"Hmph. Fine. Show me some proof, then. Prove to me in ten seconds that you didn't murder my friend... OR I'M GOING TO KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU BASTARDS! YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE JUST LIKE SHE DID! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! THREE! TWO! ONE...!"
— Clover, threatening to kill all the players as revenge for Alice's death

Clover Field (四葉/よつば・フィールド Yotsuba Fīrudo) is a player of the Nonary Game in Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, as well as the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. In 999, her bracelet number is 4. Clover is a survivor of all three Nonary Games, as she played one before 999.

Clover is the younger sister of Light Field, who uses the codename Snake in 999.


Despite that she may be mistaken to be a child, Clover is indeed 18 years old in 999 and 19 in Virtue's Last Reward. When Clover tells everyone else she recently turned 21 in VLR, this is just a lie she makes in an attempt to be given free booze in the lounge as 21 is the minimum legal drinking age in most of America (and in the Japanese version, she claims 20 as it's the drinking age there), although her being frozen in a cryogenic pod for decades throws a wrench in the matter, as well as whether or not drinking laws still matter on the Moon following the apocalypse.

She is short and has big green eyes. Her most noticeable feature is her pink hair, which she keeps in bushy pigtails, possibly teased. Junpei initially nicknamed her 'Pink hair' before her codename was decided. It is unknown if her hair is dyed or natural. If it is dyed, then her natural hair color might be a greyish blonde, like Light. In some artwork, her fingernails are depicted as long and she has a small circular bandage on her right knee. In 999, she has three white dots under her right eye - it is unknown what they are, but it seems Clover enjoys putting stickers on her face. Clover's style in both games is reminiscent of "gyaru", a popular Japanese fashion.

In 999, she sports a voluminous black jacket with pink around the cuffs and the collar, a red and green plaid miniskirt, black pointed boots with pink heels, and a pair of snow leopard print white earmuffs. Over her boots, she wears a pair of tri-toned fur legwarmers. She also has a white dress shirt under her jacket with a plaid ribbon bow around her neck. Her jacket and leg warmers are adorned with pink pom-poms. Like the other players, she wears a bracelet on her left wrist, over her jacket.

In Virtue's Last Reward, Clover's hair is a lighter shade of pink; now her hair falls down in swirls, and a part of her hair on the top is in a short "ponytail" with two balls; the first ball is a big white ball with brown spots, and the second ball is a smaller pink ball with black spots and is left of the big white ball. She wears a pink and black dotted fur top that covers her cleavage with a black ribbon hanging down. On her right wrist, she wears two bracelets: one is a pink and black dotted bracelet, while the other resembles a chainlink. On her lower body, she wears dark short shorts with a belt with a butterfly design, a pair of black leggings with black bows and brownish fur on top, and purple heels with black spots and three pink bows on each on them. Only in the 3DS version, she wears pink nail polish; otherwise, her nails are clear. The three white dots under her right eye are gone and instead, replaced with a small pink flower. Clover's agency, the SOIS, wear unique choices of clothing to deter suspicion away from being members. Again, like the other players, she wears a Nonary Game bracelet on her left wrist.


"The cutest. Miss Clover, you’re so cute! However, her charms can be poisonous fangs for men. She uses her wiles as a weapon, toys with men, and uses them to her liking. She's still in her teens, but she's already emerged as a devilish woman. She's spoiled, selfish, and perverse. She's defiant and bratty. But when it comes to her older brother Snake, she completely dotes on him and will do anything he says."
— Kotaro Uchikoshi [1]

Clover jumps for joy.

Clover is a free-spirited girl with fiendish cunning. She is eccentric, bubbly, whimsical, sensitive, random, slightly unpredictable and prone to having rapid swings of emotions. She has a hyper, upbeat and cheerful side to her when she is happy. However, she can also be inappropriate, immature, spoiled, selfish, perverse, impulsive, defiant, and bratty. Her favorite color is apparently hot pink. She likes being called "Clover-chan" and being thought as "hella moe", but can become extremely violent when prompted, going as far as to kill four others to avenge her brother's death, as seen in the Axe Ending of 999. Clover tends to not speak a lot in a large group, and talks a lot more in a smaller group.

Clover does have moments of intelligence. She seems very proficient at performing computations, as seen in both the Captain's Quarters and Operating Room (the latter when discussing the weight of Lucy's parts).

Clover can be compassionate and cares about the welfare of those she believes deserve empathy. She expresses genuine concern for Sigma when he risks allying with Dio. She also develops a friendship with Junpei after she realizes he can be trusted and confides secrets to him. Furthermore, she cares deeply about her brother and her friend Alice. Clover does everything to try to stay with Light, unless he goes against her intentions. She also has a sense of justice and feels bad about unfairness, saying "It just... it doesn't seem fair..."

Clover feeling sad for poor Lord Hoppington.

As seen in the laboratory, Clover seems to care about animal welfare and becomes upset and sad when a frog's corpse is dissected by Dio, showing empathy and compassion. She gives the frog a name (Lord Hoppington), suggests reviving the frog through CPR, and even offers to kiss the frog in case the frog is a prince. At another time, she gives an artificial jellyfish the name "Ellen".

Clover can also be very moody and emotional, mostly when it involves her brother Light or her friend Alice. Clover is very close to her brother, and when the corpse in the shower room that everyone believes is Light's is found, she becomes very quiet and depressed. She isn't afraid to say what she thinks, yelling at Junpei and June to leave her alone and is not afraid to anger Seven, even using profanity. During the time when her brother is thought to be dead, she became very violent when she was around those who she suspected killed her brother.

For the most part, Clover doesn't trust others and is very secretive about any information that she might have. When Light dies, Clover wonders if every other player is behind it. The same thing happens when Alice dies in Tenmyouji END. When Alice is found dead, she thinks that everyone except Quark, who was unconscious at that time, worked together to kill Alice and threatens to kill them all. This indicates that Clover can be somewhat paranoid and pessimistic. She believes in revenge and kills those she believes is responsible for her brother's death in the Axe Ending, and even Junpei, who is innocent. Phi once noted that getting through to Clover when she is upset is extremely difficult.

"Me? Talk to Clover? I'd have about as much luck talking to a potato right now."
— Phi, comparing talking to Clover to talking to a potato

After surviving the Second Nonary Game, she becomes slightly less bubbly, more mature and down-to-earth. This is noticeable in Virtue's Last Reward. While she does not seem to be suffering from major post traumatic stress disorder, it is evident that the Second Nonary Game took a toll on her and has given her a lot to think about. However, she sometimes has immature moments in VLR, and seems to be ageist, saying she would rather not go with Tenmyouji because he's old.

