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"Now, who am [I]? I am [I], the 9th letter of the alphabet. But I am also [Zero]. ...No, that's not true. I'm not really Zero. Not yet. Perhaps you could say I am...[less than Zero]. Zero is my future. In 9 years... I will be [Zero]."
— Young Akane, revealing herself as the Second Nonary Game's Zero

Akane Kurashiki (倉式 茜 Kurashiki Akane), also known by her codename June or her nickname Kanny, is a central character in the Zero Escape series, appearing as a key character in all three games. She is a survivor of four of the life-or-death games.

She is the childhood friend of Junpei Tenmyouji, whom she calls Jumpy throughout Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, in which she serves as the deuteragonist. She claims she was kidnapped by Zero and forced to play the Nonary Game with everyone else. In the game, her bracelet number appears to be 6, which is why she is given the nickname June by Junpei, as June is the sixth month of the year.

In reality, her bracelet is likely 0. This is because Akane, having pretended to have been unwillingly kidnapped during the game, is in reality the calculating, conniving and determined mastermind behind the Second Nonary Game, Zero. She was assisted by her older brother, Aoi. She engineered the game in order to save her life from the First Nonary Game in the past, using Junpei's help, so as to avoid a paradox and ensure her own existence.

In Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Akane is often described as "the old woman" in the Yellow/Magenta routes of the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition, in which she is the corpse found in one of the AB Rooms right before the first round. Alternatively, during the Cyan routes, Akane impersonates Kyle Klim in his armor. She is briefly seen at age 22 during the End or Beginning? ending. In Virtue's Last Reward, it is revealed that Akane is an opponent of Free the Soul, a religious death cult with mass influence planning the apocalypse in the year 2029 at the Mars Mission Test Site.

In Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, Akane reappears as a participant in the Decision Game. She is a member of Team C, which also consists of Carlos and Junpei. She must work alongside her friend and new ally to determine the fate of humanity. Zero Time Dilemma also reveals that the Akane (and Tenmyouji) in Virtue's Last Reward is actually from another timeline, brought to that timeline by the Transporter, with the original Akane from that timeline being deceased. At the end of the game, Akane and Junpei plan on marriage once their work is complete; Junpei joins Akane's organization Crash Keys and both of them plan on locating a religious fanatic who plans on eliminating all life.


Akane in 2018.

In 999, Akane is a young woman with long brown hair. A bit of her hair is tied up on the left side of her face in the shape of a flower. She wears a black scarf or shawl, which some parts of her hair passes through, a black long-sleeved shirt with multi-colored (yellow/purple/blue) sleeves, a purple dress with dark geometric imprints around the edges, and brown knee-high boots. She wears multi-colored socks with the same colors as her sleeves, but not in the same order. Her bracelet on her left wrist has the number 6 on it.

During the First Nonary Game, Akane wore a pink shirt with a flower design over a white shirt and red tie, a black-blue hairband, a blue knee-length skirt, and knee-high black boots. Her bracelet number was 5.

During the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition, Akane appears as an older woman. Her hair is now gray, neatly tied up in a ponytail slung over her left shoulder. She wears an indigo turtleneck dress with asymmetrical sleeves. The dress is decorated with jewels asymmetrically placed on the left side. She wears white shoes. In Zero Time Dilemma, it is revealed that the ring she wears on her hand was an engagement ring given to her by Junpei during the Decision Game. However, Junpei mistakenly placed the ring on her right hand and Akane keeps it that way. In the Cyan Door routes, Akane appears as K.

In Virtue's Last Reward's End or Beginning? ending, 22-year-old Akane wears a Free the Soul robe.

In Zero Time Dilemma, her hair is now pulled to the right side and tied with a purple scrunchie hairband into a loose ponytail. She wears a form-fitting beige one-piece dress that has a cable-knit on the sleeves and skirt. She wears a light purple undershirt beneath this. Around her waist is a thick black cloth belt with a big bow and big gold buckle on the front. She has dark brown tights on and wears dark red oxford flats with black laces. Like the other participants, she has a black bracelet around her left wrist.


"She is truly a sincere girl. She's tidy, graceful, refined, and a little too serious. Her level of ‘ideal woman’ is at a point where they should approve her to be a world heritage site herself. Her heart is delicate and she’s very much a crybaby. She hopes for love and peace, and believes that everyone in the world can become friends if they just talked it out. She also believes in Santa Claus...and that Elvis Presley is still alive. And that the other side of the moon is used as a dispatch base for UFOs. She's Junpei's childhood friend."
— Kotaro Uchikoshi [1]

For the bulk of 999, Akane, as June, acts cheerful and upbeat. She is optimistic, kind, intuitive and helpful to the best of her abilities, though she can be somewhat quirky and naive. She also appears to trust and believe in everyone, and refuses to let anyone get left behind or die, even if it's absolutely the only choice to proceed. True to the "Peacemaker" Enneagram of Personality she was based on, she values peace, love, and tranquility. Akane also believes that everyone could be friends if they talked it out and tried to understand each other's perspective more. Kyle Klim also describes her as "playful and almost girlish" when she acted as a maternal figure toward him. She has also shown to have a sense of humor, once joking about cutting Junpei's arm off, and making puns.

"My intention was to create the world's worst heroine, but how well did that work out? She's pretty bad, but there's still some sense of purity in her, and she's also noble. I could categorize her as a genius... Her motives are too grand in scale for an ordinary person to ever understand her."
— Kotaro Uchikoshi
"She's the sort of woman who'll do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Even though she seems like a nice girl, she's always plotting rather cold things. She'd easily kill someone if she needed to. Her personality is a result of what happened to her 9 years before... Perhaps there were things that happened on that ship that couldn't be shown in the actual game."
— Kotaro Uchikoshi

Though she appears to be a proper young woman who is introduced as a "girl next door", her true personality is Machiavellian, while her character is defined by its ambiguous nature that varies by player interpretation. As such, Akane is a somewhat controversial character in the series' fandom. For example, some think of her as cruel for lying to Junpei, betraying everyone and canonically killing two people (9th Man and Nijisaki), while Akane's defenders interpret her as compassionate and are willing to give her a pass because creating the Nonary Game was to save her own life.

Akane orders Junpei and Carlos to find the correct antidote using her method she devised.

In truth, Akane is very ambitious, intelligent, and goal-oriented. She is the self-acclaimed "queen of random knowledge". An example of Akane's intelligence is when she devises a method to find the correct antidote in the infirmary. Akane is a deep thinker and a bit of a philosopher. Akane is characterized by her strong will, determination and actions, preventing her from being an ordinary "damsel in distress". For example, instead of being valued solely for her looks (or prioritizing her life on romance, beauty, fashion, raising children, etc, as the female stereotype), Akane becomes a scientist for the AB Project and focuses her life on more productive and ambitious fields; researching and studying genetic engineering, artificial intelligence programming, quantum mechanics, cosmology, biochemistry, consciousness, etc. She also sacrifices a romantic life with Junpei in order to achieve this in the Virtue's Last Reward timeline.

Akane does this in hopes of using this knowledge and new discoveries to try to prevent Free the Soul's apocalypse which threatens to kill all life on the planet. By extension, this means Akane's role is to end suffering. It could be thought that her strong desire to save life and end suffering was instilled into her when she was unable to save the rabbits, traumatizing her, yet also motivating her to prevent something like that from ever happening again - the ending and elimination of suffering, a great and important role yet also heavy and difficult. It is also likely Akane's desire to end suffering was exemplified when she had to live through the horrific hellish aftermath of the apocalypse, given her dedication to the AB Project's success. As such, Akane's role can be compared to that of a selfless protector or savior. Akane has also suffered greatly throughout her life, or rather, her various lives throughout various timelines (see Trivia).

The many worlds interpretation.

Akane has experienced various alternate histories (both past and future) many, many times and has been compared to someone who's lived for 1,000,000 years — as such, her ideas about morality are a lot different to those held by others. As a result of her ability to see into and exist simultaneously in countless timelines, Akane has experienced an incomprehensible amount of life — perhaps hundreds or thousands of years of life, or even more. Sigma elaborates on her ability to view all individual timelines from the perspective of a higher-order intelligence, comparing it to a human consciousness looking at termites constructing a mound. Tenmyouji suggests that she is not the Akane he once knew, saying that her abilities and experiences may have turned her into something non-human.

