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"It seems it's used for rest and healing... Not healing physical injuries per se, but to recover from mental fatigue."
— Sigma, on the Healing Room's purpose

The Healing Room is an escape room that is found within the Suppression fragment for D-Team. The design of the room can be changed by turning a knob located on the wall. It is searched by Diana, Phi, and Sigma Klim.


The room utilizes aromatherapy candles, musical instruments, and other items optimal for healing the mind. It is a room for meditation and relaxation.

The room also has a technology which enables it to change the wallpaper and floor of the room, even using holographic technology.


Diana, Sigma and Phi awaken in the Healing Room and discover it is locked.


Bottle of water


Found on cabinet.



Found on cabinet.



Found in cabinet drawer.

Black knife


Found on wall in petal flower room.

Digital camera


After knifing the poster, the computer turns on. Examine the lever in the lower right.

Piano keys (x8)

These 8 piano keys are obtained by examining the piano.




The initial position.

There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle. Here's an easy solution in only five steps:

  • Touch the bottom left corner
  • Touch the top left corner
  • On the bottom row, touch the sapling (green) with the pink background
  • On the top row, touch the sapling (green) with the pink background
  • Touch the final sapling

Photographing the keys

From left to right on the keyboard (note there are two C keys):

  • C: In the checkerboard room, take a photo of an odd shape near the left of the white chair.
  • D: In the flower petal room, take a photo of the blossom puzzle you did earlier. You must touch the blossom at the top of the puzzle.
  • E: In the forest room, use the tumbler on the floor and take a picture.
  • F: In the forest room, take a photo of the red object in the cylinder.
  • G: In the forest room, take a photo of the candle. Light it using the matches.
  • A: In the sky room, take a photo of the wine glass on the piano.
  • B: In the sky room, take a photo of the floating shapes near the chairs. You may need to wait a few seconds for the shapes to align.
  • C: In the forest room, take a photo of the chair and align it.

Also note that in order to unlock the sky room, ensure all the keys you currently have are inserted.


Click them in this order:

5 6 2 3 1 7 8 4

If, for some reason, the above solution doesn't work, then you are reading the directions in an alternate way. In this case, it's:


Decision Game


D-Team considering pressing the button.

After completing its puzzles, they are given the option to press a button which says "don't press".

It doesn't really matter what the player chooses. Not pressing the button will unlock an achievement, however.


  • The music is a remix of Treatment which plays in the Treatment Center in Virtue's Last Reward.

Humorous Quotes

Examine the cabinet by clicking on an area other than the drawers:

Phi dialog2 Phi: It's an old fashioned cabinet. It's a simple design, but it looks nice.
Diana dialog Diana: I've always liked this kind of furniture. I want things like this in my home after I marry, hehe.
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...That so. I can see that.

Examine the tumbler in your inventory:

Phi dialog2 Phi: It's a tumbler for drinks. But it's oddly shiny...
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: It's polished so much that you can see your reflection, if a bit distorted.
Diana dialog Diana: Wh-Why did you two suddenly get so close? Your faces are crushing me!

Click on the DEFEAT ME poster while holding the matches:

Diana dialog Diana: It says "Defeat me!" so that would mean...
Phi dialog2 Phi: It IS a picture... We could just burn it up into ash.
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: You want to light the whole room on fire?! Leave it to me, I'll figure out the riddle...

Click on the chair on the right:

Sigma dialog2 Sigma: This chair looks incredibly comfortable. I bet I could fall asleep on it...
Phi dialog2 Phi: Falling asleep in a recliner... Reverting to your old man tendencies, are you?
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: No, I'm not!

Click on the harpsichord, somewhere not on the keys:

Phi dialog2 Phi: An instrument... Can you play any, Diana?
Diana dialog Diana: The tambourine! Oh, and also the castanets and the triangle...!
Phi dialog2 Phi: Heh. I'm surprised. I'm expecting a great performance from you when we escape here.
Diana dialog Diana: ...Are you doubting me, Phi? My percussion skills are so good that I made five of my friends cry playing the tambourine.
Phi dialog2 Phi: There might be two reason (sic) for that... It's hard to imagine, regardless.

Click on the harpsichord again:

Diana dialog Diana: A keyboard instrument. I don't know how to play this since I'm a percussionist.

Click on the first key of the harpsichord:

Diana dialog Diana: Is this a small piano?
Phi dialog2 Phi: It only has one octave. You can't play very much music on this.
Diana dialog Diana: Then maybe it isn't here to play music. Does it even work? Oh! The key fell out! What should I do?!
Phi dialog2 Phi: I don't think you'll get in trouble for breaking it. It's not like Zero will send you a bill.

Click on the second key:

Diana dialog Diana: There aren't many keys on this instrument, but it does still play.
Phi dialog2 Phi: Maybe that was the only key that works... How about this one? ...Another key fell out.
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: If you beat on it like you did, of course it'll do that. It's all right, we don't have to worry.

Click on the third key:

Sigma dialog2 Sigma: This is quite the antique. Let me demonstrate how it should be played. Gently.
Phi dialog2 Phi: ...Well, that one fell out too. What a fantastic example, old man.
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Dammit, Zero... Making me look like an idiot.

Click on the DEFEAT ME poster while holding the knife:

Phi dialog2 Phi: All right, let's stab this knife into him.
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: I still think it's some super involved riddle. No way it'd be this simple...
Diana dialog Diana: The picture disappeared! We defeated him!
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: I can't believe it... It wasn't a riddle...
Diana dialog Diana: Oh, look over there! Another light turned on the dial!
Phi dialog2 Phi: Maybe we can change the room to another pattern. Let's leave the old fogey to himself.

Take a picture of anything other than the key shapes:

Diana dialog Diana: Okay, I think I took a picture.
Phi dialog2 Phi: Diana, do you know what you're supposed to shoot?
Diana dialog Diana: Uh, oh. Um... what was it again?
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...The monitor on the console has some hints.

Activate the sky pattern:

Sigma dialog2 Sigma: WHOOAAA?! Wh-What?! We're in the sky?! My heart can't take this!
Diana dialog Diana: A-Amazing! Whoa, even the ceiling is gone...!
Phi dialog2 Phi: It's just like floating in the clouds...

Examine the water tank in the sky pattern room:

Diana dialog Diana: The water in the tank is black now.
Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Reminds me of squid ink.
Phi dialog2 Phi: I'd love to have some good spaghetti with squid ink right now...

Once the moving blocks appear in the sky pattern room:

Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Oh God! What the hell is that?! It's headed straight for us! Brace yourselves!
Phi dialog2 Phi: Relax. It's just a projection on the wall. It looks real, but it's not going to come out.
Diana dialog Diana: It frightened me... Oh, the cover for the A key is open. Let's put it in.
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