In Virtue's Last Reward, Clover's intelligence appears to have been severely dumbed down compared to 999 and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She has a tendency to be a bit of a ditzy airhead at times and is rather naive. For example:

  • She misreads the pantry door as "panty", thinking the room contains underwear instead of food.
  • In the laboratory, she confuses a drain for a speaker, despite that there is a pipe underneath.
  • In the laboratory, she offers to do CPR for Sigma if he becomes poisoned.
  • In the laboratory, she nesciently says Brazilians speak Brazilian, to which Sigma corrects her with Portuguese.
  • In the laboratory, she wonders what the IG in "IG replicator" means. She wonders "ice cream by the gallon". Sigma call her one "idiotic girl". Clover replies "Oooooh good one!" as if she does not realize she is being insulted, although it's possible she doesn't care.
  • In the laboratory, Sigma asks Clover if she was "dropped as a kid" for offering to kiss a frog.
  • She is upset and offended by Dio betraying Luna and having her BP be negative 1, despite that she is already dead as if her BP somehow actually still matters, prompting Dio to reply, "What? So she's going to die again?"

Clover is based on the "Loyalist" Enneagram of Personality. Its character traits revolves around worrying, fear, doubt, finding faith, courage, and bravery. Its basic desire is to have support and guidance. This relates to Clover's role in the game and how she worries when Light disappears. Clover wants and needs reassurance, from Light, Junpei, and the other players as there is evidence in the game that she has intense connections with the people she trusts. This also applies to her relationship with Alice and Sigma and even Tenmyouji when he reveals his identity.


Clover in the First Nonary Game.

Clover was born in November 2009. While she was little, she became very close to her older brother Light.

At some point, her brother was injured in a car crash, blinding him and severely injuring his arm to the point where he received an arm amputation. It is unknown if Clover was also involved in this crash. Clover helped Light cope with his blindness, and she acted as Light's eyes. They essentially became inseparable.

When she was 9 in 2018, Clover, along with eight other children, were kidnapped and placed inside of a building known as Building Q located in Nevada, basically meant to be a carbon copy of the Gigantic interior, to play the First Nonary Game. She was placed there because she, along with Ennea Kashiwabara and the 7 other children with her, had a close sibling and she passed a Ganzfeld Experiment test at one of Cradle Pharmaceutical's hospitals. Cradle thought that Clover could excel at transmitting messages through the morphogenetic field. Her brother Light was on the Gigantic, along with a sibling of each of the children, the lone exceptions being two children on the Gigantic, Aoi and Akane Kurashiki.

It is unknown how Clover's group was rescued from Building Q, since it is never said in game how this occured.

Much of Clover's life between 2018-2027 is unknown, other than that by 2027, she had recently graduated from high school.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Clover sees Junpei for the first time.

In November 2027, 9 years after the First Nonary Game, she and her brother, along with seven other people by Zero, were kidnapped for the Second Nonary Game. She woke up in a room on D Deck with her brother and quickly escaped from it. Clover eventually met the other players on the central staircase. Zero's voice appeared on a loudspeaker and told them the basic rules of the Nonary Game: to seek a door with a 9 on it and escape.

When the players were deciding on what their codename would be, she decided to choose her own name as a codename, since it matched her bracelet number and no one would know it was her real name. It is unknown why she did this, although it's possible Clover wanted to surprise everyone by revealing her real name is Clover as a joke later on, since this was before she realized the seriousness of the Nonary Game.

Teruaki Kubota holds Clover at knifepoint and threatens to slit her throat if the other players don't comply with his demands to open Door 5.

When the group realized that one of the players (Teruaki Kubota) didn't give a codename, she approached him and asked him what he wanted his codename to be. Kubota told her he didn't need one since he had a plan and to demonstrate what his plan was, he quickly took her hostage with a knife and began ordering everyone around, saying that he would slice Clover's throat open if they did not do what he asked. She and Ace were forced to place their hand on the RED of a numbered door, Door 5. She was let go, although Kubota sadly met his death when he went into Door 5 alone to investigate what was beyond it. A few minutes after Kubota's death, the players decide to split into teams.

If Junpei chooses Door 4

She had decided to go to Door 5, mainly because Light was going to go through the door. She, along with Ace, Light, and Seven went into Door 5. They explored the 1st class cabin and casino and wandered around, examining the numerous hospital rooms.

If Junpei chooses Door 5

Junpei insists on Door 5. As a result, Clover is annoyed that she is separated from her brother, but agrees to enter Door 4 with June, Santa, Lotus, and Ace. She explores the 2nd class cabin and kitchen.


"I said LEAVE ME ALONE! You're so annoying! Just go AWAY and leave me alone! Just looking at you guys is pissing me off!"

Once the remaining players meet up in the large hospital room, they proceeded to look for the missing parts of the non-functioning REDs. Everyone meets back in the room, excluding Light, which causes Clover to start to worry about him. Despite Santa's protests, the players split up to try to find him. If Junpei attempts to talk to her, she lashes out at Junpei and June, telling them to get lost.

After aimlessly searching and a lack of results, Lotus has a proposal that will allow the group to move on. She suggests that they split into two groups of 3 and leave one person behind. After a little bit of arguing between June and Lotus, Lotus decides to ask the other players on their opinions. She walks up to Clover, who was sitting on one of the beds and convinces her to agree with her plan by introducing the possibility of finding Light behind one of the numbered doors.

Ace volunteers to be the one to stay behind, creating protest from June. Lotus urges them to move on, and June tries to convince them to stay put. June rushes up to Ace to try to get him to come with the group. Ace slumps and falls on the floor. June lifts him up to reveal that he has injected himself with Soporil. Ace falls asleep and June reluctantly leaves him to rest on the bed. A remorseless Lotus mentions that they can't let his sacrifice go to waste and Santa reminds them that they still have to pick teams. Clover states that she must find Snake.

If Junpei chooses Door 3

Should Junpei choose Door 3, Santa will say that that is impossible, as it would leave yet another person behind and asks him to choose again. If Junpei insists on Door 3 (a decision which, according to later dialogue, is motivated by the desire not to leave June), he will then trick Seven and June into authenticating, and finally scans it himself.

  • 7 + 6 + 5 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

This still isn't enough to make a digital root of 3, so Junpei says either Santa, or Lotus and Clover could come with him.

  • 7 + 6 + 5 + 3 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3


  • 7 + 6 + 5 + 8 + 4 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3

Lotus drags Clover to Door 3 but loses.

At this point, Santa, Clover and Lotus realize it's a potential life-or-death situation as to who scans their bracelets at the REDs next. Despite Lotus and Clover getting a running headstart, Santa manages to pass them and scan his bracelet at the RED. Santa enters Door 3 with Junpei, June, and Seven, and leaves the incredulous and desperate Clover and Lotus behind.

Fortunately for Clover and Lotus, the group returns. A furious Lotus slaps Junpei hard across the face for what happened before and Clover is angry at Junpei for leaving them behind.

If Junpei chooses Door 7

In the large hospital room, Junpei and Seven pick Door 7, and Clover is assigned to go with them. As soon as they deactivate the DEAD, Clover and Seven start bickering about Seven being nervous from the DEAD and Clover says he doesn't have balls, with only the presence of Junpei moving the team along. In the operating room, Clover lets out an ear-splitting scream at something on the operating table, until she realizes that it's only a mannequin. All throughout the room, she learns that Seven is obsessed with female mannequin parts and even jokes around with him on the topic.

Clover feeling despair about her lost brother.

