling Junpei to not throw away the Mercury keycard while examining the drain, the word "won't" is misspelled "wont't".
  • In the operating room a plate on the door to preparation room misspells "preparation" as "pleparation".
  • In the laboratory, the word "puzzle" is misspelled as "puzle". This happens only in the Memories Of The Escape version of the room.
  • In the iOS version, the plaque on the door to the Captain's Quarters says "Captain's Cabin" instead.
  • In the torture room, there are a couple of typos when the tank to the pipe is given a close-up and the pipe is examined. Lotus mis-says the phrase "What on Earth" to "What are Earth", and Junpei's following line has the word "find" with two I's-- "fiind".
  • In the iOS version, the narration of Junpei's apartment says "lolinside" when it is supposed to say "inside".
  • In the Nonary Games version, when examining the flowchart, the Axe Ending is spelled "Ax".
  • In the True Ending route, in the Captain's Quarters, in the DS version, after triggering the 'z e r o' display on the True Ending route, when Clover starts to tell Junpei about the morphogenetic field and such, there is a typo. "So... what exacty did they have you guys do?"
  • In the library, upon examining the shelf with the book "Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis", Snake remarks, "I believe that's going to be about eletrolosis in an electrolyte solution".
  • In the Nonary Games version, one of the pop-up books in the Library has an incorrect model - it shows the letters L I L K while the characters say it shows L R K. This is because the puzzle answer is SHELDRAKE in English and SHIELDLAKE in Japanese. Therefore, the L I L K book is correct for Japanese, but not correct for English.
  • Upon examining a bookshelf in the Library, occult books are mentioned, with an example being "Kitab as-Azif", which is a misspelled version the original title of the Necronomicon, "Kitab al-Azif".
  • In the True ending route, in the study's First Nonary Game flashback, Aoi says, "We can't all get ouf of here!"
    • This is fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • In the Nonary Games version, in true ending route, when Clover writes the list of all the doors June's gone through, it mistakenly lists the 4th door as door 4 instead of door 9, though the digital root calculations are correct.
  • In the Nonary Games version of 999, there are several points where the written dialogue's text and the voiced dialogue do not match up. Sometimes words are omitted, added or said differently. In one conversation between Seven and Lotus after exiting door 4 (about searching the 48 hospital rooms), the audio and the text don't match up at all.
    • Similar to the above, there are some instances where lines appear in the text, but a voice audio clip does not play for them. Examples: 58:47 in this video and 56:35 in this video. In the second video, Seven's grunt plays instead of his narration.

Virtue's Last Reward


  • In the anime, Sigma says that if someone is betrayed when they selected ally, the betrayer will gain 2 points. The betrayer actually gains 3 points.
  • Although this was intentional and is more of a trivia point than a mistake, it is noteworthy that Sigma's voice and facial appearance in the anime contradict his true identity. Sigma's face is not seen outside of the flashbacks in-game until the very end, and he is also unvoiced -- this is because Sigma's 22-year old mind is infused into his 67-year-old body. He has both the face and voice of his 22-year-old self in the anime, though this is understandable since obscuring them would come off as very questionable.