Akane disguised as Zero in a gas mask.

Because of her ability to transmit and receive information across an infinite number of timelines, Akane is able to deduce what is necessary to produce a given outcome, and change her behavior accordingly — Be this acting as the leader of Crash Keys, Zero to manipulate the players, "June" to manipulate Junpei, be a kind mother to Kyle Klim, being a mysterious amnesiac known as K, working as a scientific collaborator with Sigma Klim, or whatever other role is required of her. It could be thought that the true Akane is a combination of all of these roles.


As the "world's worst heroine", her methods are often unorthodox, questionable, severely flawed, cruel and violent. She and her goals are ethically and morally ambiguous, as a result of her willingness to allow destruction, but her desire to save the world. She is willing to do whatever is necessary to set her plans in motion, which she personally orchestrates, and can be homicidal, vengeful and manipulative. Akane has set up two life-or-death games. Despite her wisdom, Akane has shown that she can abandon all rational and logical thought when in the face of tragedy, not listening to reason of another party simply based on her emotional state. She has also shown to be capable of being violent, especially in Zero Time Dilemma, with some of her interactions including beating Carlos to death with a fire extinguisher if he kills Junpei in the AB Game.[2] It is notable that Akane is never seen using her plans, even violent plans, with any sense of sadism.

In the Power Room of Zero Time Dilemma, Junpei goes further into Akane's personality. He says that if she thinks the tiniest thing is off, she starts debating with "ifs" and "buts" like someone older than she is. In school, Akane was strange and even came across as scary to some. Not many people wanted to be friends with Akane. Junpei always saw her alone, sitting in a corner, curled up and hugging her knees. Despite this, Akane is very outspoken and "always said what shouldn't be said", showing her boldness and tenacity to dive into the taboo, even if it means possible alienation and rejection. While Akane could be considered to be delicate, especially due to her fevers and sensitive emotions, Akane is certainly not demure; she is determined, strong-willed, stubborn, resilient, outspoken, and driven by ideals instead of reality.

Akane Kurashiki and Junpei Tenmyouji.

Akane has a very close bond with Junpei, which comes from when they befriended each other during their childhood. Their connection is especially shown in the Submarine Ending.[3] Because of this bond, Akane and Junpei were subconsciously linked via morphogenetic resonance during the events of 999 and the First Nonary Game. If Junpei examines Clover's headshot in the cargo room, he calls her "kinda cute" and Akane shows some frustration. Despite that, she tells her brother in the same room, "We're not a couple! Not at all! Not in any way!" It is learned in later games that Akane's love for Junpei is very real, as her motives and goals are all for the sake of making a happier future for the two together, even if it means she must sacrifice her time with him. Akane's love for Junpei can reach extremes during the Decision Game as anytime that Junpei dies, Akane enters a frenzied, vengeful state of mind, even going as far as to murder Carlos since she suspects he murdered him.

Akane seems to believe in conspiracy theories and is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, whether it be curses, the RMS Titanic being cursed by a mummy being stored on it, Morgan Robertson supernaturally predicting the sinking of the Titanic, William Thomas Stead supernaturally predicting his future demise on the Titanic, Santa Claus being real, Elvis Presley still being alive, the other side of the Moon being used as a dispatch base for UFOs, glycerin having the ability to crystallize and communicate, , etc. Akane also believes in the morphogenetic field theory, which is the idea that human thought and human consciousness doesn't just take place in the human brain, but that it exists elsewhere in a dimension humans are unable to comprehend and that human thoughts and consciousness are actually linked and connected. Akane uses Minkowski spacetime as a model for this fourth dimension theory.

Akane makes a keen observation.

In the English localization of 999, Akane also frequently makes remarks interpreted as dirty and perverted by Junpei, but it's possible she didn't mean them in that way due to her naivety. Akane and Junpei tend to make a lot of sexual innuendo during the Nonary Game. The infamous "elevator scene" is an example of this. It's unknown if she makes as much sexual innuendo in the Japanese version of 999. As seen in several instances, Junpei sometimes acts like a pervert, so it's possible that Akane is simply trying to cater to Junpei's desires, perhaps to build the morphic bond between them. Her absence of sexual innuendo in ZTD suggests this is the case.



Akane Kurashiki as a child.

Akane was born into the Kurashiki family, which included her parents and brother Aoi. Her father had dual nationality and went back and forth between Japan and America frequently because of his work.

When Akane was 5, her father was sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit — the murder of a woman who was heavily implied to be Eric's mother (it is heavily implied that the true killer was Mira). In grief, Akane's mother killed herself, leaving behind her two children Akane and Aoi. Akane was instead told that her parents died in an "accident" (possibly a car crash, but this is unconfirmed) and the two became orphans. This was all the result of a snail which indirectly killed Akane's parents, and also indirectly killed a taxi driver, a surgeon, and a young boy named Sean who a robot would be named after.

Her older brother Aoi became her guardian. Aoi cared deeply for his little sister and tried to give her the world, even if it meant he got nothing in return. Though the two were financially poor, they were happy together. Every year for Christmas, Aoi would tell her to write a letter to Santa Claus asking for a gift or two that she wanted. He would have her send it to a fake address located in Europe. Because the address was fake, it was sent back marked "Unknown address". Aoi would take the letter that came back before Akane could see it and would read what she had asked from Santa. Using the money that he had saved up over the year, Aoi would use it to buy the present she wanted and leave it by her pillow on Christmas Eve. However, one year, Akane wrote that she didn't want any presents. Instead, she wanted Santa to make her wish come true. Her wish was that things would stay the way they were for a long time, as she was happy with how life was.

In an elementary school in Japan, Akane was a lonely outcast. She was perceived as "strange" and even came across as "scary" to some. Not many people wanted to be friends with Akane. Junpei always saw her alone, sitting in a corner, curled up and hugging her knees. Akane befriended a fellow classmate, Junpei Tenmyouji in 2012 and they were classmates for six years. They hung out a lot, going to a pool, a fair, playing snowball and card games such as Old Maid, and once went to a festival where Akane wore her late mother's yukata.

Akane crying outside the dead rabbit hutch.

In 2018, Akane and Junpei were tasked with taking care of the school's pet rabbits and had to clean the hutch every morning. During the first semester, on the final day before summer vacation, Akane came to the hutch to find that all of the rabbits were brutally slaughtered, having been slashed to death with a knife. What was once a calm herd of rabbits full of life, became a still image of mangled bodies: blood, flesh and gore on the floor. This incident horrified and traumatized Akane greatly and made her cry, and she would never forget what she saw. This showed the psychopathic violence, brutality and cruelty humans were capable of, as well as humanity's unremorseful attitude towards killing innocent defenseless animals - a side of humanity that Akane didn't know existed.

Akane waiting for the bunny killer.

When Junpei came to the rabbit hutch, Akane stopped crying after Junpei comforted her and promised to find out who killed the rabbits. Akane promised to help him, and together, the two decided to ambush the killers. The two deduced that the killer would return, as their school also kept guinea pigs and roosters and the killer would want to kill those as well. Every day for their entire summer vacation, the two sat and waited at dusk for the killer to show up so they could expose them. Despite that the killer never showed up, Akane still felt it was worth it since the animals weren't attacked.

The two eventually managed to figure out who the killer was when they stumbled upon five 8th graders from a different school. They were preparing to torture a kitten by dousing it with gasoline and were about to light it on fire for fun and entertainment. Junpei jumped out at the killers and tossed the kitten to a scared Akane, who ran to the police station while Junpei fought the 8th graders. When she came back with an officer, the culprits were gone and Junpei was left on the ground, covered in injuries. When Akane asked him why he didn't run, he said that the 8th graders threatened to hurt her like they had hurt the rabbits, and he'd become too angry to run away.

Akane and Junpei watch the sunset in 2018.

The two then moved to a hill and looked over the town, talking about what happened among other things. During the conversation, Junpei gave Akane a "For-You" doll named Junpei, as they would be going to separate schools. Akane pointed out that the "For-You" doll was actually a "voodoo" doll and that naming it Junpei was a bad idea. Instead, they decided to name it June, as June was the end of their time together. They then sat on the hill for a while, peacefully watching the sun set.

