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"It was cold--beyond cold. Merely touching it was painful. The doorknob had been frozen solid..."
— Junpei, commenting on the freezer's doorknob

The Kitchen is an escape room located on B Deck and found immediately following the 2nd class cabin which is past Door 4. It consists of the main kitchen, a pantry, and a freezer. Junpei investigates the room with Santa, June, and Lotus.


Kitchen concept art

Concept art for the kitchen.

The Kitchen is one large room with 3 different subsections: the main kitchen, the pantry, and the freezer. There are industrial ovens, sinks, dishwashers, and cooking utensils spread out throughout the room, suggesting that it was once used to serve passengers meals. Finally, there are two doors on the far wall of the kitchen which lead to the freezer and pantry, respectively.


The main kitchen area is a large room, set up like a restaurant's kitchen. There are pressure cookers, ovens, dishwashers, and cabinets spread around. Cooking utensils, such as spatulas, labels, and rolling pins are hanging from a shelf and the sink is full of dirty dishes. A serving table houses four different sets of plates: appetizers, soup, seafood, and meat. There is a partition separating the doors leading to the pantry and freezer. Finally, there is a grill on the back wall of the room.


Kitchen 5


The pantry can be entered by taking the door to the right of the partition. There are shelves of cans, cheese, and a tarp covering a barrel of old milk. There is a knife on the middle shelf of the cans, inside a box. On the shelf with cheese, there are 14 big chunks of gouda cheese and an oil bottle hidden behind the cheese on the fourth shelf from the top.




The freezer can be entered by taking the door to the left of the partition, after Junpei loosens up the latch with oil. There are shelves lined up on part of the north wall and east walls of the room, which contain various kinds of food, including a frozen chunk of pork. There is a huge cabinet in the northwest corner of the room, containing a bag of dry ice, a frozen chicken leg, and several other identifiable objects. Finally, a trap door is located in the middle of the room, containing rope and an empty water bottle. After escaping the freezer, it is impossible to reenter the room.


After leaving the 2nd class cabin, Junpei, Santa, June, and Lotus enter the kitchen, to Santa's disappointment. They look at the exit door, which is apparently locked with a card reader. Junpei tries his luck and pulls on the door, but it is sealed shut. He then takes out the map of B Deck he and June had found earlier. Lotus asks where he found the map, and Junpei tells her that he found it in the 2nd class cabin. Lotus snatches it away from him and traces her finger across it, saying that by escaping the room, they can get on the other side of the metal gate.

A Rusted Knife

Triggered by trying to take the rusty knife in the pantry.


June mentions Futility.

While Junpei is looking at a rusty knife, June mentions that is futile, or in other words, useless and pointless. He asks why she brought the word up, and she says that it has something to do with the Titanic. She says that 14 years before the Titanic sank, in 1898 (or incorrectly 1892 in the DS version), a novel called "Futility" was written by a man named Morgan Robertson. The story was about a big cruise liner hitting an iceberg and sinking. There were other similarities to the Titanic in the book, including departure time, the name of the ship, the nationality of the ship, course, size, displacement, number of passengers and crew members, speed, the number of lifeboats, and the location of the accident itself. She says it's almost like he had seen the whole thing happen, but it was written 14 years before the accident.

She says that there were other similar stories, written by William Thomas Stead. He had also written two stories with striking similarities to the accident. One of the stories described two ships hitting each other, while the other one sank after hitting an iceberg. Junpei dismisses the information, saying that it was probably common for ships to hit icebergs back then and that Stead and Robertson could not have had a premonition about the Titanic disaster. June tells him that Stead might have had "special powers", or more specifically the ability to do "automatic writing". Junpei doesn't believe it, saying that the accident hadn't happened before Stead had written his books, so it was impossible for someone dead to possess him. June shakes her head, saying that Stead was doing the possessing. He had been a passenger on the Titanic and wrote down what he saw with his own eyes 20 years before the accident. He decides to not say anything and asks her if they can talk about it some other time, since he doesn't believe a word she's saying.


Junpei, Santa, and June get locked in the freezer after a pipe ruptures and shuts the door on them. Warm water has instantly froze on the handle, rendering it unable to use. Junpei asks Lotus to look for something to open the door, but she is unable to do so, telling them to "figure it out on your own".

Dry Ice

Triggered by picking up the bag of dry ice in the freezer.


Santa and June discussing the properties of ice (carbon dioxide, sublimating, melting points, ice-9, crystallization of glycerin, etc).

When Junpei takes the bag of dry ice (located in a cabinet on the north side of the room), Santa mentions that it can cause an explosion if sealed in something that is airtight. Junpei picks up the bag with his sleeves and Santa asks him if dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, which he agrees to. Santa wonders how warm it has to get to turn back into a gas, and June cuts in, saying that its sublimation point is -109 degrees. Junpei asks her how she knows that, and she brags that she is the "Queen of Random Knowledge".

