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Not to be confused with Control Room from Virtue's Last Reward.
"This is probably where transmissions to the outside world happen."
— Akane, after waking up

Control is an escape room that is found within the Monty Hall fragment for C-Team. It is used to regulate ventilation, utilities, and communications within the Underground Shelter. It is searched by Carlos, Akane Kurashiki, and Junpei Tenmyouji.


The room regulates the ventilation, water, and electricity running through the underground shelter. Surveillance cameras are available, but the communication grid to the outside world is down. The ceiling has a fire containment system that puts out fires by releasing carbon dioxide.


C-Team wakes up in the room. While Junpei tries to force the door open, Akane comments on the number of monitors and Carlos, as a firefighter, immediately notices the extinguisher on the ceiling.


Found Items

Small battery parts


Found in drawer after turning knobs.



Found behind a poster on a wall.

Ear speaker


Found in locker after completing lights.

Combined Items

Sunglasses & battery


HUD sunglasses



Numerical Wires




  • 3 to IV
  • 2 to III
  • 4 to V
  • 1 to II
  • 5 to I

Provides answer for rotating directions below.

Rotating Consoles (Part 1)

  • Green: E
  • Red: SE
  • Blue: N (no need to adjust)
  • Pink: SW

This unlocks the center rotating direction and provides the answer for the light puzzle.

Light Pattern



After this puzzle, the player receives the ear speaker.




Note: to begin this, you must click on the actual knobs.

Imagine the knobs, from left to right, are 1,2,3,4,5.

  • 1st knob: left once
  • 2nd knob: left once
  • 3rd knob: left three times
  • 4th knob (on the top): left once
  • 5th knob (on the bottom): right once

This unlocks a drawer containing the small battery parts, and contains a clue card.


Right, down, left, down

Sunglasses (C Mode)

The hints for the password are on four cards found scattered throughout the room. They can be found in a speaker between the green and red compasses, the drawer from the lights minigame, lying on the counter by the cables game, and the drawer from the laser game.

The answer is "BETESTEDBYFIRE"

Provides answer for rotating directions below.

Rotating Consoles (Part 2)

  • Green: N
  • Red: NE
  • Blue: W
  • Pink: S
  • Main in center of room: NW

Decision Game


The Monty Hall problem. The game plays this fairly, so while switching will increase your odds of getting the correct locker, it is still possible switching will result in a game over.


  • The music is a remix of "Monitor" in the Security room.

Humorous Quotes

  • During the introductory cutscene:
    Akane dialog Akane: This is probably where transmissions to the outside world happen. But...
    Carlos dialog Carlos: It's disconnected.
    Junpei dialog2 Junpei: Guess we can't order a bunch of pizza then.
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