  • Several of Clover's poses (shocked, worried, nervous) have her smile even when her dialogue clearly shows she's not happy. This animation error happens after she stops speaking - it doesn't occur when she has not spoken yet. Quark's sad pose has a similar issue.
  • When Sigma thinks after the first round of the AB Game about why he may have been abducted, he says "nor was I an Olympic athelete".
  • When searching the infirmary with Tenmyouji, Phi says "It say 'Tubocurarine' on the label" when you investigate the bottles on the shelf.
  • When the group finds the bomb in the Crew Quarters, Alice says that there should only be 25 μg of antimatter in the bomb (meaning that 50 μg total of particles will contribute to the explosion the bomb produces). Luna remarks that that would equate to 45 billion joules of energy according to e=mc². However, when e=mc² is evaluated where m = 50 μg, the result is only 4.5 billion joules.
  • On Clover's route, everyone has a discussion about finding Axelavir. Alice says "We might as well look for that medicine" but the text spells medicine as "medicince".
  • Also on Clover's route, in the group suicide scene, Luna's blood is red. Because she is a GAULEM outfitted with ABT, it should actually be white.
    • Also appears on the puncture wound she receives when she is killed by the injection gun on other routes.
  • In the GAULEM Bay (Easy mode), when Sigma examines the computer monitor, Luna will say, "I'm guildy of nothing". It should say "guilty".
    • This is not fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • In the Laboratory (Easy mode), when Sigma examines the long and non-marked seeds, Clover will say: "Thes are the same shape as the ships the Nibiru aliens fly!". An "e" is missing from "these". There is also a second error said by Clover when examining the shelf next to the water pressure minigame. Clover will say "fig" instead of fit.
  • In the Infirmary, after solving the laboratory and Sigma considers risking Quark's life, "choice" is "chocie".
    • This is fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • In the Security room, after entering all three passwords on the consoles, Sigma omits the word "to".
  • In the Security room, the monitor shows 7 AB Rooms instead of 6.[1]
  • In the B. Garden, Sigma asks Alice to place a firm thick long cucumber in her breasts and take a bite out of it. However, the text says "cleavege" when the correct word is "cleavage".
    • This is not fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • Alice says "What in God's name is wrong with you?", but the text says "What is God's name is wrong with you?" when Sigma betrays her.
  • Upon leaving the Infirmary on a yellow door route after Quark tries to kill himself, the narration says "warehouse" instead of "hallway".
  • On K's route, Sigma mistakenly says that he would have 2 BP if K betrays him, instead of 3 BP. It's possible it was intended to be "2 less".
    • This is not fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • On Phi's route, when everyone returns to the B. Garden and K tells Alice what her purpose in the Nonary Game is, K says "stop the bomb", but the text says "stop the detonation".
    • This is not fixed in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.
  • Also on Phi's route, when everyone returns to the B. Garden and K tells Alice what her purpose in the Nonary Game is, K says "we were about to determine that Dio planted the bombs", but the text says "we were able to determine".
  • During the finale, Phi says "really don't", but the text says "don't really".[2]
  • During the finale, Akane Kurashiki says "It's purpose" instead of "Its purpose".
  • Luna's product ID is GTF-DM-L-016. The DM means "Diana Model". In the Japanese version, the "DM" is "TM", which is a mistake.
  • When Sigma looks into the pond to see his reflection in the Phi ending, his face is not mirrored, as his bionic eye is the left one.
  • The whole concept of "Another Time END" and how it is portrayed could be seen as an error, since a player may mistake it as being canon, when it has been confirmed that it isn't necessarily canon. This occurred because it was placed after Phi's ending.[3][4]

Zero Time Dilemma

  • In the Rec Room, after solving the chess cylinder, if Carlos examines the chess board, he says "These are the movements of the pawn, bishop, and king pieces", despite that the correct answer of the first was the rook, not the pawn.
  • After the escape in the Trash Disposal Room, Zero explains the rules of the decision game to Sigma, Diana and Phi. There is a gun loaded with six cartriges pointed at Sigma's head. Three of the rounds are live and the other three rounds are blank. It is a random event so if the gun is fired, Sigma has a 50% chance of dying or living. The error is that Zero states (in sound and text) that Sigma has a "six to three" chance of living which would be 200%. It should actually be a "three to six" chance.
  • In the Healing Room, after Diana says she's made her friends cry with her musical skills, Phi says there could be "two reason" for that.
  • A typo from the 3DS version during the Radical-6 fragment is corrected in the PC version. The 3DS version has "Transmitted through liquids, it's highly contageous." (contageous is "contagious"). It is unknown if this is in the Vita version.
  • During the flashback to Eric and his brother Chris, if the player accesses the log, Gab's portrait is seen on one of Chris's lines, indicating that it was Gab's dialogue. This only appears in the Steam version of the game, suggesting that it's simply a glitch.
  • When Diana is talking about naming Delta, she says, "So I thought, why don't we name our son..." but the text reads, "So I thought, why don't I name our son...".
  • The male suspect in the snail story is arrested trying to flee in a taxi in the Radical-6 fragment. The Radical-6 fragment claims he was "quickly caught" and was trying to "flee the scene". The Poison fragment claims he was located and arrested one month after the murder.
  • In Outbreak (2), after solving Manufacturing, the subtitles say Sigma researched "biochemestry" instead of "biochemistry".
  • In C-Team's Decontamination Room, Akane says "I don't know! I didn't know any specifics about all of this!", but the subtitles say "I didn't know! I don't know any specifics about all of this!" Given the context of the scene and what Junpei says before, it may be the subtitles that are correct.
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