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"Man, this thing is narrow... I feel like I'm walking across a tightrope."
— Junpei, nervously walking across the walkway

The Library is an escape room found on the Bottom Deck. It has two floors, both of which contain shelf after shelf of various books. Junpei explores this room with Snake, Clover, and Seven en route to the True Ending.



Concept art of the library.

The library is a huge room full of books and consists of two floors. The room as a whole is circular in shape, with high shelves lining up on the walls on both floors. There is a walkway in the middle of the room, with a simple staircase protruding from it to allow navigation between the floors. The exit is located behind two bookshelves, which slide open after pushing a button behind the fifth "Sheldrake" book.


After running around in the hallway coming from the Door 9 in the chapel and realizing that they need the Neptune key, Junpei, Clover, Snake, and Seven stumble upon this room by opening a large door with the Uranus keycard. The room that they find is huge and is piled to the roof with books on different subjects.

While searching through the shelves, Junpei thinks about All-ice, since she should be behind the library according to Dashiell Gordain's story. The group finds 3 pop-up picture books that stand out from the rest of the collection. They also find 3 light bulbs scattered around in random places around the room, and while pondering what to do with them, they find a stand in the middle of the lower floor. After inserting the light bulbs into the machine and the books underneath the lights, there is a projection that says "SHELDRAKE-5".


While Clover and Seven run off to find Sheldrake's volumes, Snake asks Junpei if he's heard of Sheldrake. Junpei says he has, as Lotus had explained it to him back in the 2nd class cabin. Junpei also mentions that he heard tidbits of the morphogenetic field theory from both Lotus and Clover. With a sigh, Snake tells him that he had told her not to reveal any information about that topic. A frustrated Junpei asks Snake to tell him everything about the experiment, and Snake grudgingly agrees.

They walk up the stairs and he begins. Snake had been told to keep quiet on the matter by the card he was given by Zero. Zero had told him not reveal anything, or he would detonate Clover's bracelet. Clover had not gotten the same message, so Junpei suggests that the threat might be false, since she was still alive. Snake agrees and says that the possibility of Santa being Zero is extremely high. Snake is assured that even if Santa was Zero, he wouldn't kill the rest of the players under any circumstances, as he had gone through the same ordeal as Snake during the First Nonary Game, and he knew about the "leaf words". Junpei then asks about the First Nonary Game, as Clover did not give him all of the details on it.

Sender receptor 1

The morphogenetic field theory.

Snake says that a medical company called Cradle Pharmaceutical had organized the experiment, and it was run by 4 people: Gentarou Hongou (CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical), Nagisa Nijisaki (Right hand man and did most of planning), Teruaki Kubota (Led the R&D department), and Kagechika Musashidou (Majority stockholder). The 4 had gathered 10 more people to assist with their experiment. Their purpose was to be able to control people using the morphogenetic field. Snake starts explaining that if one person with the effect of a million people did something, then everyone else will follow. The 4 leaders of the experiment wanted to prove that a transmitter could control any receiver he wishes to by using the field.

To assess which children would be kidnapped during the experiment, any of them that had visited any of Cradle's hospitals were placed under the Ganzfeld Experiment, to see if they were adept at telepathy. They had kidnapped 9 pairs of siblings (18 kids total), each pair with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver. The transmitters were put into Building Q in Nevada, a mock experiment building, and the receivers were put on the Gigantic, a former hospital ship. To ease access into the field, Hongou had set up puzzles within the Gigantic (epiphany) and put the participants in a life-or-death situation. The transmitters were told that the layout and puzzles were identical in their building, and to transmit the solution to the puzzles to the receivers to help them escape. Seven suddenly yells at them from below and calls them down, telling them they are running out of time.

June upclose

Did Akane Kurashiki die during the First Nonary Game?

As Snake is leaving, Junpei asks if he is sure that there were 18 kids, as he had heard on the news that there were only 16. The last 2 pair of siblings had no relatives known, and as such, had not had a police report filed for them. They were a brother and sister pair. The boy's name was Aoi and the girl's name was Akane. Akane had been the lone death of the experiment. Junpei is shocked and ponders whether this Akane and June are the same person. He reassures himself that "Akane" is not an uncommon name and follows Snake to meet up with Seven and Clover. After solving the puzzle, they find a passageway to the study behind a wall of books.


