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"I love you. I love you so much, Diana..."

Diana had a husband whom she divorced prior to Zero Time Dilemma. He never appears during the game and his name is unknown.


Sometime in the past, Diana's husband was a kind and serious man. After they married, due to an unknown reason, he became abusive and controlling. He gambled heavily, abused alcohol and physically abused Diana. He laughed while kicking and punching Diana, for no reason in particular. After beating her until she was black-and-blue in bruises, he always told her that he loved her so much.

Eventually, she became fed up with his behavior and divorced him, but he still continued to harass her at her job, requesting money or sex, and to reunite. One time he interrupted a lunch break she was having with a coworker, flipped a table, and started screaming at her. His pain called out to Diana, and Diana found herself caving into him.

It was Diana's stress over being stalked by him that encouraged her to, at her friend Rebecca's request, participate in the mission at the Mars Mission Test Site.

It is unknown if he ever received comeuppance for abusing Diana -- what happened to her after the true ending of ZTD is unknown.


  • Diana's ex-husband plays a similar role to Eric's father; they are both unnamed men who abused one of the characters in ZTD. While Diana was able to extricate herself from the situation and discover her inner strength, Eric found himself unable to do so and still displays symptoms of unresolved trauma.
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