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"These are definitely real robots."
— Alice, referring to the GAULEMs

The GAULEM Bay is an escape room behind the green Chromatic Door on Floor B. It is investigated by Sigma, Alice and Luna on Luna's route.



Concept art.

The GAULEM Bay has a servicing table with a safe built into the table, to the left and right of the table there is a stand where the GAULEMs are displayed. The right side of the room has a control panel, a desk with a laptop, and a closet. The left side of the GAULEM display has a frequency machine and a small shelf for storage that has a toolbox on it.


Sigma accesses the GAULEM Bay after Quark shows signs of Radical-6 at the Chromatic Doors. After Tenmyouji asks someone to pick a door to go through, Luna begs Sigma to pick a door to go through. At this point, Sigma has a choice to take Alice and go through the blue door with K or the green door with Luna. Sigma chooses to go with Luna and head through the green door, which decides everyone else's teams. Dio and Phi go with K, and Tenmyouji and Quark go with Clover. After walking down the hallway and pulling a lever, Sigma, Alice, and Luna find themselves in the GAULEM Bay.

Alice states that it is probably a workroom and says they need to find the Moon cards. Inside of the safe is the Map to floor B, the Moon cards, the supplementary AB Game rules, the GAULEM Bay plug (K's key), and the exit key. Sigma and Alice take one Moon card while Luna takes the other. However, they are unsure what to do with the GAULEM Bay plug. Alice says that she will hold on to the plug and insists they leave.

Gaulem Bay

G-OLM speaks to Sigma, Alice, and Luna.

After opening the exit door, G-OLM who was lying on the nearby table, activates and speaks to them about what GAULEMs are and how they are connected to Zero III. He also speaks about the Chinese Room. After he is deactivated by Zero III because he was going to reveal classified information, Sigma, Luna, and Alice leave the GAULEM Bay after an announcement says that one of the AB Rooms has been opened.


Found Items



A classic radio.

The Radio is found near the GAULEM's head on the operating table. It can be plugged into the cable next to the computer monitor and tuned thereafter.

Chevron Block (x3)



One of the chevron blocks is found near the oil puddle on the operating table. Another block is found in the lab coat hanging inside the middle locker. The third block can be found on the cluttered workbench.

Combines with Chevron block to form Combined blocks. OR

Combines with Combined blocks to form Combined blocks (star).

Name Tag


A simple nametag.

The name tag is found on the lab coat hanging inside the leftmost locker. It has the name Harold on it. The ID number on the back of it (11010) serves as a clue for tuning the radio.



Even robots need some common decency...

The Boxers are found being worn by one of the GAULEMs on the left side of the room.

Combines with Bottle of detergent to form Boxers soaked in detergent.

Bottle Of Detergent


Easily mistaken for a Sprite bottle.

The Bottle of detergent is found inside the toolbox on the cluttered workbench.

Combines with Boxers to form Boxers soaked in detergent.

Blue Battery


A blue, 9-volt battery.

The blue battery is found on the top shelf of the cluttered workbench.

Combines with Tablet to form Tablet.

Red Battery


A red, 9-volt battery.

The red battery is found being held by one of the GAULEMs on the right side of the room.

Combines with Tablet to form Tablet.



Needed when the screws need to come off.

The Screwdriver is found inside the toolbox on the cluttered workbench.

Combines with Tablet to form Tablet.

Rusty Key


A rusty key.

The rusty key is found placed inside the toolbox keyhole. If it is placed into the oil puddle on the operating table, it becomes the Oil-covered key.

Silver Key


A clean, silver key.

The silver key is found inside the toolbox on the cluttered workbench. It can be used to unlock the top drawer below the computer monitor.



Part of a hand-operated crank.

The Handle is found inside the middle drawer below the computer monitor. It can be placed in the star-shaped hole on the wall near the entrance. Once it is turned, the deactivated GAULEMs will lower from the ceiling. The GAULEMs appear on the two raised platforms on the left and right sides of the room (from where the puzzle starts).

