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Eric's unnamed mother was the mother to both Eric and Chris; she was married to their father until her death.


According to Eric, his mother was a good cook who liked things clean. She always smiled and was gentle and warm.

She died when Eric and Chris were young. It is unknown how she died, but it's heavily implied that she was murdered by Mira around 2011. Eric states that his mother was exceptionally kind and would not even harm ants; Zero informs the participants of the Decision Game that Mira's first victim chose a different running path due to a snail, possibly to avoid harming it. In addition, Mira's recollection of her first victim's dying words were similar to phrases Eric's mother used to say to him and his brother.

Her death turned Eric and Chris' father to alcoholism, which caused him to become a raging abusive drunk, and it is because of this that Chris was eventually killed. All of this dysfunction underwent by Eric can be construed as an explanation for why he is extremely panicked, emotional, and quick-tempered during the events of the Decision Game.


  • "When painful or sad things happen, people get angry or cry because of them. But even at those times, I want you to never forget to smile."
  • "No matter how painful things get, as long as you can face it with a smile, happiness will come to you."
  • "Smiles have a strange power."
  • "And that's not all. A smile can make everyone all around you happy too."
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