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"Yes, I believe I have at least enough skill to defeat an amateur. However, I must ask you to remove the red tiles when we play."
— Snake, talking to Seven about his mahjong skills

The Casino is an escape room found on the B Deck, directly following the 1st class cabin. In this room, Junpei must collect cards to solve two puzzles involving those cards, and play baccarat and the slots to advance. Junpei solves the puzzles with Snake and Seven.



Artwork of the casino.

The casino is a large room that contains many tables used for gambling. Near the exit of the room are three pink slot machines, and a huge baccarat table. On the right side of the room is a bar, containing many bottles of alcohol, as well as wine glasses. There are playing cards scattered throughout the room, all of the same suit, and range from 2 to a 8. On the walls are stained glass art and an ornate fireplace. The walls are also decorated with crown molding and box-shaped lamps are hung around its perimeter.


Casino lights on

Turn them on to reveal a secret code.

After investigating the 1st class cabin, Junpei, Snake, and Seven come across a gate that needs the Venus key to open. Junpei notices that Seven had slipped away and found a large door. Once heading through it, they find themselves inside the casino. However, once they enter, they get locked into the room. Snake suggests they search this room for the Venus key.

Baccarat Table

While searching the room, Seven explains the rules of baccarat to Junpei for the card table puzzle.


After using the slot machine and figuring out that puzzle, Junpei finds the Venus key. After finding all the hidden playing cards and putting them into the card reader, Junpei, Snake, and Seven head back to the gate to open it with the Venus key and travel down to C Deck.


Card 2 Card 2 mini

Card 2

The 2 of spades.

Card 2 is found in a drawer on the second slot machine, which is unlocked by solving the slot machine puzzle.

Card 3 Card 3 mini

Card 3

The 3 of spades.

Found on the baccarat table.

Card 4 Card 4 mini

Card 4

The 4 of spades.

Found on the bar shelf (near the drinks).

Card 5 Card 5 mini

Card 5

The 5 of spades.

The Five of Spades can be found on one of the tables near the bar.

Card 6 Card 6 mini

Card 6

The 6 of spades.

Found on top of the mantelpiece shelf, in between the two lights.

Card 7 Card 7 mini

Card 7

The 7 of spades.

Found on the bar counter.

Card 8 Card 8 mini

Card 8

The 8 of spades.

Obtained by winning the baccarat minigame.

Coin Bag Coin bag mini

Coin bag

A blue bag filled with coins.

Found in the fireplace. It is used to operate the slot machine minigame.

Venus Key

Cas venuskey

The Venus Key.

The Venus Key has no use in the Casino puzzle. Instead, it is used to open the grate in the B Deck hallway.


Slot Machine

Slot machine

A slot machine.

In order to start this puzzle, Junpei must have a coin bag in his possession and use it on the middle machine. Although it may look like he needed to get the same reels in a row to win by guessing using luck and timing, the buttons on the machine are really there to be pressed in a certain order shown by the secret code mentioned earlier. Thus, the solution is pressing the clubs, diamond, and heart buttons in the same order as seen on the canvas. Once Junpei does that, the reels all show "7" and the slot at the bottom will unlock, revealing the hidden Venus Key and Card 2.


Baccarat complete

The solution to the baccarat table.

This minigame requires the player to choose three cards that add up to a number greater than the 8 of spades card in the glass. The solution is 2, 3, and 4.

Card Holder


The solution to the card holder.

Unlocks the exit. All the player must do is place the leftover cards in the slots of the machine. The total value of the cards is nine, when added together.