First Nonary Game

The Gigantic.

At some point, Akane and Aoi went to a hospital owned by Cradle Pharmaceutical and were given a morphogenetic field test (the Ganzfeld Experiment) passed off as part of the recovery process. The two were then later kidnapped by Cradle Pharmaceutical along with 16 other children for 9 days. Due to the fact that both he and Akane are wearing school uniforms in the First Nonary Game, it can be reasonably assumed that they were kidnapped either on their way to or from school. It's implied by Clover that the children had various experiments done on them, several of which were unpleasant.

At some point during the 9 days, the kids were split into two groups and either put on the Gigantic if they were a receiver or sent to Building Q in Nevada if they were a transmitter. Akane was intended to go to Building Q, but a mistake put her on the Gigantic with her brother.

Seven saves the day.

On the final night of these days, the children were forced to play the Nonary Game. Akane had bracelet number 5. At one point during the game, the children in the Gigantic got into arguments and a panic after arriving at the large hospital room. Light, however, got them to calm down with 4-leaf clovers he'd picked for his sister's birthday. They then continued to play the game. Akane worked with the others to solve the puzzles and eventually reached Door 9 in the incinerator. The group panicked at seeing only one door, but were soothed by Seven, a detective who managed to get on the ship and intended to rescue them. While Seven got something to get them out of the incinerator, the kids decided to send all but Akane, Aoi, Light, and Nona Kashiwabara through the door. When Seven returned, the remaining kids were pulled up to a vent with a rope and dropped down in front of a tall spiral staircase.

Hongou shoving Akane in the incinerator.

As they ran up the stairs, Akane realized that she accidentally dropped the doll Junpei gave her. Realizing that it would be risky to retrieve it, but also that there was a chance she could get the doll and still escape, Akane decided to run back down the stairs, a decision that would prove to be fatal. She found it in front of the incinerator doors. Before she could get away, however, at that exact moment, Cradle Pharmaceutical CEO Gentarou Hongou emerged from the incinerator and grabbed her. He threw her inside, dove after her, and closed the door just before Aoi, Light, and Seven reached them.

Hongou scanned bracelet numbers 1 and 3 into the RED, left the incinerator, and activated a Sudoku puzzle for Akane to solve. Akane didn't know how to play Sudoku and explained such to Hongou, to which he mocked her and told her that she had to access the morphogenetic field if she wanted to solve the puzzle. Akane, however, had long lost her morphogenetic connection to Junpei. Frightened and alone, she burned to death in the incinerator, and her horrified brother saw her remains.



"I was watching. I had watched everything that was reflected in his eyes. I was listening. Every sound that vibrated in his eardrums, I heard. Smell, taste, touch... I felt everything he felt. I knew. I knew everything about him. What he was thinking, what he was feeling, what he was sensing... All of his feelings and worries and fears became mine... My mind, my consciousness, was inside of him. Through the morphic fieldset we were resonant, and we were as one. I was him, and at the same time, I was an observer."

Akane crying in the hot incinerator.

"It started with a tremendous noise like a clap of thunder. That was approximately 9 hours ago. A bomb had gone off on the ship we were on. That was when my resonance with him began. My resonant event melted into him and we became one. Inside of Junpei... Somehow I found myself in Junpei's mind, 9 years in the future. But I didn't lose myself... I was living in 2 realities at once. One was the present, and the other was the future. Perhaps you can think of it as 2 movies showing on the same screen, at the same time. Eventually, it becomes difficult to separate them, and determine which movie is which. However, if I concentrated, I was able to focus on one or the other. That was why I was able to grasp what was happening in front of me."

Fortunately, this incineration outcome was but one possible fate for Akane. It came about whenever Junpei during the Second Nonary Game did not follow the correct events during the game which would lead him to the incinerator. With no Junpei present to solve the sudoku puzzle for her, Akane could not morphogenetically reconnect with him, leading to her death.

Akane reunited with her brother back in November 2018.

In the correct timeline, Junpei eventually reaches and enters the incinerator. This allows the 12 year old Akane to connect with Junpei via morphogenetic resonance. With Junpei guiding her, Akane solved the Sudoku puzzle and escaped the incinerator. She rejoined with everyone else and they all got away from the Gigantic on a lifeboat. As Seven rowed them away, they watched the Gigantic sink as the 9 hours allowed for the Nonary Game ended.

Crash Keys

Sometime between 2018 and 2022, Akane got her brother Aoi to take stock from Cradle Pharmaceutical. Due to being an esper who saw through the eyes of Junpei 9 years in the future that Cradle Pharmaceutical would suddenly become a huge company, she told Aoi to buy stock in Cradle Pharmaceutical when they were cheap, so they made a ton of money when it was eventually listed on the stock exchange. Cradle became successful due to the drug Soporil. They took that money and invested in other stocks and increased their fortune. Before long they were millionaires and eventually formed an organization called Crash Keys to help with the execution of their plans some time between 2022 and 2028. It wasn't just the two of them doing everything as they had dozens of underlings working for them.

Second Nonary Game preparation

Akane, Aoi and Crash Keys kidnap the participants with gaseous Soporil.

Akane began to prepare for the Second Nonary Game as to prevent a time paradox that would lead to her dying. She would need to recreate the Nonary Game exactly as she saw through Junpei's eyes, down to the finest details. After the preparations for the Second Nonary Game were finished, in August and November 2027, Akane arranged for Crash Keys to kidnap the participants that weren't her or Aoi using gaseous Soporil. She also had Teruaki Kubota, Nagisa Nijisaki and Kagechika Musashidou kidnapped as well, and had Kubota and Nijisaki digest bombs. Akane donned a black cape and a gas mask along with a voice changer, thus assuming her other identity: Zero. They were all then brought to Building Q in Nevada and given bracelets. She and Aoi entered the game as participants as well, with Akane's true bracelet number being 0, not 6. When the bomb below the "ship" went off, the Nonary Game began.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Akane descending the central staircase.

Akane was first seen after all the other players had already met and gathered by Door 4 and 5. Junpei decided to return to the central staircase, where the two saw each other. The ground suddenly shook and knocked Akane off of her feet. She ended up landing on Junpei, where the two met eyes and finally realized that they knew each other.

However, before the two could get very far into their reunion, Zero spoke to them and the other players over an intercom. The 9 people were introduced to and explained the Nonary Game. When the introduction was finished, the group split up to search what parts of the ship they could access. Akane paired with Junpei, and the two of them investigated the Sun Door, Earth Door, and the Saturn Elevators.

The group met back up when they finished their investigations and exchanged information. They concluded that the only way to advance was to go through the numbered doors. Before they did, they decided to go by code names, as to prevent Zero from figuring out who they were in case he didn't already know. Akane first decided that she wanted to go as her real name since she accidentally revealed Junpei's, but Junpei insisted she take a nickname anyway and gave her the name "June". Though it looked as though the nickname was picked because her bracelet number was 6 and June is the 6th month of the Gregorian Calendar, it actually came from the doll Junpei gave her 9 years ago. It was given to her in June and its name was June.

Akane having a fever after Kubota's death.

After her name was decided, the 9th Man (Teruaki Kubota) was prompted by Clover for his nickname. He declared he didn't need one and took Clover hostage, forcing her and Ace to scan on the RED of Door 5. He then scanned himself and dove in. However, since he broke the rules of the Nonary Game, he ended up dying. The players opened Door 5 back up to look at what had happened and were greeted with the sight of the 9th Man's body all over the walls and floor. Akane let out a hysterical scream and broke out into a sudden fever at seeing it and collapsed into Junpei's arms.

Akane weeping after the 9th Man dies. "Why... Why did this happen... Why did this happen..."

After Junpei set her on a chair, she began to cry and lament over his death. As Akane began to calm down, the clock rang and announced that it was 10 PM. Feeling pressured, Aoi tried to motivate the group into going through the numbered doors, but the fear that they'd blow up like the 9th Man kept anyone from moving. Aoi theorized that he only blew up because he did something wrong, but Snake corrected him and said that he just broke one of Zero's rules. Snake then shared a message Zero gave him that explained the REDs and DEADs. It gave the group the confidence they needed to advance.

They decided to split themselves into two groups. Their idea was for Ace, Snake, Clover, and Seven to go through Door 5 and for Lotus, Aoi, Akane, and Junpei to go through Door 4.

