"There was a breeze. Breaths of cold night air wafted into his apartment, carrying the smells of autumn with them. The white curtain framing his window swayed gently in the wind. Huh. That's weird... Did I leave that open...? Junpei walked toward the window, trying to remember if he'd closed it or not before he left."
— Junpei, before getting abducted by Zero

Apartment 201 is where Junpei lives. It is also the place where Junpei was abducted and forced to play the Nonary Game. The apartment is only mentioned during his flashback in the 3rd class cabin, and is not accessible to the player in-game.


Junpei moved into this apartment when he enrolled into college, and had lived there for 3 years and 7 months. The apartment contains only one bedroom. The room features fluorescent lights as a fixture on the ceiling, and a slideable window with white curtains. Outside of the window, several buildings can be seen. There is a stack of magazines piled up in a corner, some dusty textbooks, and CD cases, along with jeans and a T-shirt littered across the wooden floor.


Zero reflection 1

A shadowy figure.

It was past midnight when Junpei was walking home to his apartment. After going up the stairs, he opened the door to his apartment and walked inside. Turning on the lights, he tiredly glanced across the room. Everything was just as he had left it, except for a small, cool, autumn breeze that pervaded the room. He traced the source to the open window, and tried to remember if he had closed it or not before he left. After sliding the window pane shut, he saw too late through the reflection in the window an intruder in the room standing right behind him.


???: "Consider this a privilege."

Coming face to face with his perpetrator, Junpei noticed that the figure was wearing a large, thick black hood and a bulky gas mask. Junpei tried to scream, but it was no use, and could only manage a strangled croak. Junpei weakly tried to step towards the masked figure, but his legs quickly gave out and he collapsed onto the floor.

Knockout gas

The last thing Junpei saw before waking up in the 3rd class cabin.

On the floor in front of his face was a white canister shaped like a grenade, that was spraying out white smoke, which had quickly covered the room. Before Junpei had fully realized what was going on, his consciousness was already beginning to fade. In the midst of what was happening, the masked figure finally spoke in a cold and distorted tone through an electronic voice changer. He told Junpei that Junpei was to participate in a game, the Nonary Game, where his life would be put on the line. Not long after, Junpei fell unconscious and was placed into Building Q.