Santa thinks its weird that it doesn't turn into a liquid, unless its under pressure, which June agrees to. Junpei can choose one of two choices:

  • "[Junpei] wanted out of the freezer, now."
  • "It did strike Junpei as rather odd." (required for True ending)

June continues to talk, telling them about ice with a melting point of 96 degrees. Junpei, his curiosity peaked, asks what the ice is called, and June replies Ice-9. She continues, saying that it was originally a made up substance in a science-fiction book. However, scientists have discovered that it actually exists. She finishes up by saying that it is a polymorph of H20, having a completely different structure. June asks if any of them have heard of the story of the crystallization of glycerin.


A glycerin molecule.

For 150 years after glycerin was discovered, people tried different methods, including warming and cooling, to try to get it to crystallize. One day in 1920, glycerin on board a ship going to England somehow crystallize. Numerous scientists worldwide wanted a sample of the glycerin, so they could crystallize other samples. When they did, nearby samples not encouraged by the samples began to crystallize, when it had never before. From that day on, glycerin will always crystallize naturally when cooled to less than 64 degrees. She explains that it was like the glycerin were communicating with each other. Junpei asks what the story has to do with Ice-9, and surprisingly, Santa gives him an answer. Santa explains that she is trying to say that it is similar to Ice-9, which if true, would be the end of the world since the oceans would freeze as well. Santa finally agrees to get back to the search for a way out, claiming he hates the cold, and they proceed looking.

Escape the Freezer

Dry ice 2

The "bomb" explodes!

Triggered by examining the door while equipped with the water bottle bomb.

After Junpei fills the empty water bottle with crushed dry ice and attaches a rope to it, he ties it to the door. Santa tells him to fill it up with water, and Junpei sees water dripping from the ceiling, so he lets some drops fall in and then quickly seals it up. He finds a piece of hard dry ice on the ground and decides to use it to "activate" the bomb. Before doing so, he tells June and Santa to get in the cellar. Junpei gets in with them, aims at the bottle, throws it as hard as he can, and ducks in the cellar with the same motion. The makeshift bomb shatters the ice off of the door handle and they quickly get up to leave the freezer.

The three tumble out of the freezer, and Santa goes to the stove, burning his hand. Junpei thinks that he is not that smart, but is more concerned about Lotus' actions. He asks her if she locked them in the freezer. She yells at Junpei, saying that if they got locked in there, she could have died because they would not be able to escape the kitchen. He grudgingly apologizes, realizing that her explanation made sense. Santa cuts in and tells her to get up to help them resume their search.


Found items

Whetstone Mini whetstone


Let's go smash open that card reader!

A fresh whetstone found near the edge of the sink full of dirty dishes. The rusty knife can be scraped on this to sharpen it into a working knife.

Combines with rusty knife to form: knife

Rusty knife Mini rusty knife


A futile knife.

A futile, rusty knife. Found on the left shelf of the pantry. Can be obtained after talking about predictions of the Titanic sinking with June.

Combines with whetstone to form: knife

Bottle of oil Mini oil


A musty bottle of oil.

A musty, green bottle of oil found on a shelf in the pantry, behind some gouda cheese. Used by Junpei to loosen up the rusty latch on the door that's keeping the freezer locked.

Sturdy rope Mini rope


Simple, sturdy strand of rope.

A sturdy length of rope found in the trap door in the freezer. Tied to water bottle bomb, which will eventually be tied to the door of the freezer.

Combines with water bottle with dry ice in it to form: water bottle bomb

Water bottle Mini bottle


An empty water bottle.

An empty water bottle found in the trapdoor in the freezer. Filled up with crushed dry ice and tied to door with rope to make a water bottle bomb.

Combines with dry ice (crumbled) to form: water bottle with dry ice in it

Chunk of pork Mini pork


Frozen pig flesh!

A frozen chunk of pork found in the freezer. It is located on a shelf on the right side of the freezer. It has a slip of frozen paper stuck inside of it. It is later cooked on makeshift stove. If Junpei escapes the freezer without taking the pork, he gets it from Santa.

Frozen chicken Mini chicken


It's really hard...

A hard, frozen chicken leg. Found in the cabinet on the left side of the freezer, next to the bag of dry ice. Used as a hammer by Junpei to crush dry ice.

Combines with dry ice to form: dry ice (crumbled)

Dry ice Mini dry ice


A thin bag holding dry ice.

A white bag of dry ice. Found in cabinet on the left side of the freezer. Crushed up by chicken, placed into the water bottle, and tied to the door to make a water bottle bomb.