  • When Junpei investigates the glass panels in this room, Snake gets very sad. It is possible that during his car accident, glass cut his eyes, causing his blindness.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine chandeliers, when facing the bar (initial screen):
    1. Seven dialog Seven: Those are some strange-looking chandeliers...
      Seven dialog Seven: They look kinda like the UFOs from that movie... "Michelle's Farm Tools"...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: What the hell kind of movie is that...
    2. A number of luxurious chandeliers hang from the ceiling.
  • Examining the bottles of booze behind the counter:
    1. Seven dialog Seven: Well, will you look at that... Someone left a bottle of booze here.
      Seven dialog Seven: Don't mind if I do...
      Seven dialog Seven: Glug... Glug... Glug...
      Seven dialog Seven: Feel's like my throat's burning!
      Damn, he really drank it... We don't even know how long it's been there...
    2. There's a bottle with some booze in it sitting on the counter.
      Seven dialog Seven: One more sip...
      Junpei dialog Junpei: I don't think so. I'm cuttin' you off, pal.
      Seven dialog Seven: *Whimper*
    3. There's a bottle with some booze in it sitting on the counter.
      Seven looks like he'd very much like to get acquainted with that bottle.
  • Examining the poker chairs to the left of the fireplace:
    1. This chair goes to the poker table. Hmm... It feels really soft...
    2. It's a chair. The seat is nice and soft.
    3. Junpei dialog Junpei: Squeeze...
    4. Junpei dialog Junpei: Squeeze... Squeeze...
    5. Junpei dialog Junpei: Squeeze... Squeeze... Squeeze...
    6. Junpei dialog Junpei: Squeeze... Squeeze... Squeeze... Squeeze...
      Snake dialog Snake: Are you quite finished with the chair, Junpei? If you don't stop this behavior at once, I will be forced to teach you a lesson you will not soon forget.
      His face is as calm as ever, but his voice... Terrifying...
    7. I don't wanna get beat up, so maybe I'll just leave the chair alone for now.
    8. This chair goes to the poker table.
  • Examining the poker chairs to the right of the fireplace:
    1. There are some chairs. They seem perfectly normal and chairy.
  • Examine the light when viewing the bar closeup:
    1. The chandeliers hang, chandelier-like, from the ceiling.
    2. The chandeliers hang, chandelier-like, from the ceiling.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: That hat makes you look like you've got candle-ears.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: No, take that back! You're a chandle-liar!
      Snake dialog Snake: Junpei, why do you talk to yourself so frequently?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
    3. The chandeliers hang, chandelier-like, from the ceiling.
  • Go "back" from the card holder puzzle without the 8 of spades:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: It's not working...
      Snake dialog Snake: ...So it would seem.
      Snake dialog Snake: I am shocked and appalled that guessing at random has not yielded better results.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...Yeah.
    2. Junpei dialog Junpei: Huh... I don't get it...
      Seven dialog Seven: You're just gonna waste your time if you don't sit down an' try to think it out, Junpei. Let's try an' sort this out, all right?
      Seven dialog Seven: There's the ace of spades on the left side of the card slot and a (9) on the right side.
      Seven dialog Seven: That ace is a (1).
      Seven dialog Seven: So we gotta make (9) using (1), and the other cards we got.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Oh, so that's it...huh.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Well, in that case, the card we need is...
    3. Junpei dialog Junpei: I can't get it right...
      We've already got (1), I just need to add cards to that to get (9).
  • Examine the white canvas above the mantelpiece:
    1. Snake dialog Snake: Junpei, I can feel a frame here... What sort of painting is it?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Clouds, maybe...?
      Snake dialog Snake: Clouds?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Well, maybe it's a rabbit...
      Snake dialog Snake: A rabbit?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Well, if it's not that, it might be a close-up of some teeth...
      Snake dialog Snake: ?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Oh, I guess there's actually nothing there.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Just a blank piece of a canvas in a frame...
      Snake dialog Snake: I see... How strange...
    2. A large piece of canvas is stretched across this frame.
      There's nothing painted on it.
  • Examine the white canvas with only the right light on:
    1. Junpei dialog Junpei: A woman...something with a pointy upside-down butt... Hm...
      Snake dialog Snake: Ju-Junpei! What on Earth are you talking about?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Oh, uh,
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Well, when I turn on these lights, they make these shadows on the canvas.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: They look like...well, like what I just said.
      Snake dialog Snake: A woman, something with a pointy tip, upside-down butt...?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Yeah...
      Snake dialog Snake: It sounds like a rather sensual shadow-play.
      Junpei dialog Junpei: N-Not really...
    2. There are some weird-looking shadows on the canvas.
  • Attempt to go back after unlocking exit door:
    1. Snake dialog Snake: Junpei, where are you going? Isn't the exit unlocked now?
      Seven dialog Seven: The liquor! You're gonna drink that booze on the counter!
      Seven dialog Seven: Well, I'm not gonna let you beat me to it!
      Seven dialog Seven: Of one, you're way too young to drink liquor--
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...I turned 21 a while ago...
      Seven dialog Seven: ...
      Seven dialog Seven: Gaaaaa! Just leave my medicine alone, all right?
      Snake dialog Snake: Junpei, we must leave before Seven goes insane!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: I think it's a little late for that...
    2. Seven dialog Seven: Junpei! If you really want this, you're gonna hafta get through ME first!
      Seven dialog Seven: You can't even guess at my true strength! If you don't wanna die here, turn around!
      Snake dialog Snake: Would you, ah, like me to leave you two alone together?
      Junpei dialog Junpei: ...
    3. Seven dialog Seven: You should know this, Junpei!
      Seven dialog Seven: I got my nickname of Seven after I took 7 guys at once, and sent them all to the hospital. I'm a legend!
      Junpei dialog Junpei: Wait... Didn't you have amnesia?
      Seven dialog Seven: ...
    4. We oughta get outta here before Seven loses it completely.