Gigantic 2

The Gigantic.

The Gigantic was one of the sister ships of the RMS Titanic.

The Nonary Game supposedly takes place on board this ship.


She was initially intended to be a passenger liner, like the Titanic, but soon after the ship was launched the First World War began, and she was pressed into duty by the British navy as a hospital ship.

Some time later, the Gigantic was damaged by a German mine in the Aegean Sea. She managed to run aground after the incident, and consequently was not sunk.

Original Nonary Games

Dashiell Gordain, a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, became obsessed with everything related to the Titanic and bought the Gigantic in 1916 because of his obsession.

He used the Gigantic as the setting of his idea of the Nonary Games for young Englishmen who had owed him money. Gordain and his millionaire friends bet on which man would survive the Nonary Games, with the losers being burned at the incinerator as part of the ceremony. The winners would be forgiven of their debt.

After many years of Nonary Games, Gordain passed away in 1931 and his successors succeeded him in his role of running the Nonary Games.

Possession by Gentarou Hongou

Cradle photo

Cradle Pharmaceutical executives on the central staircase.

Later on, one of the Nonary Games had Gentarou Hongou, the CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical, as one of the participants. Hongou emerged as the winner and seemingly under the intention he could create a better version of the Nonary Game, Gordain's successor agreed to sell the Gigantic to him.

Hongou actually wanted the ship as part of his experiment involving morphogenetic fields, which he called the Nonary Project, in which he thought that he could cure his prosopagnosia using the field. He was funded by Free the Soul and Kagechika Musashidou to initiate the First Nonary Game.

As part of the experiment, the Gigantic's interior was replicated in Building Q, which is located in the Nevada Desert. The Gigantic was used for the receivers, while Building Q was used for the transmitters.

First Nonary Game

9 years ago 6

A hallway in the Gigantic.

True end 2

The Gigantic sinking.

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The day the Nonary Project commenced (November 1st, 2018) became the last time the Gigantic set sail, as Hongou sank it at the end of the project after it mysteriously exploded somehow.

A Japanese detective was able to rescue the children from the sinking Gigantic and he rowed the children away in a rowboat.