Combined Items

Combined Blocks

The Combined blocks are found after two of the Chevron blocks are combined.

Combines with Chevron block to form Combined blocks (star).

Combined Blocks (Star)

The Combined blocks (star) is found after the combined blocks are combined with the third Chevron block. It can be placed into the indentation inside the top drawer below the computer monitor in order to unlock the middle drawer.

Oil-Covered Key


The rusty key, now with a little lube on it.

The Oil-covered key is found after the Rusty key is put into the oil puddle on the operating table. It can be used to unlock the toolbox on the workbench, where the Rusty key was originally found.


The Tablet is found inside the bottom drawer below the computer monitor.

Combines with Screwdriver to form Tablet.

The screwdriver can be used to remove the screws from the back of the tablet.

Combines with Blue battery to form Tablet.

Combines with Red battery to form Tablet.

Once the red and blue batteries are placed into the tablet, the tablet will turn on and Sigma can input a password.

Boxers Soaked In Detergent

The boxers soaked in detergent are found after the Boxers and Bottle of detergent are combined. They can be used to wipe away the oil puddle on the operating table to provide the voltage to be used in the Voltage puzzle.


Frequency Tuning


The various radio frequencies.

This minigame requires the player to set the correct frequency to open a desk drawer. The correct frequency is found on the name tag. You have to press the four buttons in the correct order to match the number on the name tag. The correct frequency is 400 Hz, and there are multiple solutions to the puzzle. One solution is to select the middle button all 4 times.

Voltage Maze


The Voltage Maze.

This minigame is accessed after the GAULEMs are lowered from the ceiling. Touching the computer near the exit door activates this minigame. Using the hint from G-OLM's table, the player must add the Voltage numbers, connect them to equal the number found on the table. The key to this minigame is to not use the large numbers.

Hint: start at the top left. 35, 10, 30, 40, 5.

Tablet Password

  • Password for the escape code
  • Password for the file code

After finishing the voltage puzzle, the GAULEM's eyes will turn red. Each of the GAULEM's eyes represent a letter on the poster of an eye. The player must use the poster to convert the GAULEM's red eyes to a letter and then type the letters that correspond to the eyes to get the escape password. Typing in the letters from the GAULEMs who don't have red eyes will give you the file password. The safe password is "BEACON OF HOPE" and the file password is "REMINISCENCE".


GAULEM Mistake

Luna is "guildy" of typos!

  • In the 3DS version, saving right after completing this escape room and quitting may lead to the game file being loaded, but the game does not resume, forcing the player to restart the game.[1]
  • There is a spelling mistake in this room. When Sigma examines the computer monitor on Easy mode, Luna will say, "I'm guildy of nothing". It should say "guilty".
  • This room is visited only when Sigma goes through the Magenta door.
  • When Sigma and K investigate this room on K's route, G-OLM is nowhere to be seen. According to the VLR Q&A, G-OLM was stored in the table on this route.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the doctor's coat in the rightmost locker.
    1. Alice dialog Alice: A doctor's coat, huh... Would you like me to put it on?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Huh? Why?
      Alice dialog Alice: I just thought you might be...into that kind of thing.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Wh-What? I-I don't know what you're talking about!
      Alice dialog Alice: See? Bullseye.
      Alice dialog Alice: Look at you, all bashful. You can be cute when you're embarrassed.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: ...

  • Examine the GAULEM wearing the boxers.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: ...
      Alice dialog Alice: ...
      Luna dialog Luna: ...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: This one's wearing boxers...
      Alice dialog Alice: Y-Yeah, looks like it...
      Luna dialog Luna: Why would a robot be wearing underwear?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe he's, uh, hiding something.
      Luna dialog Luna: Hiding what, though?
      Luna dialog Luna: Like a diary or something?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Why the hell would you hide a diary in your crotch?
      Luna dialog Luna: Okay, well, maybe he's got a hose or something.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Whoa, damn, way to cut to the chase there...
      Alice dialog Alice: Whatever. We'll know as soon as we get them off.
      Alice dialog Alice: Remove these shorts of obfuscation and let us gaze upon it-this so-called "hose"!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Aren't you getting a little too excited about this?

