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"Well, it's probably here if any of the workers get sick or hurt."
— Phi, on the purpose of the Infirmary

The Infirmary is an escape room behind the yellow Chromatic Door in Warehouse A. It is searched by Sigma, Tenmyouji, and Phi.



Concept art. It is missing the sink and another door in the bottom right corner.

The infirmary is a rather small room, made to only treat a few patients at a time. It has a few beds, a sink, a shelf with pills and medicine, and an ADAM to scan and diagnose illnesses, which is attached to an examination table. It also has a large computer monitor across from the ADAM, with a memory card slot on the side of the machine. The medicine cabinet also contains several drugs, including Soporil and tubocurarine, as well as a jar of salt. The cabinet also has a metal drawer on the bottom. There is a partition to the right of the medicine cabinet, and behind it are three hospital beds. There is a small table with a wash basin and scalpel on it, and stored inside the table is an injection gun.


Sigma accesses the infirmary with Tenmyouji and Phi when choosing the yellow door on Luna's question. Once arriving at the Infirmary, Phi says that the room is probably used for treating workers who are sick or injured. Tenmyouji notes that the lack of dust shows that someone had been there recently. Sigma tells them to search the room for the key to the exit.

Once opening the safe, they find a map of floor A, two sun cards, the Chromatic Door rules, a newspaper article about Radical-6, and the exit key. When Sigma asks Phi about the article, she tells him that they will talk about it later. They unlock the door and head towards the elevator to floor B, where they meet the others.


Found Items

Metal Coin-Like Thing


A key thingy.

The metal thing is found on top of the desk.

Combines with Metal stake to form Pretty Key.



Is it a scalpel or scalper?

The scalpel is found on top of the cart. It is used to cut off a piece of fabric from the middle bed behind the partition.

Worn-Out Key


The grooves have been worn down from heavy use.

The Worn-out key is found on the bottom level of the cart. It can be placed in the bottom left keyhole of the frame between the medicine shelves and the exit in order to unlock the frame as well as the cabinet color shift minigame.

Jar Containing White Powder


Some bleach powder.

The jar is found on the right side of the medicine shelves next to a couple vials of tubocurarine.

Once the powder has been poured into the wash basin on the cart, the jar will be empty.

Memory Card


So much space, yet so little stored on it...

The memory card is found on the clipboard located inside the right cupboard beneath the medicine shelves. It can be placed into the slot on the right side of the screen to display a clue regarding the fabric.

Metal Stake


How does this seamlessly combine to form a key?

The stake is found on the rightmost bed behind the partition.

Combines with Metal coin-like thing to form Pretty key.

Dirty Fabric


Stained fabric.

The Dirty fabric is found after the scalpel is used to cut it from the bed sheet. Has to be cleaned by the fabric cleaner in the basin.

Empty Jar


The obvious result of pouring out the contents of jar.

The empty jar is found after the Jar containing white powder is emptied by pouring its contents into the wash basin. It can be filled up at the sink with water and then the water can be put into the basin as well.

Jar Containing Water


Jar filled with H2O.

The jar is found after the empty jar is filled at the sink. It can be poured into the wash basin. Combined with the white powder, the water should form a bleach that can clean the dirty fabric.

Plaid Fabric



The Plaid fabric is found after the dirty fabric is cleaned in the wash basin. It can be placed on the bed near the ADAM to fill in a hole on the bed sheet. The sheet can then be scanned with the ADAM.

Clean Plaid Fabric


Also spotless, just with a different name.

The clean plaid fabric is found in the left drawer in the medicine cabinet after the correct code has been entered into the right drawer. If the fabric is placed on the bed and scanned with the ADAM, the secret file password will be revealed after completing the minigame.

Combined Items

Pretty Key

The Pretty key is found after the Metal coin-like thing and the Metal stake are combined. It can be placed in the bottom right keyhole of the frame between the medicine shelves and the exit in order to unlock the frame.