Finally, Junpei finds the Jupiter key and the group is ready to leave. Junpei and Seven realize that Clover did not follow them to the exit and Junpei decides to go back and retrieve her. Junpei finds her standing next to the mannequin, looking sullen and depressed. Junpei asks her about what's wrong and she ominously tells him that her brother might be dead and she might be next. He insists that they leave the room because they had found the key already. If Junpei had taken the four-leaf clover bookmark from Santa, he gives it to her to try to cheer her up. Junpei tells her that she can't give up hope that her brother is still alive and she graciously thanks him for the gesture. Junpei turns around to leave, but she has one more thing she wants to tell him. Clover starts rambling about experiments, and Junpei is curious, asking her about what happened on the ship in 2018.

She explains that there was an experiment taking place on the ship, involving communication through invisible fields. She starts talking about paradoxes to explain herself better. Junpei starts to think that she has lost her sanity at this point. First, she explains Locke's socks. If you patch up a sock until all of the original cloth is gone, is it really the same sock that you started with?

The Ship of Theseus.

She goes on to say that the Ship of Theseus is a similar concept. If a ship is replaced with completely new parts and the old parts are used to make another ship, which ship is the real Ship of Theseus? Clover extends her comparison to John and Lucy switching body parts, as well as themselves - human body cells change every day. Clover wraps up her explanation by saying that that was how humans are connected through the invisible fields.

Seven barges in on their conversation and discovers that they were having a secret meeting. Clover comes up with the excuse that they were playing with the mannequins and Seven jokes that he didn't know that Junpei was into that kind of thing. The group leave the room, meet up with the other team in the hallway, and she finds a map of the C Deck on the wall. After looking at the map and going through the nearby door, all the players find themselves back in the large hospital room.

If Junpei chooses Door 8

Clover enters Door 8 with Junpei and Lotus, while Aoi, June and Seven enter Door 7. Door 8 leads to the Laboratory. If Junpei chose Door 5 earlier, Clover also tells Junpei about her brother's car accident and that his left arm is fake.

Light's death

Light's presumed death.

The two groups escape their respective rooms and to their surprise, meet back in the hospital room. With Ace now wide awake and rested, the two teams tell their story of the escape rooms that they investigated. They decided to go to the Mercury elevator to discuss their options. Clover stops the group, explaining that she wants to investigate what's behind Door 3, thinking that she might find her brother. Ace and a reluctant Seven tag along with her and they investigate the shower room, finding Light's corpse.

Their group eventually escapes and gets back to the large hospital room. They find that the rest of the players have left and decide to wait for them. When the other players get back, Ace tells them that Light is dead and recommends that they check his corpse themselves. They do and they are shocked and disgusted by what they see. The players then discuss the possible causes of his death and Ace suggests that it was none other than Zero. A deeply troubled Clover says that Zero is one of them. The players stare at each other in silence, the bond of trust fractured. Ace recovers and comforts Clover, telling her that they can't be suspicious of each other, lest they fall into Zero's trap.

The rest of the players agree and the group moves on to the Mercury elevators. Junpei comes up with a voting system and asks everyone to write which door they want on a slip of paper.

Axe Ending

Junpei misses any of the four requirements for the True Ending and chooses Door 1 during the paper pile vote. Junpei chose to enter Door 1 with Ace and Clover, which lead to the Chart room. Among other things in the room, there was a desk, in which Junpei found a pocket watch in one of the drawers. Ace appeared at the door, asking to see it, but left when Junpei told him to go away. Junpei's head then began to hurt and he lost track of time. After it fades, Ace returned. He slipped the 2 and 6 papers (from the vote) out of Junpei's vest pocket, exposing that he cheated. Despite this, Ace wasn't concerned as he still got to go through Door 1.

The group find "Zero" dead.

After they were done in the Chart room, they entered the Captain's Quarters. The group suspected that it must be Zero's hideout, which made Ace and Junpei feel nervous. Not Clover though, as she felt there is nothing to lose. They walked in to find a dead man dressed like a captain. He appeared to have been killed with the axe that was placed right next to him, and he was wearing a bracelet with 0 on the face of it. Junpei came to the conclusion that the dead man is not the real Zero, as the evidence seemed too straightforward. Ace went to investigate the communications office, leaving Junpei and Clover alone with the dead man.

When Junpei examined the monitors, he pressed a button to try and get something to happen. The screens changed, each having a letter on it and together they displayed "ZERO". Junpei asked Clover if she thought the corpse is Zero, and she said that she thinks one of the players is Zero. Clover then said that finding a way out first is more important. While Junpei was walking away, he saw Clover smile, which seemed unfitting for the situation, but he figured his mind was just playing tricks on him.

Clover holding her pockets.

After they were done with the puzzles and headed through a hallway, Junpei found a map of the deck they were on. Then, he realized Clover wasn't following him and Ace. When Junpei went back, he saw her and noticed she was hiding something in her pockets. When he asked her what it was, she dodged the question, and said they have to hurry. As she ran past him, he noticed something that looks like a big wooden stick, sticking out from her collar. He tried to ask her about it as well, but she ignored him.

Soon, Ace, Clover, and Junpei meet up with June, Santa, Seven, and Lotus. After learning that June's team found Door 9, the seven of them head towards E Deck, but Clover stops them, suggesting that they go through Door 2. When Junpei says it would be pointless to do that, Clover convinces them that they might be able to find another exit and get everyone out. Seven agrees with her and decides to go investigate what's behind Door 2 with June, Santa, and Clover. After heading through the door, Clover finally snaps and kills Seven, Santa, and June with the axe she had brought. She collects their bracelets and heads back to C Deck.

"Oh my God... Oh holy shit... No... No way... This's gotta be some kinda joke... This... this can't be real..."

Upon arriving at C Deck, Clover only finds Junpei waiting. He explains that Ace and Lotus went to look at something, and asks where the others are. She warns him if he really wants to know what happened to them, and Junpei asks her to tell him. She then shows him the three bracelets of Seven, Santa, and June, which freaks Junpei out. Clover tells him that she killed Seven and Santa as revenge for her brother's death behind Door 3 (Santa and Seven because 2 + 3 + 7 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3). She says June had to die because she was in her way and tried to protect them. Clover shows no remorse for killing them.

"He felt Clover's hand on his shoulder. Her smile was wrong--horribly wrong. Her face looked like a mask made from stretched human skin. The smile that parted her lips did not extend to her eyes. They were dead and empty. The girl in front of him was no longer the Clover he had known. Perhaps she was not even human..."

Clover giving Junpei a helping hand.

"She shoved out her hand again. Junpei looked up at Clover. She had the face of a demon... But there was... something else. There was a holy light that surrounded her. She was both a fierce god, and a benevolent goddess, filled with love... Her voice was soft. Her eyes weren't empty anymore... They were deep--so deep, Junpei could feel himself falling into them. He felt dizzy. There was something oddly bewitching about her. His mind was beginning to crack, and his heart began to melt. The hand she was offering him... It looked so soft... so inviting... Junpei reached out with his own trembling hand, and closed it over hers..."

Clover offers Junpei, who is on the edge of his sanity, to escape with her, saying that her bracelet, his, and the 0 bracelet can open Door 9 (4 + 5 + 0 = 9). Junpei, seeing no other option, decides to take Clover's hand.