Powerful Lightbulb (x3) Mini bulb

Powerful Lightbulb

A brand new, powerful lightbulb.

  1. Obtained by solving the bookshelf puzzle.
  2. Located on the bottom right section of the top left bookshelf. (upper level, to the right of book 2)
  3. Obtained by solving the bookcase lock.

Book Mini book 1

Book 1

A picture book about Native Americans.

Found in the middle of the right bottom bookshelf (on the right side of the upper level). It is a picture book about Native Americans, as seen on its red cover.

Book Mini book 2

Book 2

A picture book about baseball.

Found in the center shelf to the right of first book. It is a book about baseball, as evidenced by its olive cover.

Book Mini book 3

Book 3

A purple picture book.

Found in the bottom right section of the left shelf (on the right side of the lower level). This book has a purple cover and is about an unknown subject.

Pop-up Book Mini open book 1

Pop-Up 1

The Native American book.

Obtained by searching Book 1.


Pop-up Book Mini open book 2

Pop-Up 2

The baseball book.

Obtained by searching Book 2.


Pop-up Book Mini open book 3

Pop-Up 3

The purple book.

Obtained by searching Book 3.

S E 5


Bookshelf Puzzle

Bookshelf Solution

The solution to the bookshelf puzzle.

This puzzle is extremely easy. To solve it, the letters on the book bindings must read "OPEN HERE FIND BULB". To do this, just switch the green and purple book, then the blue and purple book. By doing this, the shelf slides open, revealing a brand-new light bulb behind it.

Bookcase Lock

Glass Bookshelf

The cylinder combination lock.

There is a big, locked bookcase on the bottom floor, but there are only 6 books in it. There is a 6 digit combination lock on the door. The combination is found on the volumes of the Astronomy books (in other words, the combination is 632415) inside the case. There is a light bulb inside, the final one needed to activate the next puzzle.

Light-Up Books


The solution for the light-up books.

After finding all three lightbulbs, Junpei replaces the lightbulbs on an altar in the center of the bottom floor. The lights are shining to the point where it's blinding. They decide to put the three picture books on the altar, and "SHELDRAKE 5" is illuminated in the center of the altar.



The solution for the keyboard.

They decide to look for "Sheldrake, Volume 5" and they find it on a bookshelf on the bottom floor. It turns out that there is a button behind the book, so they push it, causing two huge bookcases to slide over. This reveals two doors and a keyboard. The keyboard has the Roman numerals "XIII XIV X XIII", which stands for 13, 14, 10, and 13. When Junpei goes to type those in, there are no number keys to be found. Clover suggests converting the numbers into hexadecimal, which would make the solution "DEAD". The door opens and the group run towards it.


Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the metal door:
    1. This big opening is the door to the library.
      It's pretty impressive. Almost looks like the door to a shrine, or a church, or something.
      There's another door after it, and then a passageway beyond that.
      At the end of that passageway is a door with that [Neptune symbol] engraved on it.

      Snake dialog Snake: Hurry up. We need to find the key with the mark of Neptune.
      Clover dialog Clover: Okay! This sounds like a job for the best brother-and-sister team in the world!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Man, it's like Seven and I don't even exist...
    2. This gate is huge...
      Well, it's not like there's a lock, so we can get out any time we want.
      Still, it'd be kind of pointless to leave. I need to look around this place some more.
    3. This gate is enormous... Well, there's no point in turning back now.

  • Examine handrail (on the top floor, facing a bookshelf and the north walkway):
    1. Clover dialog Clover: Um... Do you... Do you think we should hold hands where there aren't any handrails?
      Snake dialog Snake: I'll be fine.
      Snake dialog Snake: I can feel vibrations in the floor that tell me where I am.
      Clover dialog Clover: That's not what I meant...
    2. Some parts of the junction have handrails, and others don't.

