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"I imagine it's showing us the ship's route. You know, just like the ones you might see at an airport."
— Ace, looking at the arrival board

The chart room is an escape room found on A Deck immediately after entering Door 1. Junpei, Ace, and Clover explore the room if Junpei selects Door 1 during the voting outside the large hospital room. The Captain's Quarters is after the chart room.


Chart Room


Artwork of the chart room.

The chart room is a small room with various charts and maps on the walls. The DEAD for Door 1 is just inside this room next to the entrance door. Directly across from the entrance door stands a door which leads to the wheelhouse. There is a small desk on the other side of the room. Above it is a shelf. A small box sits on top of the desk. To the right of the desk is a huge dresser which acts as a table for examining nautical charts. Its drawers are full of them.


The wheelhouse, or bridge, features two large steering wheels for controlling the ship. Behind the steering wheel in the front of the room is a broken compass. In the back of the room is an engine order telegraph; a device used to adjust the speed of the engine. Next to the telegraph stands the second steering wheel. This one possesses an operational compass. Near the exit of the room is a display board that keeps track of the times when the ship will arrive at each port. 


If Junpei chooses Door 1 during the voting, he travels with Ace and Clover to the chart room. After scanning their bracelets on the DEAD, Junpei tells Clover to investigate the map room, while Ace takes a look at the wheelhouse.

Pocket Watch

Who Killed Snake? (True Ending only)

Triggered by picking up the pocket watch.


All of the possibilities that can open Door 3.

When Junpei finds the pocket watch in the chart room, Ace appears at the door, asking if he could see it. Junpei yells at him for not investigating the wheelhouse. Once he leaves, Junpei decides to ask Clover about the experiment that happened in 2018. Clover states she is not interested in talking about it. She says that she can't stop thinking about who would want to kill her brother, and says that they will pay. Clover then asks Junpei who he thinks killed Snake. He says he has no idea, so she makes a list of all of the digital root combinations that can open Door 3. However, she does not include the number 9 bracelet. Clover eliminates the combinations with a 4 and 5 because Junpei knows that both of them are innocent, but she asks him if he is really not involved in Snake's murder.

He asks her to cross off the combinations with 6, stating June would never kill Snake. Junpei then thinks about what Seven said about Snake being killed by at least two people. He concludes that the only two people who could open Door 3 with Snake would be Santa and Seven. He tells Clover the combination and she says that that was her theory, but she is confused as to why Seven did not kill her in the shower room. Junpei tells her that it would not seem likely that 3 and 4 people could have killed Snake. He asks her why someone would want her brother dead. Right as she is going to tell him, Ace enters the room interrupting their conversation. He tells Junpei that he would like to speak with him in the wheelhouse. Once in the wheelhouse, Ace takes the 2 and 6 papers from the voting, revealing that he manipulated the results. Ace states he does not care about his ruse, as he still got to go through Door 1. He then secretly slips the pocketwatch back into Junpei's pocket.

Junpei's Headache (Axe Ending only)

Triggered by picking up the pocket watch.

When Junpei finds the pocketwatch in the chart room, Ace appears at the door, asking to see the watch. Ace leaves after Junpei yells at him to go. After Ace leaves, Junpei's head begins to hurt and he loses track of time. When he gets his bearings straight, Ace returns and asks to speak with him. Ace then takes the 2 and 6 papers from the vote out of his pocket, exposing that he cheated. Ace is unconcerned because he still got to go through Door 1. Secretly, he slips the pocketwatch back into Junpei's pocket.

After solving the puzzle, Ace, Clover, and Junpei head towards the Captain's Quarters.


Stack of Nautical Charts Mini charts


Too many charts here...

A stack of yellowing nautical charts found in the top drawer of the dresser near the door to the wheelhouse. Used to see what sequence of speeds must be inputted on the engine order telegraph.

Pocket Watch Mini watch 1 Mini watch 2

A fancy gold pocket watch found in the desk underneath the mini shelf of books. Junpei uses it to unlock the exit when Ace turns the hands to match the arrival time of the ship.

Handle Mini handle


A plain, wooden handle.

A wooden handle found in the wheelhouse. It falls off of the steering wheel after Junpei turns the steering wheel to match the route on the nautical charts and in the ship's log.

Ship's Log

Ship log

The ship's log. Gives the directions to input in the "Steering Wheel" minigame.

File screen


Steering Wheel


The steering wheel.

Requirements: Ship's Log
This minigame requires the player to move the steering wheel to certain directions in a certain order. The ship's log tells you which directions to move the wheel. The solution is south, west, southwest, northwest, east, north. After completing this puzzle, Junpei obtains the wheel's handle. The unmarked arrows stand for Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast.

Engine Order Telegraph


The engine telegraph.

Requirements: Stack of Nautical Charts
This minigame is accessed after completing the steering wheel minigame. The player must touch a command on the machine, depending on what the nautical charts say. The solution is Full, Half, Slow, Full, Half, Dead Slow, Stop.


  • Another version of the "Steering Wheel" minigame is played in the Study.
  • If Junpei enters the wrong commands into the engine order telegraph, Ace will still fix the pocket watch to match that time, but it will not open the exit.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the compass in the screen with a steering wheel and plated windows:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: A compass...
      Ace dialog Ace: And what destiny does it point us to...?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: I really hope you don't think that sounded cool.
      Ace dialog Ace: ...
    2. A compass. The needle is pointing north.

  • Examine the rightmost telegraph in the screen with a steering wheel and plated windows:
    1. Ace dialog Ace: Ah, a human hammer.
      Ace dialog Ace: They're often used to subdue large men like Seven.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...What?
      Ace dialog Ace: That was a joke, of course.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Ace... You really kinda suck at making jokes...
      Ace dialog Ace: ...
      Ace dialog Ace: That was rather cruel...
    2. It's just like the one on their left.
      It's broken, though. Can't really use something that's broken.

  • Examine steering wheel when viewing it closeup, after examining engine order telegraph:
    1. A steering wheel.
      Let's see if it--woah!

      Junpei dialog Junpei: Looks like the steering wheel moves...
      Ace dialog Ace: So it would seem.
      Ace dialog Ace: I noticed something else as well...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: What's that?
      Ace dialog Ace: Well, when you move this wheel, the compass also moves.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: What do you mean?
      Ace dialog Ace: The's moving...
      Ace dialog Ace: ...Ha! Tricked you, didn't I?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: The wheel and the compass must be connected to one another somehow...
      Ace dialog Ace: Hmmm... Do you think that's important?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Well, let's try turning it again...
    2. (Before getting charts)
      Ace dialog Ace: Junpei...
      Ace dialog Ace: There's no point to simply guessing like that...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Just shut up for a second!
    3. (After getting charts)
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Steering wheel... Steering wheel...
      If we move it, then the direction changes...
      I swear I saw something that had directions on it...

      Junpei dialog Junpei: Maybe if I entered directions in that order...