"Thanks, Junpei. I'm just gonna borrow this, 'kay?"

Clover proceeds to slam him with the axe instead. The narration reads, "Junpei screams until his throat is torn and bloody", implying she axes him in his neck or chest. As Junpei screams in pain and bleeds to death on the floor, his body writhes in agony, shudders and twitches, spasming as he goes into shock. Junpei screams until his throat is torn and bloody and his cries echo across the room. Eventually, his movements slow, then fade until there is no more strength left in him. Junpei feels his body begin to go numb, and then no longer feel pain or anything. The last remnants of his conscious mind begin to fade, leaving a twisted, broken corpse. Clover takes his bracelet, skips away and says, "Thanks, Junpei. I'm just gonna borrow this, 'kay?"

The four remaining alive players are Clover, Light, Ace and Lotus. It is unknown if Clover locates Ace and Lotus after and kills either them -- it is implied Ace lures Lotus away to kill her, so it is also possible Ace kills Clover. However it is also possible that Clover acquired the gun from Santa after she killed him. When asked if Clover escaped, it is heavily implied she doesn't make it past Door q. It is also possible Clover incinerated to death in this ending because she lacks the bracelets. It is also unknown if she finds out Light was still alive.

Syringe Ending (iOS only)

Clover enjoying sadistic pleasure as Junpei drowns to death by offering him her hand, despite that she paralyzed him.

Exclusive to 999: The Novel for iOS, this ending is reached by going through Door 3. After Junpei, June, Seven, and Santa escape from the shower room, they go back to the large hospital room. Lotus slaps Junpei for leaving her and Clover behind. Seven then tells Lotus and Clover to see what is behind Door 3, Ace going along with them. After seeing the corpse behind the door, Seven states that Snake might have been murdered. Clover suddenly screams that she will never forgive the killer and threatens to kill him and suddenly runs off.

Junpei chases after her and winds up near the central staircase leading down to D Deck. Clover injects him with the Soporil-filled syringe she presumably took from Ace. Junpei falls into the water and Clover tells him to take her hand. He realizes that Clover might have injected him because she thought he was the one who killed Snake and that his death may have caused her to lose her mind. He tries to reach for her hand, but she refuses, saying that she would never help him. Junpei drowns after succumbing to the anesthesia.[2]

Safe / Zero Lost Ending

Clover chooses Door 1 and is partnered up with Seven and Lotus. She is quiet for most of the search, and when their team gets to the captain's quarters, she locks herself in the room by blocking the door with a table. She found a drugged Kagechika Musashidou with an axe nearby and takes the sinister hand tip from him, as well as learns about the safe in the 1st class cabin from him. Clover also takes his 0 bracelet. Seven and Lotus later claim that the room was "empty", so it is possible Clover hid him under the bed. It is also unknown if Clover killed Musashidou as he was framed to be Zero.

Ace, about to kill Clover with a knife.

She escapes from the room and rushes to the 1st class cabin. She opens the safe in the piano room with the sinister hand tip and sees that the 9th Man's bracelet is missing. Suddenly, Ace walks into the room, demanding to know why she is in the room. Clover tells him she wasn't up to anything and tries to run away and is thrown on the ground by Ace. She dodges him and rushes into the hallway, but is cornered in the bathroom. Ace stabs her in the back and she falls to the floor, dead.

Clover's body is later found by Seven, with Clover clutching a note with the sinister hand tip ("Truth had gone, truth had gone, and truth had gone. Ah, now truth is asleep in the darkness of the sinister hand.") Seven notifies the others and shows them Clover's body. Seven also takes the zero bracelet from her body.

Junpei wonders what Clover's note means, and he realizes it means to press right > left > right > left > right > left on his bracelet. Upon doing so, his bracelet flashes 14383421, which opens the safe in the 1st class cabin, revealing that Clover's brother Light participated in a Nonary Game 9 years ago and Cradle Pharmaceutical CEO Gentarou Hongou was responsible for it.

Ace (Gentarou Hongou) admits killing Clover.

In the large hospital room, Junpei tricked Ace and causes him to reveal to the other players that he has prosopagnosia. Junpei continues, revealing to the group his evidence against him, such as tricking him into revealing he had the number 9 bracelet from the 9th Man, with Ace providing a counterargument for each of his accusations. The argument between the two escalated until Ace started to get angry, claiming that the paper Junpei had found in the safe was trying to frame him. Unfortunately for him, Ace accidentally revealed to the others that he was Gentarou Hongou, the CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical justifying that he knew of the events from 9 years ago. Junpei also revealed that he had found the 9th Man's bracelet in his jacket while he was knocked out. He responds by touching the pocket of his sweater. Junpei asked Seven to take it from him by force. Ace roared with laughter and confirmed that all of Junpei's accusations were true. He confessed to killing Nagisa Nijisaki (known at that time as 'Guy X'), Clover, and, later on, the 9th Man. He showed no remorse for killing any of them, angering all the players especially Lotus.

The sinister hand tip (14383421).

Later, Junpei and Seven, having learned that Light is alive, follow Ace and Lotus after leaving Santa and June in the large hospital room. They unlock Light's coffin using the safe combination that Junpei had found earlier using the "sinister hand" tip from Clover's body. They ask him about the recent information that they have learned about from Ace's confession, but he refuses to give them answers, falsely claiming that he doesn't remember or know most of the facts. They did not tell Light that Ace killed Clover, as they feared him going crazy and the fact that he would be devastated by her death.

Eventually Light, Seven, and Junpei opened the big Door 9, using Seven, Junpei, and the 0 bracelet, which Seven took from Clover's body. They figure out that the 0 bracelet's true value is six, but don't dwell on why it is not a zero. They suddenly hear a rush of water, a cruel reminder that their time is nearly up. Seven suggests they get moving, and he and Junpei asked Light how he was going to get through the door without scanning his bracelet. Light crushed his prosthetic arm in order to remove the bracelet and placed it in the coffin.

Light vows to avenge Clover by killing Ace.

Eventually they arrived at the incinerator, in which Ace told Light that he killed Clover and that he enjoyed it. Ace taunted Light to attack him and Light threw a fit of rage at Ace and tried to attack him, but Ace shot at him with the revolver from the cargo room. Lotus was freed from Ace's grasp but Ace then pointed his revolver at Junpei, saying that he must hand over Lotus or he will kill him, Seven, and Lotus.

Light refuses to let go of Ace as the incineration process starts so they burn to death together.

Just as Ace was about to shoot Junpei, Light got back on his feet and walked towards Ace threatening to kill him. Ace wasted all the bullets remaining in his gun on Light but that does not stop him. He was able to grab Ace and hold him down. He said he will burn with Ace in order to avenge his sister's death, to atone for his failure to protect her. Ace begged Light to let him go, promising to treat his injuries with his Cradle Pharmaceutical hospitals, but he refused Ace's offer.

Eventually, the PA announced that the incinerator will activate in one minute. Seven and Lotus left the incinerator, but Junpei refused to let Light die. He ran towards Light, but Seven stopped him from getting burned by punching Junpei in the stomach and carrying him out of the incinerator at the last second. Junpei watched through the window of the incinerator as Ace and Light burned to death.