If Junpei chooses Door 4

In the endings where Junpei agreed to take Door 4, Akane and her group watched the Door 5 group go through their door first. They listened in on the Door 5 group finding the DEAD and deactivating their bracelets. After making sure everyone was okay and getting an explanation of the DEAD from Clover, the Door 4 group went through their door as well. They were presented with a long hallway. They frantically searched around for the DEAD before Aoi spotted it at the end of the hall. They deactivated their bracelets, calmed down, and looked at three doors next to them. Two of them, labeled B92 and B93, were open, while the last one was locked and had a Mars Symbol above its keyhole.

The cursed coffin of Amon-Ra / Amen-Ra / All-ice / Alice.

The group split up in the 2nd class cabin, with Akane and Junpei taking B92 and Aoi and Lotus taking B93. While searching, Akane talked and flirted with Junpei. The two discussed her fever, their kidnapping, their location, and eventually got onto the topic of curses. Akane told him of her belief that a curse sunk the Titanic. The curse was that if the Priestess Amon-Ra's coffin was opened, bad things would happen to its opener. The reason that the priestess was special was because she was very beautiful and that her body was preserved with ice that never melted. The two talked for a while longer before going back to investigating. Junpei eventually found the Mars Key and the Door 4 group moved on to the kitchen.

While in the kitchen's pantry, Akane mentioned the Titanic again, this time saying that the disaster was predicted in a book called Futility. Junpei promptly debunked the prediction, but Akane argued that it could be true, since a man named William Thomas Stead had written two books with similarities to the Titanic. Junpei once again dismissed this idea, and dropped the conversation as a whole when Akane supposed Stead's spirit had possessed himself in the past to write the books.

A glycerin molecule.

A little bit later, Akane, Junpei, and Aoi got stuck in the kitchen's freezer. They began to look for things to help them get out. When Junpei picked up dry ice, Aoi wondered how hot it would have to be to become gas and mentioned that it could be used to make an explosion. Akane answered his question, saying that it would become a gas at -109 degrees. Junpei got surprised that she knew this, and she further showed off her knowledge when Aoi asked why carbon dioxide isn't a liquid by saying that it can if it's put under enough pressure. She then went on to explain ice-9 and the story of the crystallization of glycerin. After a while of talking, Aoi got the group back to investigating. They used what they found to create a water bottle bomb and free themselves from the freezer. They then searched around the kitchen for a while longer, eventually finding the Saturn Keycard and escaping the room.

They came out into a hallway, checked their map, and then realized a grate that was blocking their path was moved. They went down the set of stairs behind the grate and came to the C Deck. There, they observed the Mercury Elevators, a long hallway filled with rooms, and a much smaller hallway with only one room. They entered the smaller hallway's room and found the large hospital room.

If Junpei chooses Door 5

In the endings where Junpei decided to take Door 5, Akane first wanted to go with him. Junpei, however, protested, as he didn't want her to have to see the 9th Man's corpse. She reluctantly agreed, and the Door 4 group then became her, Aoi, Clover, Lotus, and Ace. The Door 5 group entered their door first. After they reassured the Door 4 group that they were fine, the Door 4 group entered their own door. They solved the puzzles beyond it and eventually met back up with the Door 5 group in the large hospital room.

Large Hospital Room

The huge room housed 3 numbered doors (3, 7, and 8) and an unmarked door, along with endless rows of thin beds. They examine the RED on each of the doors and find them nonoperational. Suddenly, Snake and his group come into the room. Snake concludes that the RED on each door is missing a part on the bottom of it. All the players then decide to split up and look for it.

During this time, Akane knocks Snake out with a Soporil filled bomb and exchanges his clothes with Nagisa Nijisaki. She puts Nijisaki in a position to be killed by Ace and stashes Snake into a coffin located on the E Deck. She then returns to the hospital room with the others, pretending nothing has happened.

Akane, worried about an anesthetized Ace.

By the time she gets there, the REDs on the doors are mysteriously repaired, the parts inserted back in. Everyone except Snake gets back to the hospital room. The players split up to find him, with no results. Realizing that they are wasting time, Lotus comes up with one of her proposals. She calculates that to have the most people alive, they have to split into 2 groups of 3, leaving 1 person behind. Akane protests leaving anyone behind, and to settle the argument between her and Lotus, Ace volunteers and injects himself with Soporil so Akane and Junpei can't bring him along.

If Junpei chooses Door 3

On the Door 3 route, Junpei tricks the other players just so he is able to stay close to Akane, even if it means potentially sacrificing/killing either Santa, or Lotus and Clover. Junpei, Akane, Santa, and Seven investigate the shower room after leaving Lotus and Clover behind with Ace.

Akane screams in horror while having a panic attack after finding Snake's bloody corpse.

After finding a corpse believed to be Snake's, Akane has a mental breakdown from the sight and screams. It was an eerie scream, full of insanity, and not entirely human. She shook her head violently, and grabbed fistfulls of her own hair. Junpei could hear the sound of hair tearing. He grabbed for her wrist but as he did, Akane ran towards the exit. Akane bangs on the exit door until her knuckles bleed, and begins pulling her hair out and asking Zero what they did to deserve to end up in the Nonary Game.

"No! Noooooooooo! Please! Get me out of here! You have to let me out of here! Why are you doing these horrible things to us?! What did we do to deserve this?! Get me out of here! Please! Please, just let me out! No! Get off of me! Let me go! LET ME GO!"

A crying Akane being comforted by Junpei.

Junpei couldn't watch anymore. He ran to Akane and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her away from the door. She scrambled for a moment, her legs skittering across the floor, but her resistance didn't last long. As suddenly as her outburst had begun, it was over. The manic energy disappeared, and her body went limp in Junpei's arms. Akane collapsed toward the floor, and Junpei knelt down with her. He felt drops of her tears and a moment later, she began to sob. Her shoulders shook, and great, hot tears rolled down her face like rain. Junpei told her it was going to be okay and she thanked him.

Several minutes passed before Akane's tears had dried. After a long moment of comforting her, Junpei stood up, bent down, and put his arms under Akane's and helped her to her feet. He sets her down to one corner, and starts searching the room with Santa and Seven to open the exit door.


999 - The Rabbit Hutch

Junpei and Akane discuss the bunny murders.

After picking up the broom in the utility stall, Akane will speak up, apparently back to her usual cheerful self. She mentions an incident in their shared past where they were assigned to take care of the rabbits back in middle school. The rabbits were mysteriously killed, and they spent the rest of summer hidden behind the rabbit hutch in hopes of catching the killer. Junpei says that the rabbit killers never appeared during that summer, but Akane is convinced that them hiding there stopped more rabbits from being killed. Junpei states that that summer with Akane was one he would never forget. Akane reminds him that he only volunteered to help with the animals after she did, and is convinced it was because he wanted to be with her. Junpei unconvincingly denies this, knowing that that was exactly the reason why he volunteered.

If Junpei chooses Door 7

Akane enters Door 8 with Santa and Lotus, while Junpei, Clover and Seven enter Door 7.

If Junpei chooses Door 8

Akane enters Door 7 with Santa and Seven, while Junpei, Clover and Lotus enter Door 8.



999 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (The infamous elevator scene (fandub)

Akane and Junpei discuss getting wet.

The two groups escape their respective rooms and to their surprise, meet back in the hospital room. Before they leave, Clover insists on checking what's behind Door 3 and takes Seven and Ace with her. While they do that, Akane goes along with Junpei, Lotus, and Santa to check out what the doors the keys they've obtained open. Santa and Lotus go check what is behind the Earth door and Akane and Junpei go investigate where the Saturn elevator leads to. After an innuendo-filled conversation at the elevator, the two companions ride down to find Door 6. They quickly head back to the central staircase where they exchange information with Lotus and Santa. Apparently, they had found a numbered door, Door 1. They quickly realize that they should meet up with the others and head back to the hospital room.

The explosive death in the shower room.

They enter a room with an atmosphere full of grief. Ace tells them that Snake is dead and the group is shocked. They go and check out the body themselves. It was blown up, just like the 9th Man. With the smell in the room increasingly becoming unbearable, they return to the hospital room. Ace tries to help Clover cope with the loss of her brother and that she has to come with them to the next set of doors, before their time is up. Clover reluctantly goes with the other players and they stop in front of the Mercury elevator. Akane and Junpei go and investigate what it leads to.

