Maria is Carlos's younger sister.



Maria's parents burning to death in the fire.

After her parents died in a house fire, she developed Reverie Syndrome and fell into a coma because of the disease. Originally, Carlos believed that his sister's illness was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. He is unable to pay for her treatment because she lacks insurance.

Carlos decides to participate in the Dcom testing in order to get the money needed to help cure her.

Zero Time Dilemma

During the events of the Decision Game, she is 22 years old. Carlos mentions her to Akane and Junpei.

In the CQD-END: 2, Maria survives her illness. It is unknown how she was cured. It is possible Carlos used the money he got from being a participant in Dcom. The prevention of the apocalypse is also a possible factor for her survival. Maria becomes a SHIFTer and plans on going to Akane and Junpei's future wedding. It is unknown if she joins Crash Keys as well.


  • In the Virtue's Last Reward timeline, it is unknown if she recovered from her Reverie Syndrome after the Radical-6 apocalypse.