True Ending

Clover chooses Door 1 during the paper pile vote, and as a result of the voting, she is teamed up with Ace and Junpei. They enter the door to find themselves in the chart room. Junpei and Clover search the main room, while Ace is assigned to the wheelhouse. While Junpei is examining a pocket watch, Ace walks up behind him and startles him. Junpei tells him to go back to the wheelhouse to continue looking on his own side, and with a smirk on his face, he leaves the room. Clover, suspicious, asks Junpei what his intentions are. He asks her to continue telling him the story that she was telling him in the operating room. Clover shakes her head, replying that she doesn't feel like pressing the issue, and mentions that she is thinking about her brother and why someone would want to kill him. Angrily, Clover says that the murderers will pay for it and asks Junpei who could've done it.

All of the possibilities which can open Door 3. Since Clover didn't know the 9th Man's bracelet was used, she was unable to deduce the truth.

They go through the possibilities, finding that at least two other people had to have activated the RED with Light. The only possible combination is Santa and Seven working together. Junpei suggests that 3 or 4 people could've worked together, but the only possible combination for that is Ace, Santa, Seven, and Lotus working together, which Clover deems highly unlikely, as Seven and/or Ace could've killed her in the shower room, but they didn't. They settle on the high likelihood that Santa and Seven killed him. Junpei asks for a motive, and Clover is about to give one, but Ace walks into the room. Ace has to ask him something and Junpei walks to the wheelhouse with him.

Clover thanking Junpei for giving her hope.

Later, in the Captain's Quarters, Clover, Junpei and Ace find Musashidou's corpse on the ground and a 0 bracelet on his left arm. Ace, disgusted by the corpse, goes back into the communications office. Junpei uses the time to try to talk to Clover. He asks if she thinks the dead captain is Zero, and she shakes her head no. She still insists that Zero is one of the players. Junpei points out that the clues are too obvious for the man to be Zero, and that the real Zero is mocking them. Clover puts it off as a sick joke and they decide to closely examine his body. The bracelet falls off of his left wrist and Junpei says that the man had an easier death than Light or the 9th Man. He continues by saying that some of Light's bones had pierced his skin, and that there was a broken one sticking out of his left arm. Clover inquires about the corpse's left arm and to Junpei's surprise, she thanks him and gives him a hug. In between her tears, she says that the body in the shower room is not Light's, as his left arm is prosthetic. Clover pulls out the bookmark and graciously thanks him for giving it to her and tells him that he was right about Snake still being alive. Junpei mentions that she should thank Santa for the bookmark, as he gave it to him.

Clover breaks away from Junpei, and paces around the room, deep in thought. She says that the fact that Santa had given him the bookmark was good news, as only the test subjects of the First Nonary Game knew about it. Junpei asks her to calm down and tell him everything that she knows. She starts by saying that telepathy was being tested on the ship, and that they played the Nonary Game during it. Nine people had been placed on board the ship, and another nine over in Nevada. Junpei asks what the game has to do with telepathy, and she explains that it is easier to transmit information through the field when a person is exposed to epiphany and danger. She says that the game was a life-or-death situation, and that one girl had actually died. She was in Light's group, on board the Gigantic. Clover is about to reveal her name, when Ace suddenly walks in. Ace asks Junpei to help him look through the communications room, and a disappointed Junpei goes to help him.

The chapel.

After opening the exit in the quarters, the group escapes and Clover takes the 0 bracelet and the sinister hand tip before she leaves the room, believing that they will be useful. She tells Junpei about the note, but fails to mention the bracelet. They travel back to the central staircase and meet up with the other team along the way. June happily mentions that her group had found Door 9. The players excitedly shove themselves into the elevator and take the flight down to E Deck. Seven leads the players to a small room, which they cram into. The group finds that they are in a chapel in see that there are two 9 doors in the room. Everyone is excited about escaping, but Clover cuts in and says that not everyone would be able to proceed. She does some calculations on Junpei's notebook and finds that if 4 people escape, 3 stay behind, and if 3 escape, 4 stay behind.

Santa threatens to kill Clover.

The room is quiet until Seven breaks the silence. He volunteers to stay behind, but is met with disapproval from the others on the idea. Santa speaks up on the issue and says that he doesn't want to leave Seven behind "alone". Santa quickly takes June hostage and reveals that he has a golden revolver, taken from the cargo room. He drags June to the big 9 door and demands that Lotus and Ace come with them. He then shoots the floorboards, to show that he is not screwing around with them. Clover tries to stop Santa, but he threatens to kill her if she doesn't follow his orders. From some persuading by Junpei, with Clover saying there was something she had to do, presumably look for Snake, they reluctantly follow Santa through the door.

The coffin containing Light in the chapel.

With that, Clover, Junpei, and Seven are left alone in the chapel, certain that they are going to die. They sit around in silence, when suddenly, a knocking sound is heard, coming from a coffin sitting on the altar. Junpei and Seven walk up to it, trying to pry it open. Junpei sees that there is an electronic lock on it and that he would need a passcode to open it. Suddenly, Junpei hears a voice in his head, telling him "Truth had gone, truth had gone, truth had gone. Ah, now truth is asleep in the darkness of the sinister hand." Junpei starts to think about what it might mean and looks down at the buttons on his bracelet. He presses the buttons in this order: right-left-right-left-right-left. Instantaneously, the bracelet flashes the numbers 1-4-3-8-3-4-2-1. He punches in the numbers on the lock, and it opens.

Clover cries as she reunites with Light.

Light sits up out of the coffin and gets out. Clover runs and jumps into his arms. Light wonders what the fuss is about and Clover starts sobbing, finally calming down after a few minutes. Seven and Junpei explain everything that has happened since his disappearance. Light says that he was kidnapped while searching for the parts to the RED, getting knocked out by a gas grenade. Light mentions that they are limited on time and must hurry to escape. They quickly scan their hands on the small 9 door, but Junpei asks that they wait up. He wants to find the value of the 0 bracelet that Clover picked up, and after a little bit of experimenting, find that its value is 6. Light assumes that June's bracelet was flipped and was actually worth 9, and Santa's is worth 0. With this information, Light concludes that Santa is most likely Zero.

Clover in the Study.

Before anymore questions could be ask, Light reminds them about their time limit and they move on through the 9 door. They follow a long hallway and find the Neptune door, which they can't open yet. They continue searching and finally find a metal door with a Uranus card scanner. They unlock the door and enter it into the Library. The four of them go through books, making jokes and references about each book that they find until they finally find a button. They push it and two bookshelves slide open to reveal the exit, locked by a keypad. Junpei figures out the password and the group proceeds through the exit, into the Study. The room is extremely cluttered with random electronic parts and Clover complains about having to look through the room for the keycard. Junpei solves all of the puzzles (most of which are recycled from the Captain's Quarters and Chart room) and collects the emblems needed to activate the computer. A drawer under the computer desk unlocks and it contains a picture inside.