Combines with frozen chicken to form: dry ice (crumbled)

Pork note Mini pork note



A note found in the frozen pork. Can be obtained after cooking it. It says "C+10+F" on it, which is the equation to the solution needed to open the oven.

Saturn key card Mini saturn


Now we can go open that elevator...

A purple key card with the Saturn symbol on it. Used to get out of kitchen and to later activate the Saturn elevators. Found in the oven and can be obtained after opening it with the "pork note" equation.

Combined items

Knife Mini knife


So shiny!

Created from: rusty knife + whetstone

Obtained after scratching the rusty knife on a whetstone. Clean and sharp, it is used to carefully cut the note out of the cooked pork.

Dry ice (crumbled) Mini dry ice crumbled

Crumbled DryIce

Smashed up by the "hammer"...

Created from: frozen chicken + dry ice

The bag of dry ice crumbled from smashing it with the "chicken hammer". Filled into the empty water bottle to later make a water bottle bomb.

Combines with water bottle to form: water bottle with dry ice in it

Water bottle with dry ice in it Mini bottle


A bottle filled with dry ice.

Created from: water bottle + dry ice (crumbled)

The water bottle filled with the crumbled dry ice.

Water bottle bomb Mini bomb

WaterBottle Bomb

A homemade bomb!

Created from: sturdy rope + water bottle with dry ice in it

A combination of the crumbled dry ice, empty water bottle, and sturdy rope, it is a homemade bomb. Causes a powerful explosion, which is used to blast the ice off of the door handle to unlock the freezer door.




The keypad password.

This keypad is located on the oven door. The password is the answer to the equation C+10+F. Junpei looks at the voucher and Lotus notices that the numbers are using a hexadecimal system, which goes 8, 9, A, B, C, etc. This would mean the equation, converted to base-10, would be 12+16+15. The answer to that is 43, and when Junpei types that in, the oven door will unlock and allow him to take the Saturn key card inside.



The spelling error.

  • "Excuuuuuuse me, princess" is an infamous reference from The Legend of Zelda TV show.
  • The book Futility was actually written in 1898, while June says that it was written in 1892 in the DS version.
  • The word "storage" is mistakenly spelled "storange" when Junpei is describing the purpose of the cellar.
  • In the iOS version, Junpei looks at a kitchen pot before June talks about Futility instead of the knife.

Humorous quotes

  • Examining the square plates yields:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: Those 9 plates look pretty expensive.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: They're plates for appetizers. Remember, appetizers usually come on square plates.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Okay, okay. Well excuuuuuuse me, princess.
    2. Appetizer plates. There are 9 of them, in total.

  • Examine the 2nd set of plates to the right in the initial screen:
    1. Lotus dialog Lotus: I think there are 15 of these plates.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: I'm assuming they're for seafood...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: How the hell can you tell that?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: They look just like any other plate from the 99-cent store...
      Lotus dialog Lotus: If you ever take a lady out to dinner, you're going to embarrass yourself. I feel sorry for June.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Wh...wh...wh...why the hell are you bringing up June!?
      Lotus dialog Lotus: The lady doth protest too much, methinks. You are not terribly subtle.
    2. A round plate for seafood. There are 15 of them, in a pile.

  • Examine utensils/ladles in back, as seen from the initial screen:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: It's kinda far away... I can't really tell, that a ladle?
      Santa dialog Santa: I don't really think a ladle is going to be very useful.
    2. Just an ordinary ladle. No reason to hang onto it.
    3. Ladle, Ladle, Ladle, I made you out of clay...
      Oh wait...
      This is sad... I can't even remember a simple children's song...
    4. Just an ordinary ladle. Remember, Junpei, ladle, not dreidel...

  • Examine tanks, when viewed from the initial screen:
    1. It's a tank with a pipe coming out of it. Nothing really that special about it.
    2. Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey, is that a boiler over there?
      Santa dialog Santa: Who knows.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: The pipe goes up into the ceiling.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Maybe, just maybe, we could climb into that pipe, and get out of there.
      Santa dialog Santa: Idiot. How the hell are you supposed to get into a pipe that size?
      Well, at least he kind of got my joke. That makes me kinda happy.
    3. A tank with a pipe coming out of it. There's nothing special about it.

  • Examine the right trash can, while facing the sink and grill:
    1. Santa dialog Santa: Damnit, there's nothing in here.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: Hey Santa, digging through the trash really suits you.
      Santa dialog Santa: What the hell did you say?!
      Santa dialog Santa: Listen lady, I did you a favor! I knew you'd just piss and moan, so I did it for you!
      Lotus dialog Lotus: Oh my. I don't recall asking you to do anything...
      Santa dialog Santa: Rrrrggh... I oughta throttle you...
      Lotus dialog Lotus: Ex-squeeze me.
      Does...does it feel colder in here?
    2. A big bucket made of tin. There's nothing inside.