  • Examine the top left shelf of the paranormal themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: This book is called...uh..."Mindswap".
      Clover dialog Clover: You mean you could, like, change bodies with someone?
      Clover dialog Clover: Well, I guess I wouldn't mind switching bodies with my brother or Junpei too much, but I'd rather die than let Seven switch with me.
      Seven dialog Seven: What the hell!?
      Seven dialog Seven: Like I'd even want to swap bodies with a little brat like...
      Seven dialog Seven: ...
      Clover dialog Clover: Hey! Were you just imagining it...? You were!
      Seven dialog Seven: Sh-Shut up!
      Yeah, well, he wasn't the only one.
    2. This book says "Mindswap" on the spine. Sounds like a reality show.

  • Examine the middle center shelf of the natural science themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: This one says "Transition of Extinct Species".
      Snake dialog Snake: We need to hurry it up, or we're going to end up in the pages of a book like that.
    2. I guess the books on the shelf with "Transition of Extinct Species" are about living creatures.

  • Examine the bottom center shelf of the natural science themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: "Mother Nature"...
      Seven dialog Seven: Is that some sorta book about hippie chicks?
      Snake dialog Snake: Uh, probably not, except perhaps tangentially. It's most likely about environmental protection.
      Seven dialog Seven: I was just tryin' to make a joke...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Dude, hippie chicks? Really?
    2. This book is called "Mother Nature".

  • Examine the bottom right shelf of the natural science themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: "Theories of the Cambrian Explosion"...?
      Seven dialog Seven: Did a bomb go off near somewhere called "Cambria"?
      Snake dialog Snake: Wrong kind of explosion. Roughly five hundred million years ago, during what is known as the Cambrian period...
      Snake dialog Snake: ...Research suggests that the variety of living organisms increased by an order of magnitude.
      Snake dialog Snake: Why that happened is, however, still something of a mystery. There are a number of theories.
      Snake dialog Snake: This book is most likely a collection of them.
    2. This book looks pretty old. It's got "Theories of the Cambrian Explosion" written down the spine.

  • Examine the middle left shelf of the physics themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: Are property values going up out in space too these days? Man, guess times are tough for aliens, too.
      Clover dialog Clover: This one says "Cosmic Inflation".
    2. This book's called "Cosmic Inflation".

  • Examine the middle right shelf of the physics themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: "Quantum Gravity". Seven, do you have any idea what this is?
      Seven dialog Seven: How 'bout you start by using real words. Then maybe we'll get somewhere.
    2. This book is called "Quantum Gravity".

  • Examine the top center shelf of the history themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: Look, this one says "Cultural Heritage of Rome".
      Seven dialog Seven: Bet that's gonna be serious inheritance tax...
    2. This book's called "Cultural Heritage of Rome".

  • Examine the top right shelf of the history themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: "Permian Creatures"? Seems a little fancy for some kinda prehistoric critter.
      Seven dialog Seven: Not to mention most of them were likely reptiles and amphibians. Without hair, I can't imagine they had much need of perms.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: That's got nothing to do with this!
    2. This book is called "Permian Creatures".

  • Examine the bottom center shelf of the history themed bookshelf on the top floor:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: This one's called "History of the Western World".
      Snake dialog Snake: Well, I'd assume it's about European history.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: U-Uh...yeah... Just gonna leave it at that, Snake? Doesn't seem like you...
      Snake dialog Snake: ...
    2. This shelf has history books, with titles like "History of the Western World".

  • Examine the bottom right shelf of the colored book shelf on the bottom floor:
    1. Clover dialog Clover: It says "Riemann Hypothesis". What is there to hypothesize about with a reamin'? Isn't it pretty straightforward?
      Snake dialog Snake: Heavens no. There are many factors--length, girth, lubrication or lack of... It's an exciting and rapidly growing field.
      Clover dialog Clover: Whoa.
    2. There are a number of other theory books along with the "Reimann Hypothesis".

  • Examine the bottom right bookshelf (on the bottom floor, when facing the staircase and with the podium to the right):
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: Hmm... Let's see what we've got here...
      So many books here... I wonder what this one's--whoa! What's this?

      Clover dialog Clover: Oh...! S-Sorry!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Oh, uh, no... I'm, uh, I'm sorry...
      Seven dialog Seven: Hey, what's the deal with this sappy stuff...
    2. There are a bunch of books on folklore and myth here.