They have a closer look at it, realizing that Ace, the 9th Man, and Cap are in the picture. Light asks Junpei to read the print on the back of the picture and says the Ace is the CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical, and also the leader of the Nonary Project that took place in 2018. Clover is shocked that Ace is Hongou, as she had never seen him. Clover asks why Light hadn't told her and he says that she would have revealed the information too easily and that her life would have been in danger. Seven asks Junpei for the picture and mutters the names of the executives too himself. After a few minutes, he gets excited and reveals that he got his memory back.

9 years ago, Seven rescued Clover's brother, Light, from being incinerated.

Seven explains that he was a detective, investigating the mysterious disappearance of 18 children. He snuck on board the ship, but got caught and sent to the confinement room. He heard voices from far away in his room, which caused him to look for the source of it. He flipped over his bed and found just what he was looking for: a vent. He crawled into it. The vent eventually led to the incinerator, where four children were stuck inside. Seven asked about their predicament and had an idea to pull them up to safety. He created a rope from his bedsheets and pulled the children up, just as Hongou walked into the room. Enraged, he tried to grab the rope, but Seven pulled it up just in time. He and the children crawled through the vent until they found an opening. They dropped to the ground to find themselves on the other side of the incinerator. They ran up a metal staircase nearby, until one boy noticed that his sister didn't follow him. He rushed back to the incinerator, Seven following closely behind. They found her being dragged into the incinerator by Hongou. The boy charged at him, but Hongou entered the room just in time, the door closing behind him. Hongou left two bracelets for the girl just in case she escaped and left the room through an alternate exit. The three outside of the incinerator tried to do what they can to help, but the girl couldn't solve the sudoku puzzle in the room and was burned alive.

Seven cuts his story off here and Junpei asks Seven what the girl's name was. He sadly replies "Akane Kurashiki". Seven turns to talk to Light and Clover and recognizes Light as one of the kids he saved. Seven asks them if they are working for Zero, and they both deny it. Seven says that Santa's real name is Aoi Kurashiki, making him Akane's brother. Junpei mentions that the body in the shower room was Nijisaki's, and Light cuts him off, saying everyone that has been killed so far was involved with the Nonary Project. Clover says that the game is all for revenge for the death of Akane, and the players figure that Santa is going after Ace next. The ship rumbles, an indicator that the players should get moving. Junpei takes the 0 key card and they run out of the room. They dash through the library, out into the hallway, and finally to the Neptune door. Behind that is the incinerator. Junpei pulls the lever and his group walks in.

Santa is kneeling on the ground in pain, June is exhausted, propped up against the wall, and Ace has Lotus captive, about to leave through the final "Door 9". Ace goads about how he beat Zero's game and proceeds to authenticate at the RED. To his surprise, the door doesn't open. He tries over and over again, getting angrier each time. This gives Seven an opening, and he charges into Ace, smashing him into the ground. Ace groans and kneels on the ground in pain. Junpei interrogates him about the murders of the other executives and his identify, capping it off by revealing that Santa is Zero. Santa smirks and sarcastically tells them that they got everything right, except for two things. One is that he isn't, just an assistant to him. The second thing is that the players were not brought to the game simply for revenge, but to save Akane. They look around the room to see that June has mysteriously disappeared. Santa tells the players everything he knows about the First Nonary Game and picks up the revolver to point it at Ace's head. Santa leaves the room through the entrance, dragging Ace with him. Suddenly, the incineration process starts. A computer rises up to the surface from beneath the ground and Junpei quickly goes to solve it, resonating with Akane, 9 years in the past.

Clover helping her blind brother up the stairs.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Junpei, Clover was able to escape the facility along with Seven, Lotus, Junpei, and of course Light. Upon exiting the facility, they discover that they were in the middle of a desert, not to mention that their bracelets had come off. Outside was a small SUV, inside of that was Ace, bound and silenced by duct tape. Freshly left tire tracks hinted that Akane and Aoi had left earlier. Taking the wheel, Clover drives off into the distance until the group spots a woman in Egyptian clothing hitchhiking.


Clover meets Alice for the first time.

Clover picks the woman up, who reveals that her name is Alice. Alice takes Clover and the other players to a SOIS (Special Office of Internal Security) facility for questioning about what happened during the Second Nonary Game. After the session, all of the players were released, except for Ace.

Clover and Light went on to live average lives. However, because they had already been kidnapped twice, their worried and concerned mother hired bodyguards. They didn't like it so they ran away and lived on their own in an apartment, but they kept in contact with their mother via social media to let her know they were safe. Clover worked in a cafe and Light's popular harp playing supported them financially a bit.

At some point, Light told Clover about neostigmine, a drug known as a cholinesterase inhibitor and a type of carbamate compound which acts as a reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, exciting the parasympathetic nerve. This allows it to counteract tubocurarine. This knowledge later helps Clover, Sigma and the other players in the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition.


A few months later, Alice asked the two to return to SOIS headquarters. At first, Clover and Light were hesitant to join SOIS because they wanted to relax and escape from the past, but after a phone call from Seven, they gave in and decided to help Alice. There, they met all of the other children who were kidnapped to play the First Nonary Game except Akane and Aoi, whose whereabouts are unknown. They were trained to develop their abilities to resonate their thoughts through the morphogenetic field. They were classified as Espers for their abilities. Clover and Light had a particularly strong resonance with each other and the two were partnered with Alice.

A scared Clover kidnapped by Free the Soul.

Clover's first assignment was to infiltrate and investigate a Free the Soul facility (specifically, a Myrmidon cloning lab) and resonate her findings through Light. Unfortunately, Clover is immediately captured and imprisoned in the facility, which turned out to be fake. A masked Myrmidon visits her and tells her that she and the SOIS must leave them alone or they will die. By the time Alice arrived to rescue her, many of the facility's members had already fled, but Clover was still alive. While leaving, Clover cried because she wanted to be like Alice and admired her strength.

On December 22, 2028, Clover and Alice were about to plan their infiltration of the real facility near Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, Akane Kurashiki knocked them out with Soporil gas before they could do so. A large amount of it was used on them because Alice is highly resistant to Soporil. Both Clover and Alice were immediately put in Treatment Pods and frozen.

On April 14, 2029, the Moon shuttle arrived on the Moon with Sigma, Alice, Clover, and Phi on board. They all went to Rhizome 9. Phi, Alice and Clover were still in Treatment Pods, and were stored away for 45 years until January 2074.

Virtue's Last Reward

Alice waking up Clover in Warehouse A.

Clover was placed in an Ambidex Room with K, but she was unconscious until she and K left the room. Clover awakens next to Alice in Warehouse A in Rhizome 9 wondering where she is. Due to the high amount of Soporil used when gassing Alice, as well as being in cryostasis for 45 years, Clover feels extremely groggy.

Soon after, Zero III appears and announces that they will start the new Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. Clover is terrified since this is her third time participating. However, like everyone else, she is forced to play the game.

Clover END

Clover goes to the Crew Quarters with K and Luna. Soon after, Akane is found dead in the room Clover and K were placed in. Dio then accuses K of killing her and hiding her body in the AB Room. During the AB Game, she and K betray Luna to get out faster. It is also possible that she felt scared after finding the corpse and chose betray because she didn't trust anyone.

