The Central Staircase is a large room with a staircase that connects Decks A through D together. It is also the room where the Nonary Game begins and where the nine players meet for the first time.


The central staircase starts on A Deck and winds itself down to D Deck. It is elaborately decorated, with intricate designs on everything from the steps to the railings. There is a clock on each deck of the staircase, chiming once per hour. The number of times the clock chimes depends on what time it is. The C Deck contains elevators leading down to E Deck. The elevators have a card reader next to them with the Saturn symbol on it.


After escaping from the 3rd class cabin, Junpei arrives at the staircase and realizes that he is on a ship. He then runs up the stairs and ends up on B Deck, where he meets the other eight players. After exchanging information and listening to Zero's announcement, Seven decides that each player should use a codename to cover up any information they might know.

However, the 9th Man refuses to give them a name and holds Clover at knifepoint. After using her bracelet and Ace's, the 9th Man heads through Door 5 and is killed for breaking the rules. Soon after, Snake reveals the functions of the numbered doors and tells the other players that they have bombs inside of them and that if any rule is broken, the bombs would go off. The players then choose to go through Doors 4 and 5.


  • The central staircase bears many resemblances to the Grand Staircase in the Titanic. Both the Gigantic and the Titanic were designed by Thomas Andrews, so it makes sense that they would have similar features.