"It looks kind of like... a demon... with an elephant-like nose... Sucking on a human being's brain..."
— June perceiving the Funyarinpa

Funyarinpa refers to Junpei's nickname for the dog portrait in the 2nd class cabin.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

The dog portrait ("funyarinpa").

When Junpei, Santa, and Lotus examine the picture of a dog in the 2nd class cabin (after getting the Mars Key), Lotus asks both Santa and Junpei what they think it is. Santa answers that it is just an abstract painting.

One of the choices Junpei can answer is the nonsense word "funyarinpa" which is an assemblage of random Japanese sounds, likely because Junpei is trying to make a joke, or avoid embarrassment for not knowing what the painting is of.

When Junpei describes what a "funyarinpa" supposedly looks like, Lotus asks him what the hell a "funyarinpa" is and Junpei gets angry at her for not knowing. He tells her to apologize to it as well, but Lotus refuses, telling Junpei to stop joking, and goes on to explain that the painting actually portrays a dog. Lotus continues a talk about the morphogenetic field.


Lotus being a blasphemous and rude woman.


Zero Escape The Nonary Games - Funyarinpa

The funyarinpa scene.

Lotus dialog.png Lotus: Hey... what do you think this picture looks like?
Santa dialog.png Santa: Wadda ya mean? Isn't it just, like... abstract, or something like that? It's just black and white scribbles. There's no meaning there. That's it.
Lotus dialog.png Lotus: What about you, Junpei? Does it look like anything to you?
Junpei dialog.png Junpei: Hmm... I guess it looks like.. a funyarinpa? See..? I mean this totally looks like one... here, and here...
Lotus dialog.png Lotus: What the hell is a funyarinpa?
Junpei dialog.png Junpei: What do you mean, “What the hell is a funyarinpa”? You mean... you don't know?!
Lotus dialog.png Lotus: How the hell would I know!?
Junpei dialog.png Junpei: How could you not know?! That's...that's practically blasphemous. Say you're sorry! Apologize to the funyarinpa! Goodness, you are such a rude woman.


  • Junpei mentions the funyarinpa in the Rec Room in Zero Time Dilemma by saying he did not know that it could be a copper plate.
  • The funyarinpa is well-received in the Zero Escape fandom, and is the subject of many in jokes.[1] Some fans go so far as to print out real photos of the funyarinpa and hang them on a wall. It could be said that the funyarinpa is a symbol of unity among fans. Not knowing the funyarinpa is simply rude and blasphemous.


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