Clover then is paired with Sigma Klim for the second round. After Zero III finishes explaining the rules, Clover heads with Alice to the Crew Quarters. Sigma soon meets up with them and Clover explains the events of the Second Nonary Game to Sigma. However, she doesn't know why the Nonary Game is occurring again. She states she recognized the gas mask Zero was wearing. Soon, they are taken to the Infirmary because Quark has Radical-6. She takes the scalpel from Quark after he tries to kill himself. Luna tells the rest of the players to find a bottle of Axelavir to cure Quark.

Soon the Chromatic Doors open and the players must decide which doors to go through. All of the pairs want to take Quark because he would default to Ally. However, Tenmyouji asks Clover to take Quark saying that he only trusts her. Clover and Sigma take Quark to the Treatment Center and placed him in one of the Treatment Pods. However Clover soon discovers records on the pods saying three people were frozen and thawed out of them. She tells Sigma that the records are protected by an administrator. They soon leave seeing that Quark is safe. They soon find the White Chromatic Doors in Warehouse B. Clover states that Sigma could betray Quark and escape. Sigma says that K and Dio might try to escape as well and that Dio might attempt to kill Alice to escape, the thought frightens Clover.

They then head back to Warehouse A where they tell Tenmyouji about Quark. He then takes Clover to the Treatment Center, where he reveals that he is Junpei. However, they discover that the cold sleep function has been disabled by Zero. Clover then decides to ally with Quark for Tenmyouji.

After the AB Game, Sigma, Phi, and Clover head to the Pressure Exchange Chamber to look for the Axelavir. While there, Clover tells Junpei about Light and the SOIS. She says that the Myrmidons are planning an attack, but she is convinced that the attack already occurred because of Radical-6. She then remembers the neostigmine gun from the Treatment Center and tells Sigma that it counters tubocurarine. Clover goes to tell Alice.

Clover's suicide with the group.

In the infirmary, Clover finds everyone dead in the infirmary and kills herself with a scalpel because of Radical-6.


For much of the game, Clover tries to send messages to Light, but is unable to do so. It is revealed that Clover was recruited into the AB Project due to her latent Esper powers, something which can enhance the time jumping ability that Sigma and Phi possess.

The events of the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition take place 45 years in the future in 2074 and also on the Moon, explaining Clover's difficulty in contacting Light through the morphogenetic field. Even then, it's unknown if he survived the Radical-6 outbreak. Like everyone else, she was infected with Radical-6, but did not show strong symptoms like Alice or Quark, but retained the slowed time effect. However, since the Nonary Game was to take place 45 years into the future, Clover was placed in a treatment pod where she would be in cryostasis until the start of the AB Project, explaining her youthful appearance.

Another Time END

Clover and Alice in the Treatment Center.

After the game ends, ? speaks to Clover and Alice in the Treatment Center. Clover laments that they will never see their families again in the future and that there is nothing left for them in Rhizome 9. Clover and Alice decide to return to the past using something connected with Schrödinger's Cat.

Zero Time Dilemma

D-Team Game Over 5 - Don't Press the Button

Clover is not mentioned in this game-over but her fate is alluded to.

Diana and Phi arrived in the Lounge and see a bleeding Sigma on the ground, who was stabbed by a hooded person. Diana tries to comfort him but the wound on his chest makes him hallucinate, such as thinking Diana is Luna. He apologizes to her because he failed and his SHIFT connection has been cut, making Luna, Kyle and Lagomorph never exist in that world and leaving Clover and Alice stuck in the future.


Clover and Alice are likely released by Akane from their Treatment Pods after the end of the game.[3]

It is also likely they would be warned of another possible terrorist attack threatening all of humanity. It is also possible an alliance between SOIS and Crash Keys could be formed.

However, the above is merely a probable theory.


Similar to Junpei, her codename is also her real name, as revealed by Light during the First Nonary Game.

Her Japanese name, Yotsuba (四葉) comes from the phrase yotsuba no kuroubaa (四葉のクローバー) which means "four-leaf clover".

Light and Clover were both given the last name "Field" during a VLR Q and A session. This would make sense as Mr./Mrs. Field would name their children with pun-like names with a sense of humor, and Clover seems to have inherited her parent(s) quirky qualities. In addition, both Light and Clover Field can use the morphogenetic "field".

The nickname "Cleaver", given to her by Zero III, may be a reference to the ending from the first game where she killed Junpei by cleaving him. Akane would know about Clover's axe insanity because she was once murdered by Clover. She was also connected to Junpei through the morphogenetic field so Akane would know what it felt like to be murdered by Clover.


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

  • Clover: "I would'a thought a guy your size would have bigger balls than that."
    Seven: "What!? What the hell did you just say!? Say it again. I dare you!"
    Clover: "YOU HAVE NO--"
    Seven: "Y-You little--... You wanna die?"
    Clover: "I'd like to see you try!"
    Seven: "You fucking brat... All right, let's go!"
  • "Shut it! Don't you start with me, fatty! Yeah, bring it on, you whale!" (to Seven)
  • "Ewwwwwww that's gross. If that kinda thing turns you on, Seven, you're a real creepo."
  • "Have you got a thing for feet, Seven? You're sure actin' kinda shady..."
  • "Are you nuts? What the hell is wrong with you? Junpei, are you flexible like an octopus or something?" (after Junpei suggests escaping through a pipe)
  • "My brother... might be dead... That's why we couldn't find him. If he's dead... I'm going to be next."
  • "I'm sorry, but... I don't want to talk about that right now... I'm just... not in the mood, okay? You understand right..? I'm just... I keep thinking about my brother... I... I can't stop... I mean, who would do something like that...? To my brother... I can't forgive them. I'm not gonna let them get away with it..." (to Junpei about Light's disappearance)
  • "Awww shit..." (setting Science Boy on fire)
  • "What are you doing Junpei!? Not that way! Are you an idiot?! That's the laboratory! Y'know, the room full of FIRE!? You wanna burn to death?!"
  • "Revenge for my brother. He was forced into Door 3 and murdered." (Axe ending)
  • "Because she tried to protect them. She was in my way. She had to die too." (Axe ending, regarding her murder of June)
  • "Thanks, Junpei. I'm just gonna borrow this, 'kay?" (Axe ending, after taking Junpei's bracelet from his corpse)
  • "I'll never forgive him! never never NEVER NEVER! I'm gonna kill him!" (Syringe ending, vowing to kill whoever murdered her brother)
  • "You idiot! Why would I help you?!" (Syringe ending)
  • "Look, Junpei! The rust on here looks like Elvis's face!" (in the Study)
  • "Yay! You did it, Junpei! Good boy! Who's a good boy!"

