"Alice sleeps in a small chamber past the forest of knowledge, beneath the navel of the Gigantic."
— Gordain, to his friend on the location of All-Ice

Lord Dashiell Gordain was a Titanic survivor and the creator of the original Nonary Games.


Dashiell Gordain was a survivor of the Titanic's sinking, and according to Seven, he later became obsessed with purchasing everything Titanic-related because of that trauma.

Allice for auction

Alli-ice at an auction.

Gordain bought All-ice, an Ancient Egyptian Queen rumored have been in a coffin on the Titanic, in a black market auction in New York, some time during 1912.

Four years later, he purchased the Gigantic, a sister ship of the Titanic, in 1916 after it nearly sank in World War I. After acquiring the Gigantic, Gordain hid All-ice deep within the confines of the ship. He had died without telling anyone the exact location where All-ice was, although he had told one close friend a hint that "Alice sleeps in a small chamber, deep beneath the navels of the Gigantic". 

Gordain would take young Englishmen who had accumulated massive debts and force them to play the Nonary Game in the Gigantic. Gordain used the Nonary Games for gambling among his millionaire friends, who bet money on who would survive or die. The losers would burn in the incinerator as a sacrifice during the ceremony while wearing strange ceremonial red and black robes. 

After many years of Nonary Games, he died in 1931 from an unknown cause, but his successor(s) continued the Nonary Games. One of these games had Gentarou Hongou, CEO of Cradle Pharmaceuticals, as a player. After winning the game, Hongou purchased the ship from Gordain’s successor, and began work on the First Nonary Game.

After purchasing the Gigantic, Hongou found All-ice’s coffin, but instead of finding All-ice herself, he found Soporil, which would cause him and his company to to become extremely rich.


  • The ceremonial robes Gordain had the sacrificed victims wear contain the symbol of Free the Soul; in Zero Time Dilemma, it is revealed that Free the Soul started in 1930, one year before Gordain's death. Although it is unknown if he joined the organization, it is heavily implied.
  • There is a theory that Gordain is the religious fanatic, possibly (accidentally or regretfully) brought to the future with the transporter by Delta.
  • The only known player in any of the Original Nonary Games is Gentarou Hongou, although it is still unknown which game he played and even how many survivors were from his game.