The elevator descends, stopping at the bottom deck. Right outside the door was Door 2. They went back to give the news to everyone else. To see who is going into what door, Junpei conducts a vote where everyone writes what door they want on a sheet of paper. Ace and Clover want Door 1, Lotus and Seven go with Door 2, and Akane and Santa voted for Door 6. Junpei's vote is the tie breaker. He has a trick up his sleeve; two extra papers with different door numbers so he can pick what door he wants after seeing the voting results. Junpei chooses Door 1, which leaves Santa, Akane, Seven, and Lotus to go through Door 6.

Submarine Ending

This non-canon ending is achieved by going through Door 3 (shower room) or Door 2 (confinement room) on any route. In the Door 2 route, Junpei, Seven, and Lotus complete the puzzles beyond Door 2 to acquire the Sun Key. Meanwhile, the remaining players (besides Clover) go through Door 1, while Clover stays behind at the central staircase. Somehow, Ace manages to kill Santa and Clover on the staircase, while Akane runs towards the Sun door. She somehow opens it and dashes to the Storage, Ace in hot pursuit. Finally, Ace catches up and stabs Akane, leaving her to bleed on the floor. He quickly goes back to the staircase and pretends to be dead on it.

Akane bleeding to death on the floor.

Soon after, Junpei's group arrives to find the motionless, blood-covered bodies on the stairs. Seven verifies that Clover no longer has a pulse, but not the other two because Lotus steals the Sun key from Junpei's pocket. She begs them to head through the Sun door, afraid that the murderer might return soon. Junpei then glances at the corpses on the stairs and starts to think that Akane, who was not among them, is responsible, but he states that he doesn't want to think about that possibility. Beyond the already unlocked Sun door, then through an odd automatic door, Junpei is horrified to discover Akane bleeding to death on the floor. Junpei stops using her codename "June" since the codenames didn't matter anymore and calls her "Kanny".

Akane dies in Junpei's arms.

The two have a heartfelt conversation. Akane thanks him for everything and tells him that she was happy to see him again one last time before she dies. Junpei tells Akane that he is going to check a nearby submarine, but Akane tells him not to go, and instead, be close to her when she dies because she doesn't want to die alone. Akane tells Junpei that their childhood memories together made her very happy and that they were like treasures to her. Her eyes close and she dies, and Junpei breaks down after witnessing her final moments. During this last conversation, Akane failed to tell Junpei who killed her (Ace). It isn't long until Ace kills Junpei as well.

Safe / Zero Lost Ending

Akane having another fever.

Akane heads though Door 6 with Junpei, Santa, and Ace. They investigate the steam engine room and the cargo room. While searching both rooms, Akane's fever returns and Santa talks about his sister's death, with Akane pretending that she has no idea what he is talking about. After finding the golden revolver in the coffin, Junpei, Akane, Santa, and Ace head out and find that they are on the other side of the Saturn elevator.

They follow a hallway to a small door, and find Door 9 inside the chapel. They are shocked to learn that there are two number 9 doors. Santa states that Zero never mentioned a second door and that the Nonary Game could save all 9 players. Even though Santa, Ace, and Junpei could have went through one of the doors, they refuse to leave Akane behind and return to find the other players.

After leaving the chapel, Akane's team meets up with Lotus and Seven at the central staircase. They learn that Clover is missing and the players conduct a search. Junpei and Akane go to the large hospital room to check, and don't find her. Near the staircase leading up to B Deck, Seven tells them that he has found Clover, dead in the 1st class cabin. They rush up there to find the other players already there. Akane collapses after seeing Clover dead. Junpei begins his search around the room and eventually is able to open the safe. Junpei requests that they all follow him to the large hospital room, as he found out who had killed Snake and Clover.

Santa comforting Akane in the hospital room.

While Junpei was interrogating Ace, Akane was listening to them. All of them were angered upon knowing Ace killed Clover. Suddenly, Lotus punches Ace in the face. Ace suddenly counters her with the golden revolver, takes her hostage, and swiftly leads her out of the room. Akane has a major fever, and is barely able to stand up. She is supported by Santa. They both insist that Junpei and Seven go after Ace. Meanwhile, Santa helps Akane get to the chapel.

Akane sprawled on the floor in the chapel.

Junpei, after witnessing Snake's death, comes back to the large hospital room and looks for her, but she is not there. He searches everywhere for Akane, with no results, and finally makes his way back to the chapel. She is there, lying on the floor. During that time, Santa, most likely, goes back to get on the intercom. Junpei is relieved that she is still alive. Despite her previous fevers, this time, her body is very cold.

An exhausted Akane talks to Junpei.

She tells him that she might not make it and admits that she has liked Junpei since elementary school. Santa comes onto the intercom (disguised as Zero) and tells Junpei "game over" and that Junpei had won, but Zero had lost, and reminding him that he can't escape together with Akane since he had chosen the wrong path.

Suddenly, a door slams behind them. Junpei leaves Akane to go check if that is Zero, and goes back at the chapel. When Junpei comes back into the room, Akane returns from her own timeline, and Santa goes back and throws a Soporil grenade, which knocks Junpei out. It is unknown what happens to him.

True Ending

Akane's group escape both the steam engine room and the cargo room and end up on the other side of the metal gate, next to the other elevator. They investigate the area further and stumble upon the chapel. Inside this room was what they were looking for all this time, Door 9. To their surprise, there was a second Door 9 and the back of the room and they realized that everyone can escape. They hurry back to retrieve Junpei's group, who had just came from the Captain's quarters. All of them cram into the elevator and rush to the chapel.

Santa holding his sister hostage.

Clover flatly states that all 7 of them can not escape. She calculates all of the possible combinations and concludes that if 3 people leave, 4 get left behind, and if 4 people leave, then 3 get left behind. Seven tries to sacrifice himself, but everyone is against the idea and they try to think of another way.

Santa cuts into the conversation and solves the problem with the specific plan. He grabs Akane as a hostage and reveals that he has a golden revolver. He shoves the gun against her head, and forces Ace and Lotus to authenticate. They go in through the big 9 door and leave the other 3 behind.

Santa leads the group in the incinerator and Ace punches him in the stomach and snatches the gun away from him. June lies in the incinerator slumped against the wall, exhausted. Junpei, Clover, Seven, and a surprisingly alive Snake catch up to them in the incinerator. Akane notices Junpei and is happy he came, and tells him not to worry about her. Sometime in the next few minutes, she sneaks out of the incinerator while Junpei and the rest of the group aren't looking. Ace holds Lotus hostage with Santa's revolver and forces her to authenticate. The door does not open, to Ace's dismay. He tries over and again, but the door still won't budge.

Seven then charges at Ace and floors him. Junpei gets Ace to confess to the murder of the 3 other executives of Cradle Pharmaceutical and he is shocked to find that Snake is still alive. Junpei also reveals that Ace was being manipulated by Zero to purposely kill the other executives and that he concluded to have done did it so he could get revenge for the events of the First Nonary Game. Since Junpei thinks Santa is Zero, he questions him and he admits that he is Akane's brother, but that he is not Zero, but merely an assistant to him. Santa says that this whole Nonary Game was set up so Junpei could save Akane from dying in the incinerator in the past.

The sudoku puzzle appears for Junpei.

The incineration process started by Aoi/Santa and a computer came out of the incinerator's floor. Akane returns from her own timeline of 9 years ago, the same time Junpei and the group noticed her inside the same incinerator in the past. Her twelve year old self is found to have been using the morphogenetic field to communicate information to Junpei. Junpei comes into realization that she is in fact, Zero. She tells Junpei exactly what happened during the First Nonary Game and how she got locked up in the incinerator in the first place. She desperately asks Junpei for help on the sudoku puzzle.

Akane cries as she solves Sudoku with Junpei's help through the morphogenetic field.

He solves the puzzle and uses the field to transfer the solution, allowing her to survive in the past. In addition, young Akane gives Junpei a string of additions: 2 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 8, which is the solution to open Door q. Her present self (June), having been saved and confirmed her existence, followed Santa out of Building Q and took their own vehicle and left a SUV and a tied up Ace behind for the other players to get to.