Virtue's Last Reward

  • "Alice and I met a year ago out in the middle of the Nevada Desert. It's kind of a long story..." (anime)
  • "No... No... Oh Alice... I don't want you to die! Please... Please don't die! I don't want to be alone... Don't diieeeeeeee!" (to Alice infected with Radical-6)
  • "Who... WHO DID THIS...?! Say SOMETHING! ANSWER ME!" (after Alice dies)
  • "Then what happened?! An ACCIDENT!? You think a scalpel just dropped from the ceiling and STABBED HER?! Scalpels don't just stab people all by themselves!"
  • "Oh, I see. I seeeeee. I get it now. You're all in on it, aren't you? It wasn't just one killer, it was SIX!"
  • "I know you killed Alice. Tell me the truth, and I'll let you live. Now, fess up! I'm only gonna give you one chance. If you lie, or try to play dumb or something... I'll... I'll kill you right in front of her!" (to Luna in Luna END about Alice)
  • "You did it, Sigma! You've sown your seeds!"
  • "Yeah. Probably copies... IG. Whatever that is. Who knows? Ice cream by the gallon?"
  • "What kind of a gentleman has a secret conversation in front of a lady? I guess it can't be helped, though. You boys just secrete secrets." (to Sigma and Dio)
  • "Hey, Sigma, I wanted to ask you something... Could you... pick "betray"? For me? I mean, I could try and, like, tackle you. But you're sooooo biiiiig and stroooong, you'd probably just throw me on the ground and that'd be it." (Clover trying to be sexy and seductive)
  • "If you just pick "betray" for me, then I'll listen to aaaaaaaaanything you say. Yup. Anything~" (Clover trying to be sexy and seductive)
  • "What, were you thinking of something gross? You're a perv." (to Sigma)
  • "Uh... This doesn't seem like appropriate work place behavior. You're kinda grossing me out." (When Sigma asks her to pull the lever with sexual innuendo)
  • "No... You betrayed me, Sigma... Why...? ...You jerk! You LIAR! YOU'RE A COWARD! YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF! ALL YOU WANTED WAS TO GET OUT OF HERE! YOU'RE HORRIBLE! I HATE YOU! ...Liar! LIAR! You're just like Dio! You're a COWARD! Whatever... just... fine! I was stupid to trust you." (to Sigma in Dio END)


  • She is the only character (most of the time) to have played through all three Nonary Games.
  • She is the youngest player in 999.
  • It is implied that Clover and Light don't wear underwear because it's a "special custom in their household."[4]
  • In the 999 novelization, Light gives her a four leaf clover accessory after they survive the First Nonary Game.
  • The reason why Clover wears shorts in VLR, when she previously wore a miniskirt in 999, is because all the other female players (Phi, Alice and Luna) all wear skirts, and the developers wanted visual variety.[5]

How To Properly Prepare for Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward

A video of the game. "Yokatta" is "I'm glad!"

Clover in the game.

  • There was a promotional game released prior to Virtue's Last Reward in Japan, involving slapping or groping Clover's breasts as quickly as possible to "open the door". The third and last stage is intended to be almost impossible without an autoclicker, but if it is completed, Clover's bra will fall off and her face will be K's. Each of Clover's outfits is different in each level. In the first level she is wearing her standard outfit from Virtue's Last Reward. In the second level she is wearing a swimsuit called a Sukumizu and in the third one she just has her underwear on. It is available to play at this link.[6]
  • On all of the routes of Virtue's Last Reward, her BP will always be 6 by the end of the first round due to being in a group which successfully betrays.

Clover seducing Sigma by listening to aaaaaaaaanything he says.

  • When Clover is attempting to seduce Sigma into voting Betray, she says "I'll listen to aaaaaaaaanything you say." It may seem odd that Sigma falls for this since she promised only to listen, not to do anything. The reason is that this is a literal translation of iu koto o nandemo kiite ageru, a Japanese phrase that has the meaning of "do anything you say" in a sexual sense, but does actually literally mean "listen to anything you say". Since there is no similar phrase in English, they used the literal translation and made Sigma look more naive than he's meant to be.
  • Several of her sprite expressions in Virtue's Last Reward are identical to the ones in 999. Several examples of this are the hand-on-hips gesture, the embarrassed pose, finger pointing when angry, and looking down at the ground when upset.
  • Some of Clover's animations in VLR have her smile even when her pose (shocked, worried, nervous) doesn't match.
  • In the Japanese and American character popularity polls, Clover ranks #1 and #2, respectively, making her the most popular character overall.
  • At the end of Clover END in VLR, Clover says "Shut up! I'm this close to remembering it", which is the same quote Seven said in the Study.
  • After finding Axelavir in the laboratory's safe in VLR, she wonders if the name is pronounced "axe lever", a probable reference to the axe ending in 999.

Clover's and Tenmyouji's dead bodies after being murdered by Dio. Dio was supposed "to do something even more messed up to Clover".

  • In Virtue's Last Reward, Dio handcuffs Clover and Tenmyouji to a sink, which prevents them from participation in the AB Game (the punishment for not participating in the AB Game is death). Originally, Dio was meant "to do something even more messed up to Clover" which included Dio's knife, however, Uchikoshi's president opposed this scene due to "ethical reasons," so the scene was quickly changed. It can be theorized that Dio would have:
    • Given Clover his knife and told her that she could have the option of slicing her hand off to escape the handcuff.
    • Given Clover his knife and told her that he would free her if she tortured or killed Tenmyouji with it.
    • Dio would have tortured her with his knife or murdered her by stabbing or a throat slitting.
  • In Virtue's Last Reward, Sigma finds philosophy books in the Director's Office but Tenmyouji forgets his picture of Akane Kurashiki there so he goes back to retrieve it. When Sigma decides he'll go look for Tenmyouji and Quark, Clover advises him not to look into the abyss for too long or he'll become a monster. This is a reference to ''Stare into the abyss for too long and you become the abyss'' and ''He who fights monsters must take care not to become a monster himself''; two quotes from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • In Zero Time Dilemma, she is symbolized by a pink four leaf clover on the slot machine in the Rec Room.


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Virtue's Last Reward

Virtue's Last Reward misc

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Terms Bootstrap paradox · Cradle Pharmaceutical · Crash Keys · Esper · First Nonary Game · FLOW Chart · Free the Soul · Ganzfeld Experiment · Luminol · Map · Morphogenetic field · Nonary Game · Soporil
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v · e · d Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (series spoilers within)
Main focus: Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition
Main characters (players) Sigma Klim (playable) · Phi · Alice · Tenmyouji · Luna · K · Clover · Quark · Dio
Other characters Zero III (game host) · Zero Sr. (mastermind) · ? · Old Woman · G-OLM · Lord Hoppington · Voices on Dcom recording (Operator and woman)
Mentioned characters Alice's father · Brother · Left
Facility locations Warehouse A · Warehouse B · Elevator · Round 1 rooms (Crew Quarters, Infirmary, Lounge) · Round 2 rooms (GAULEM Bay, Rec Room, Pantry, Treatment Center, Laboratory, PEC, B. Garden, Archives, Control Room) · Round 3 rooms (Security, Director's Office, Q)
Other locations Earth · Moon · Headquarters
Game mechanics AB Room · Bracelet · Bracelet Points · Chromatic Doors · Key Cards· Number Nine Door
Terms ADAM · Antimatter Bombs · Axelavir · Bomb Codes · FLOW Chart · Free the Soul (Myrmidons) · Latin Journal · Neostigmine · Radical-6 · Soporil · Treatment Pod
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