  • Examine the lights while facing the sink and grill:
    1. Santa dialog Santa: They're lights, buddy. Nothin' weird about that.
    2. Lights to...light up the room. They're doing a good job.

  • Examine pot and pan while facing the safe:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: All we've got here is a pot and frying pan... Oh, and a pressure cooker.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Well, I guess we could use some of those as weapons...
      Santa dialog Santa: What kind of an idiot are you? You're gonna run around holding that thing while you're looking for the DEAD?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey man, it was just a joke. Why so serious?
    2. A frying pan and 2 kinds of pots.
    3. Junpei dialog Junpei: Did you see that action movie that came out last week?
      Santa dialog Santa: Nah, I heard it was critically panned.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: I dunno, it's pretty enjoyable with a little pot.
    4. A frying pan and 2 kinds of pots.

  • Examine the counter under the pans while facing the safe:
    1. Lotus dialog Lotus: There's a pot on top of the stove.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: If there are some ingredients around here, I could cook something up for us...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Lotus, you can actually cook?
      Lotus dialog Lotus: Who the hell do you think I am?
      Lotus dialog Lotus: You'd better believe I know how to boil hot water and put in my instant noodles!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
      Lotus dialog Lotus: And...and...I can boil eggs too!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
    2. There're 2 pots and a pan on top of the stove.

  • Search the bottle of oil while in the kitchen's main room:
    1. Santa dialog Santa: The bottle's old, but we might be able to use the oil inside for something.
      Santa dialog Santa: Maybe we could put it on the old hag's face. Might help moisturize a little; get rid of some of those wrinkles.
      Lotus dialog Lotus: How about we put it on your face and then light it on fire?
    2. A bottle of oil for cooking.
      We could probably use it to make stuff slippery too, though.

  • Search the knife while in freezer:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey, guys, take a look THIS!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Tadaaa! THE KNIFE!
      Santa dialog Santa: ...
      June dialog June: ...
      Santa dialog Santa: Well, I guess the cold finally got to him.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Eeeehehehehehehehe...
      June dialog June: Jumpy, you're scaring me...
    2. It's a knife. Haven't got any use for it right now. Might as well hang onto it, though.

  • Search frozen chicken:
    1. June dialog June: It's really hard. It's frozen stiff.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Hey, June, can you say that again?
      June dialog June: ...Eh?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Say it again.
      June dialog June: It's...really hard.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Again.
      June dialog June: It's...really hard.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Th... Thanks.
      Santa dialog Santa: Somethin' wrong Junpei? Your face is bright red.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: N-Nothing. I'm fine.
      June dialog June: If it's that hard, you can probably use it as a hammer.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Yeah, good point. Maybe we can use it to break something.
    2. June dialog June: Jumpy... It's...really hard. It's like a hammer.
      Maybe we can use this to crush something.
    3. June dialog June: Jumpy, your chunk of meat... It's rock solid.
      Maybe we can use this to crush something.
    4. June dialog June: Jumpy... It's...really hard. It's like a hammer.
      June dialog June: Nom nom...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Don't eat it!
      Maybe we can use this to crush something.
    5. It's chicken. Might as well be a rock though, for how hard it's frozen.

  • During the discussion in the freezer:
    1. June dialog June: Carbon dioxide's sublimation point is -109 degrees.
      June dialog June: Any warmer than that, and it'll turn into gas. Any lower, and it becomes a solid.
      Junpei looked at her, dumbfounded.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: How do you know that?
      June dialog June: Tee-hee. Despite my looks, I'm the Qleen...bleh. Ahem...the Queen of random knowledge.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Looks bad to mess up when you're showing off.
      June dialog June: Argle mouf *Mumble* *Mumble*
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Oh, you're so cold your mouth's going numb?
      June dialog June: Yef. Wats wite.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...You're just doing that on purpose, aren't you?
      June giggled, and did her best to hide her guilt. At least she was still feeling good enough to joke around, Junpei told himself.

  • Examine the rusty knife while being stuck in the freezer:
    1. June dialog June: Wh-What's wrong Jumpy!?
      June dialog June: Why did you just pull out a knife?!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Oh, I was just thinking I might be able to use it to open the door...
      Santa dialog Santa: C'mon man, all youre gonna do is break your knife.
      Santa dialog Santa: Is the cold in here startin' to mess with your head?
    2. I guess this rusty knife is pretty useless at the moment.

  • Search the sharpened knife in the main room:
    1. Lotus dialog Lotus: So, I guess you managed to sharpen the knife, Junpei?
      Santa dialog Santa: Who're you gonna stab with that?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: No one!
      Lotus dialog Lotus: Hmmm. You could probably cut something soft with that...
    2. This knife is nice and sharp again. I could probably cut something soft with it.
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