Medicine Case Shift


The Medicine Case Shift is accessed after inserting the rusted and pretty keys into the side of the medicine case. In this minigame, the player must move a red, blue, and green block to their corresponding squares. This could be difficult on the 3DS version because of the gyro controls, in which moving the system causes the blocks to move as well. It is easier to use the d-pad on the system.

The fastest solution is up, right, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right.

Medicine Counting

This minigame is accessed after finishing the medicine case shift game. In this minigame, the player must count the number of red, blue, and yellow medicine symbols on the medicine case and enter them into the drawer's locking device. There are two solutions to this puzzle (562 and 221). Each solution gives you a fabric that can be scanned using the ADAM.

ADAM Scanner

Depending on which fabric you received from the medicine counting game, scanning the fabric on the ADAM triggers this minigame. In this game, the player must follow the directions on the fabric and the colorful note, which vary depending on which fabric you scan. They must touch the symbols on the fabric in a certain order from 1 being first and 5 being last. It is either CURED (file password) or FOUND (escape password).

For the file password, tap the pill, jar, triangle in a square, 4, 5. This makes CURED. If the player is too lazy to wash the fabric, then can also refer to this:



  • Sigma visits this room in every timeline.
  • The infirmary is used by the characters as a meeting place in the game to talk about the events occuring inside Rhizome 9.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the AED.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: What the heck is this? It says "AED".
      Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: It's an AED, just like it says.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Okay, what's an AED?
      Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: It stands for "Adult Erotic Doctor".
      Sigma dialog Sigma: ...

  • Examine the AED again.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: A defibrillator. You can use it to restart a stopped heart, but we don't have any of those right now.

  • Examine the AED again on "EASY" mode.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: Not, in fact, an Adult Erotic Doctor.

  • Examine the ADAM on "EASY" mode.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: La-La-La! Lu-Lu-Lu! Look at all the cats today!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Stop singing! That's not a microphone!
      Phi dialog Phi: La-La-La! Lu-Lu-Lu! Timeeee gooooooes byyyyyyy!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: For God's sake, that's not a microphone!
      Phi dialog Phi: La-La-La! Lu-Lu-Lu! Whenever I think of you, my heart is set on fire! Nothing can come between me and you!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: No! No! You can't rhyme "you" with itself! That's not how rhyming works! You are bad at songs!
      Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: Yo, yo, yo, where my boys at? Tee to the en to the myo-yo-gee! Dropping the sickest beats till this puzzle completes!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Not you too... This is the most embarrassing thing I've seen in my life.

  • Examine the fabric sewn on the bed in the middle.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: There's a piece of fabric sewn here. It's the same material as the bedsheets.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: So someone attached a sheet to this sheet?
      Phi dialog Phi: I guess so.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Why would someone do that?
      Phi dialog Phi: I donno. Ask the mouse.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: He's a rabbit.

  • Examine the chair on "EASY" mode.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: I'll give you fifty bucks if you chair what you're thinking.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe, but I'll have to seat before I make any decisions.

  • Examine the jars of medicine on "EASY" mode.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: No. It's dangerous to mess with medicine you don't understand.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: So we'd be committing a medi-sin?
      Phi dialog Phi: ...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: ...
      Phi dialog Phi: Sadly, Sigma's joke was critically trepanned.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Not very generous with other people's, are you?

  • Examine the sink faucet on "EASY" mode.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: Oh my God! There's dihydrogen monoxide coming out of the faucet!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Can't you just call it "water" like a normal person?

  • Examine the leftmost bed.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: A bed. It looks... bedy.

  • Examine the leftmost bed on "EASY" mode.
    1. Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: I sure am tired. I wish I could just lay down for a bit. How'd you like to sleep next to me, Phi?
      Phi dialog Phi: I think I'll pass.
      Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: Is the charm finally gone...?
      Phi dialog Phi: That's not the problem here!

  • Examine the pillow on the rightmost bed.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: Nice pillow.
      Tenmyouji dialog Tenmyouji: Want to share it?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Not...particularly...
    2. A pillow. Seems like every other pillow I've met.

  • Examine the partition on "EASY" mode.
    1. Phi dialog Phi: What do you call someone who prepares dead golfers for burial?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: A par-tician?