  • Reexamine the GAULEM wearing the boxers.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: All right, here goes...
      Luna dialog Luna: Aaaah!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Luna, I haven't done anything yet. He's still decent.
      Luna dialog Luna: ...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Besides, when you covered your face you opened your fingers so you could see out.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: How old are you?
      Luna dialog Luna: He he he...
      Alice dialog Alice: Argh! You two are driving me nuts!
      Alice dialog Alice: I'll just take them off
      Sigma dialog Sigma: ...Huh?
      Alice dialog Alice: Hi-ya!

  • Examine the workbench.
    1. Sigma dialog Sigma: Wow, there's a lot of stuff here. Whoa...Anybody else feel dizzy all of a sudden?
      Alice dialog Alice: No, that was just your imagination.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Yeah...Right, whatever. So what the heck is this?
      Alice dialog Alice: I have no idea, which makes it pretty useless to us.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Hm... Maybe I could...
      Luna dialog Luna: What are you going to do with that?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: How about this!?
      Alice dialog Alice: Nope. Are you serious?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe I could try hitting something with it...
      Luna dialog Luna: What would you hit?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe there's something in here...
      Alice dialog Alice: I don't think so.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe if we roll it around a little bit...
      Luna dialog Luna: I don't think that's going to do anything...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Let's climb up on top of it!
      Alice dialog Alice: What is that going to accomplish?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Yah! Yah!
      Luna dialog Luna: Pushing down on it didn't seem to do anything.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Maybe we're just using it wrong...
      Alice dialog Alice: And what should we be doing?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: *Pet* *Pet* *Pet*
      Luna dialog Luna: Petting it isn't having any effect.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Of course! I just need to throw it!
      Alice dialog Alice: All you're going to do is break it.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Mmmmm... Mmmmm...
      Luna dialog Luna: Praying isn't going to help.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Wow, this looks delicious.
      Alice dialog Alice: How the hell is any of this delicious?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Snack time! *Munch* *Munch* *Munch*
      Luna dialog Luna: O-Oh no...! What's wrong with him?!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: This is good! Oh man, it's soooo good...
      Alice dialog Alice: Snap out of it!

  • Examine the computer monitor on "EASY" mode.
    1. Luna dialog Luna: Sigma, look out! They're here!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Who's here...?
      Luna dialog Luna: Um, a couple of angry thirty-year-old corpses?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Ew...
      Luna dialog Luna: Well, actually they're not thirty years old...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: So maybe somebody's gilding the lily a bit?
      Luna dialog Luna: I'm guilty of nothing!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Stop it!
      A computer monitor. Nobody's here.

  • Examine the puddle of oil on the operating table.
    1. Luna dialog Luna: Someone spilled oil here. It's all slippery...
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Huh? What's that?
      Luna dialog Luna: I said it's all slippery.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Slippery, huh?
      Luna dialog Luna: Yes. Very slippery. Like some kind of lubricant. Why, is that important?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: N-no... Never mind...
      Luna dialog Luna: ...? Well, if we ever need to lubricate something, we can dip it in here. That should lube it up real good.

  • Examine the rusty key after examining oil puddle.
    1. Luna dialog Luna: What if you lubricate it?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: ...Huh?
      Luna dialog Luna: I said lube it up! I'm just saying it might be worth a shot...

  • Examine the oil-covered key.
    1. Luna dialog Luna: Okay, it's nice and lubricated now. All slick and slippery. Just slide it right in there, okay? Maybe now it'll open...
      Luna dialog Luna: Okay, now that you've got it all lubed up, you should stick it in!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: S-stick Lubed up...?
      Luna dialog Luna: Yes! Why do you think we put all that lubrication on it? It wouldn't go in otherwise!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Uh, well...
      Luna dialog Luna: Stop teasing me! Hurry up! Put it in!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Argh! Okay, fine! I'm doing it just... stop talking...okay?
      Luna dialog Luna: ...?