When everyone eventually escaped the facility as well, the two were long gone. They decided to follow some fresh tire tracks, hoping to eventually catch up to them, but the two were never found after. Junpei continued his search for her for what would seem to be the rest of his life.

Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition preparations

Sigma's girlfriend broke up with him on December 18, 2028 so he decided not to go to the party they planned to attend. She broke up with him through e-mail and he wasn't able to contact her at all afterward. Sigma's home computer mysteriously stopped working, and his Buddhist professor said he still had to work on Christmas and hand in his paper that night. All three events were orchestrated by Akane Kurashiki and Crash Keys.

On December 22, 2028, Alice and Clover were in Los Angeles, California, planning to attack the Myrmidon headquarters on Christmas Day, but they are kidnapped by Akane for the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. She takes them to her organization's (Crash Keys) headquarters and places them in cold sleep in treatment pods.

On December 25, 2028, also in California, Sigma is knocked out by Soporil in his car. His consciousness is pushed to January 25, 2074, and his 68-year-old consciousness occupies his body in the present time. Phi's consciousness also switches places with her future consciousness. Akane joins Sigma and Phi, but her consciousness isn't from the future so she hasn't experienced the Radical-6 outbreak.

Mars Mission Test Site and Decision Game

The Mars Mission Test Site (Dcom).

Akane went to the Mars Mission Test Site (Dcom) in the Nevada Desert, while Sigma's and Phi's consciousnesses from the future were there due to a timeline loop achieved in Virtue's Last Reward. Using Crash Keys' assets, they hacked the admin server and altered the original subject list and data to include Sigma, Phi and Akane. Due to his perseverance and finding intel, Junpei also went to Dcom to meet with Akane and she acts like they never met.

On December 26, 2028, Sigma attempts to tell everyone that six billion people will die, but is ignored when most of the others don't believe him and almost sent into confinement. Phi tells Sigma that they shouldn't mention the future to anyone. Sigma, Phi and Akane search the facility but can't find any signs of Radical-6.

On December 28, 2028, Akane and Junpei seriously talk for the first time after the events of 999. She tells him that she didn't want to contact him because she doesn't want to jeopardize everything she has worked for and that when the time comes, she will tell him everything. Akane then walks away, but not without faint tears in her eyes.

On December 30, 2028, everyone meets again, but Sigma, Phi and Akane reluctantly await the events of tomorrow, unaware of what is to come.

On December 31, 2028, it turns out the simulation was a trap and Akane was forced to play the Decision Game. In the timeline leading to Virtue's Last Reward, the original Akane died during the C-Team execution and instead, the Akane from another timeline was transported to the Virtue's Last Reward timeline. This Akane was summoned by Zero on April 12, 2029, to wear Free the Soul robes and take part in their "ceremony". She then injected Junpei with a drug to make him forget his memories of the Decision Game. Akane's disappearance from Junpei was done so she can move on to an even grander project: the AB Project and the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition in Rhizome 9 on the Moon, which was co-created alongside Sigma Klim.

Radical-6 apocalypse

Millions of graves for the deceased.

In the early months of 2029, the Radical-6 virus was unleashed, killing humanity by mass suicide as 6 billion people died. Akane managed to survive the Radical-6 apocalypse.

Months later, Akane met with Delta (Brother) on April 12th, 2029 as part of a "ceremony" and she wore Free the Soul robes. It's unknown what they discussed, but she probably received information such as how to survive the antimatter explosions tomorrow (by going to the Moon). Since Delta could Mind Hack, he would also know of the AB Project from Akane, and this is likely when they agreed to work on the AB Project together. If he kept his promise, Delta also apparently reveals the "true god Free the Soul believes in" and "the secrets of the world" to her.

An antimatter reactor explodes on April 13th, 2029, eventually killing millions/billions.

When Sigma's younger consciousness returned on April 13th, 2029, in the headquarters of Crash Keys, Akane appeared before him under her Zero costume before shedding it. While the two spoke, the nuclear antimatter plant reactors explode, which leads to the "Red Earth" state which has been this way since April 2029 and remains in 2074.

Akane explained to Sigma that he had to start to prepare the events of the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition over the next 45 years, the project already started with Clover, Alice, and Phi in cryostasis in treatment pods.

Anima Body Project

During those 45 years, Akane worked vigorously alongside Dr. Sigma Klim to ensure the AB Project's absolute success. The purpose of the AB Project (the Anima Body Project) was to transport human consciousness through the barriers of space and time, specifically, Sigma's and Phi's consciousness to December 25h, 2028.

Living with Kyle Klim on the Moon

Kyle Klim in his Moon armor.

In approximately 2070, Akane met a teenage Kyle Klim, Sigma's cloned son, for the first time. She developed a special bond with him that was almost motherly since Kyle never had a mother.

Akane told Kyle about the world outside and Kyle loved her stories. She also stated that she was close friends with Sigma. Since she was not helping his father, Sigma, with his research, Akane would spend most of her days with Kyle. Akane told Kyle that his father had once been in love, which made Kyle think that Akane was secretly his mother. Kyle viewed Akane as the closest thing he had to a mother.

About four years later, in 2074, Kyle was heartbroken when he realized that despite the fact that he loved Akane as if she was his mother, she did not fully reciprocate the same love back. Akane realized she might have to give her life for the AB Project, something which Kyle strongly opposed.

Rather late in his life, Akane appeared as a mother figure, and Kyle consequently grew very attached to her.

Kyle desperately tried to find a way to stop her and Akane did her best to convince him that everything was going to be fine. Kyle wanted to believe her, but he remembered that it was she who pushed him to involve himself in his father's research. As much as Kyle was angry at Akane, he could not bring himself to hate her, as she had given him a reason to live and showed him how to see meaning in his life. Though she worked together with his father and was fully aware of the situation from the start, Kyle could not deny the kindness that was given to him from her was real. She gave Kyle the feeling of having a real family, something that he wouldn't have given up for the world.

Kyle pleaded with her to leave, but she refused, stating that there was someone very special to her. He had saved her life once, and she felt that her death would help to repay that favor. She told Kyle that she would like nothing more than to marry him and live a happy life together, but she couldn't. For the sake of the future she had wanted, Sigma's research needed to succeed. Kyle realized that though she was important to him, someone else was more important to her.

Akane and Zero Sr. (Sigma Klim)

She tried to explain that there is a future where no one will have to die, but Kyle refused to listen. Given the life he lived now, there was no need for that future, as he himself had what he had always wanted and wasn't going to allow someone he's never met to take that away. Kyle shut himself off from the world after this.

Prior to the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition, Kyle is sedated with a large amount of Soporil, causing generalized amnesia, and placed in an AB Room. He is also infected with Radical-6.

Virtue's Last Reward

Luna receiving orders from Akane in 2074.

Finally, the AB Project was set into motion in January 2074. Akane had gathered all of the players and was ready to begin. Akane spoke to Luna before the game started and ensured that she knew her orders, despite the fact that Luna disliked the plan of having Akane killed for certain events to occurred. However, Akane had a backup plan: Schrödinger's Cat.

Akane dying after Dio stabs her heart.

Later, Akane entered Warehouse A, wearing a player bracelet. Knowing that Dio was infiltrating the facility for the Myrmidons and for Brother, she willingly let herself be killed by him in front of the "TWO MILKMEN GO COMEDY!" graffiti, having been stabbed in the heart. Luna then, by Akane's orders, placed Akane's body in her AB Room (the right-most AB Room).

When the players were solving their escape room, Zero III moved the AB Room using a crane from the very right to the very left AB Room. In doing so, this also revealed Dio's Myrmidon knife and would later expose it to Alice, as well as prevent suspicion of Luna.

Akane's dead body in the left-most AB Room.

During the magenta and yellow Chromatic Door routes, after solving the escape rooms, Akane's corpse is found in the left-most AB Room. Though everyone does not know who she is, Tenmyouji knew who she was from the minute he saw her, as Tenmyouji is Junpei, only 47 years older. He is saddened by her death, but can't divulge her identity to the other players due to orders given by Zero Sr.

In the cyan door route, Dio fails to kill Akane due to Sigma and Phi and she plays as K.



Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward PS Vita Walkthrough Part 92 (Phi True End Part 1)

Akane's hologram in Room Q.

On Phi's route, after solving Room Q's puzzle along with Sigma and Phi a hologram message began to play. An old woman appeared in the hologram, who Tenmyouji recognized as Akane. Akane told Sigma and Phi why they were brought to Rhizome 9. During the message, Akane acknowledged Tenmyouji, knowing that he was in the room with them. Akane told him that she would like nothing more than to be with him, but she had much to do to make that future and asked him to wait just a while longer. Crestfallen, Tenmyouji took out the picture of Akane when they were children and solemnly stayed quiet and averted his gaze from the hologram.

AB Room: Past (cyan door)

Akane thanks Sigma and Phi for saving her from Dio.

Due to the time jumping abilities of Sigma and Phi which developed over the course of the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition, Sigma and Phi eventually are able to awaken before the game starts and knock Dio out, preventing her death. Akane thanks Phi and Sigma for saving her and ties a key around Sigma's ankle before ordering Zero III to release her from her bracelet, which she attaches to the unconscious Dio. Akane reveals that she can send her consciousness through time like Sigma and Phi. Akane tells Sigma and Phi to be ready for the events to come after this new past as their minds are sent back into the future.

Akane then places Sigma and Phi back into their AB Room so their starting point will be the same. She also adjusts all of Dio's bombs so that their timers are synced to Radical-6 time, and she changes the password of the first bomb to BQZ RGJ DXR (Crash Keys), presumably because it is the only bomb password which Dio never reveals. She plays the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition as K in the cyan door route.

Phi END continued

Following Phi's ending, everyone cooperates so that everyone has at least 9 BP to escape the facility, though they leave Dio behind because of his Myrmidon status. When they leave, Tenmyouji reveals that the date is January 2074 and that Radical-6 has killed six billion people. Sigma then remembers that he has the key tied to his ankle and returns to the facility with everyone following.

Akane strips K's armor in the B. Garden.

When they reach the B. Garden, Sigma remembers a keyhole in a tombstone from his visit to the B. Garden in one of the alternate timelines. A single Treatment Pod rises from the ground but needs time to defrost. Sigma thinks that Akane will be in the pod but instead, a clone of Sigma appears. After discovering that his appearance is not the one of his youth, Sigma turns around to see that "K" has shed his armor, revealing that in this timeline, Akane had replaced Kyle in the armor suit.

Akane reveals the true purpose of the Ambidex Game, to develop Sigma and Phi's timeline jumping abilities. Akane then attacks Phi with Dio's knife, with Sigma jumping in the way to protect her, forcibly sending both of their consciousness back into the past in 2029.

End or Beginning?


End or Beginning

Akane speaks with Sigma.

Zero in a Free the Soul robe.

Akane talking to Sigma during the apocalypse.

"H-Hey, no need to be rude about it. I didn't kill you. I hit you with the butt of a knife. You're fine."
— Akane to Sigma, after he accuses her of killing him in the B. Garden

As the suicidal newscaster kills herself from Radical-6 on the TV that Sigma was watching, a 22-year-old Akane walks in, wearing her Zero mask and a Free the Soul robe. She tells Sigma that they are in her headquarters on April 13, 2029, and are about to leave to go to Rhizome 9 tomorrow and that a Moon shuttle has already been prepared for him, Alice, Clover, and Phi.

Akane explains the purpose of the game and how Sigma must spend the next 45 years mastering genetic engineering and AI programming to make the AB Project work. She also tells him that he will create Kyle, Luna, Lagomorph, the Chromatic Doors, the bracelets, and all aspects of the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition in order to succeed.

After that, his consciousness would return to December 25, 2028, so he and Phi can help her investigate the Mars Mission Test Site in Nevada and stop Radical-6 from ever spreading out. However, she also warns him that the test site is extremely dangerous and full of traps, and that he lost his arms and an eye there. As her explanation concludes, the nuclear reactors explode.

After these events, on April 14, 2029, the shuttle arrives on the Moon with Akane, Sigma, Alice, Clover, and Phi on board. They all go to Rhizome 9. Phi, Alice and Clover are still in treatment pods, and are stored away for 45 years.

Another Time

? and Tenmyouji have a conversation in which Tenmyouji feels he has no desire to speak with Akane because she is no longer the Akane he knew. He comments she must have seen some pretty awful things over the years and may no longer be human. He claims that the Akane Kurashiki he knew is not here, or anywhere.

Akane questioning "Kyle" in the B. Garden.

After speaking to Phi, ? heads back to the B. Garden to ask Akane for an explanation. She tells him that while he is in Kyle Klim's body, his consciousness is not Kyle's. ? asks her that, if he isn't Kyle, where the real Kyle's consciousness went. Akane says that Kyle, in a way, went back to December 25, 2028 with Sigma. She goes on to explain that while Kyle was created as Sigma's "spare", his consciousness was also important to Akane and Sigma's end goal. This mission would span from December 25 to December 31, with the purpose of preventing the spread of Radical-6. ? points out that Kyle did not exist in 2028, and thus would not have a body to enter, unless he uses ?'s own body. Akane confirms this claim.


Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward PS Vita Walkthrough Part 99 (End or Beginning 2 Part 2)

Akane Kurashiki speaking to ?

? then asks what's going to happen to him, and if he will have to spend the rest of his life in Rhizome 9 in a body that isn't even his. Akane tells ? that this is not the case, as he can travel freely through time and space, as he is an "uncontrolled variable" in the project, and so the rules of the world don't apply to him, and they hadn't anticipated his appearance. ? is about to say that he doesn't understand, but Akane tells him not to "try to play dumb", and that she knows what he is. She tells ? that he is about to return to the past and save the world, and that Phi and Sigma will need his help, and that this will be the only way he will get the answer of what happened in the last week of 2028. This is the implication that ? is actually the player, and that the Mars Mission Test Site outbreak will take place during that week.

Zero Time Dilemma

Akane reappears in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma as a participant of the Mars Mission Test Site simulation and a prisoner of the Decision Game created by Zero II. Akane is trapped in Ward C of the Underground Shelter. She is a member of C-Team with Junpei and Carlos. Reunited with Junpei, the two used to be connected by strong bonds, but ever since being assigned to Team C in this game, they always have conflicting opinions. It is important to note that the Akane in this game hasn't experienced the events of Virtue's Last Reward yet and only knows about the future through a vision she had after 999.

Branching timelines (D-END: 1 & C-END: 1)


In the Power Room, Akane bashes Carlos to death with an extinguisher after he kills Junpei by betraying him in the Ambidex Game, moments before succumbing to fatal drug injection herself.

In the timeline where Carlos SHIFTs to prevent Junpei from playing the Ambidex Game as the result will always be gruesome, Akane instead suggests SHIFTing to another timeline, and initiates a nuclear explosion to create the ideal SHIFTing environment, leaving D-Team's fate unknown.

Anthropic Principle


Zero Time Dilemma The Boy and the Ring scene

Junpei proposes to Akane.

Akane ends up SHIFTing to the timeline where they did not get all 1s on the dice rolling Decision Game. Junpei suggests Carlos and him act as a meat shield for Akane, allowing Akane to get their X-Passes, then shifting to the timeline where they did get all 1s, and escaping that way. Akane reveals her feelings towards Junpei afterwards, explaining the grief she felt watching him die. Junpei proposes to Akane with her ring, though he puts it on the wrong hand.

After discovering that X-Passes are locked to their respective histories, Junpei breaks down and contemplates suicide to allow Akane and Carlos to escape. However, he is interrupted by a mysterious child with superhuman strength attempting to punish them for a rule violation, seemingly by death. After Carlos SHIFTs back and forth, he suggests Akane and Junpei use the Transporter to escape to an alternate timeline. After they transport, the mysterious child strikes the Transporter and causes the entire facility to explode, killing their versions in the current timeline.


Having copied themselves using the Transporter, Akane and Junpei are reconstructed in the D-END: 1 timeline (where their respective versions in this timeline have been executed as a result of the vote).

However, Akane's worst fears are realized when Zero reveals that Radical-6 has already escaped the facility and the patients have been rushed to the hospital for treatment, thus starting the Radical-6 outbreak. Later, they are able to escape the facility thanks to Carlos who had used the transporter to create a copy of himself in that timeline as well to rescue them.

Realizing that this is the timeline that leads to the events of Virtue's Last Reward, Akane vows to make the AB Project a success to make a better future. Junpei offers his help and to join Crash Keys, but Akane does not wish to put Junpei through it and knows that she needs to work at it alone. Before Junpei can protest, Akane injects Junpei with a large dose of the amnesia drug in a removed bracelet, causing Junpei to blackout and subsequently lose all memory of reuniting with her during at Mars Mission Test Site and the Underground Shelter. What happens afterwards leads to Virtue's Last Reward, and the events of Radical-6 apocalypse and Living with Kyle Klim on the Moon occur. Akane is seen to still be wearing Junpei's ring in the future as well as during Virtue's Last Reward.


Akane falls to the floor in sorrow after finding Junpei's decapitated head.

When Akane awakens in the Pantry, she finds herself there with only Carlos, with Junpei nowhere to be found. During their search of the room, they come across a dismembered human body which, upon exiting the room, results in them discovering the severed head of Junpei in the freezer. Akane is horrified by the revelation and mourns his death. Akane suspects that Carlos had murdered Junpei and she leaves to retrieve a chainsaw, prompting a battle between Akane and an axe-wielding Carlos.

Q-END: 1 (What Is Love? Don't Hurt Me)

Carlos believes that he really did kill Junpei as the thought of Akane killing him seemed impossible. With the axe in hand, he promptly cuts his neck and kills himself. Horrified, Akane cannot believe that she even thought that he had killed Junpei and cries over his corpse. Her fate afterwards is unknown, though the X-Door is opened by members of Q-Team, implying she was left there.

Q-END: 2 (Real Zero/It Came From Within)

Carlos believes that Akane had killed Junpei, angering her for thinking that she killed her childhood friend. A short confrontation occurs where Akane slices off Carlos' left hand with the chainsaw, and despite this, Carlos manages to slice her neck with his axe. As Akane dies laying in a pool of her blood blaming Carlos for killing her, she laments that she was unable to avenge Junpei for his death. Akane's dead body is later moved to the Pod Room where it's discovered by Diana and Sigma after transporting from a different timeline.

D-END: 2 (The Hope of Two/A Silver Lining)

Junpei sacrifices the mask to save Akane.

Akane, Carlos and Junpei wake up in Control. After their search was concluded, a fire had started in the room. Fortunately, the fire suppression system was successful in putting out the fire. However, it did not stop its output of carbon dioxide, and soon the carbon dioxide concentration reached dangerous levels, prompting the trio to try to look for an oxygen mask. Following a decision game, should Carlos find a mask, he gives it to Akane, leaving himself and Junpei to suffocate. Junpei is glad to hear her voice one final time before he and Carlos die. Akane tries to wake them up, to no avail.

After the current status announcement of the Decision Game participants reveals that alongside Junpei and Carlos, Q-Team and Phi were dead, and reveals 6 X-Passes. Disheartened and unwilling to let Junpei and Carlos's sacrifices be in vain, Akane uses the X-Passes to escape, leaving Diana and Sigma trapped in the facility. Her fate after this ending is unknown, and she does not return with help for Diana and Sigma for unknown reasons. It is possible she died from carbon dioxide poisoning after, since when she escapes the X-Door, she appears to be walking slowly as if she is in a daze. It is also likely that Delta planned something in advance in order to ensure his birth.

CQD-END: 2 (Pay-off 2/The Final Decision)

Akane mentioning the power of friendship and teamwork will save humanity.

After the events of the Decision Game, Akane and the group met with Delta outside the Mars Mission Test Site and discovered the truth behind the game.

Through Junpei & Akane post game files, Akane and Junpei had worked closely with Carlos to find the religious fanatic, as well as help his sister Maria to control her SHIFT powers so she could live comfortably. Since then, Junpei officially joined Crash Keys and more importantly, Akane had moved the ring he had given to her to her left hand, signifying that the two are engaged. Junpei had already begun planning it and was planning on inviting Aoi, Carlos and Maria to it.


Her name, Akane (茜), refers to a red dye which can be alternately translated as "Rose" or "Madder".

Kurashiki (倉式) can be broken down to:

  • Kura (倉) - warehouse/storehouse/granary
  • Shiki (式) - ceremony/ritual/function

Akane and Aoi's surname may have been created as a nod to how they kidnapped everyone and put them in a "warehouse" of sorts (Building Q and also Rhizome 9 for Akane in the sequel) for their "function" (plans). Shiki (式) may also be a reference to the occultism in the game, which could be a hint of sinisterness. It may also refer to their intentions of stopping a religious cult (Free the Soul).

Her alias is June, which is the 6th month of the Gregorian calendar. However, her codename is more likely derived from the voodoo doll Junpei bought for her when they were kids. This is discovered upon completing the True Ending of the game.

Her Japanese codename, Murasaki (紫) means purple, which is the 6th color of the rainbow (not including indigo). She also wears a purple dress and has purple eyes. The first syllable, mu, can be ambiguously interpreted in Japanese as either "nothingness" (or "zero") or "six", a reference to her role as Zero and her true bracelet value. Murasaki may also reference an amethyst (むらさきすいしょう murasakisuishou) which are associated with purple and the number six. Furthermore, the amethyst is the birthstone of February, Akane's birthmonth.

Her brother's name is a homonym for aoi (青い), "blue". His sister's codename Murasaki (紫) means "purple". A notable theory is that this relates to the morphogenetic field. The graphics demonstrating the morphogenetic field show that red = transmitter and blue = receiver. That means purple should transmit and receive. Akane wears purple, and Junpei wears red and blue and they are both capable of doing two-way communication.


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

  • "I must punish them. For the innocent lives they sacrificed. This is the only warning they will receive. That innocent souls might be saved, I now state the truth." (note found in the safe in the 1st class cabin, signed by Zero)
  • "Consider this a privilege. You have been chosen. You are going to participate in a game. The Nonary Game. It is a game... where you will put your life on the line." (Akane as Zero abducting Junpei)
  • "Oh my gosh... Is that you, Jumpy!?"
  • Akane: "A bed. There's nothing underneath the covers. Junpei, do you want to sleep together?"
    Junpei: "What!?"
    Akane: "I... I... I was only kidding... Oh, forget it. It was all bunk anyway."
  • "Aaaaaiiiii!" (seeing the 9th Man's bloody corpse)
  • "Why... Why did this happen... Why did this happen..." (crying after 9th Man's death)
  • "Jumpy... Don't quit your day job, okay?" (after he flirts with her)
  • "You mean, like... the number of men I've dated? Do you want to know? Don't worry. Only 18... times 0. Yeah... I guess I just haven't met Mr. Right yet..."
  • "Hey Jumpy, did you want to take a shower together? *giggle* Just kidding."
  • "This is kind of a weird-looking picture. Do you think it's an abstract painting or something? It looks kind of like... a demon... with an elephant-like nose... sucking on a human being's brain..." (on the Funyarinpa)
  • "Tee-hee. Despite my looks, I'm the Qleen... bleh. Ahem... the Queen of random knowledge."
  • "Oh, you're such a warrior, Jumpy. Oops! I mean... worrier..." (to Junpei)
  • "I... I wasn't worried... Because you were... Because you were there with me. *blush* You know, no one else wanted to take care of the animals. I was the only one who asked to do it, at first." (to Junpei)
  • "I might... get wet. Down there... I'd get soaking wet..."
  • "Gosh, Jumpy! You're so brave! You're so cool, Jumpy! I really admire you!"
  • "She was only about an inch tall, then? A-Ah... Sorry... I-I guess an inch is a little large for a button... Probably more like... a half-inch?" (when Santa says his sister was cute as a button)
  • "Wh-Wh-What?! We're not a couple! Not at all! Not in any way!" (to Santa about her relationship with Junpei)
  • "Oh no! Don't look at it! I'm not cute at all and I'm not photogenic, and I don't look sexy either. Next to Clover, my skin looks gross... and I'm not sexy like Lotus... I know guys go for women who look like Lotus... But! but, but! I'm trying too! I'm doing the best I can! So please, don't call me a board, or a trash can, or a cutting board--"
  • "We found it! We found it! The last door! We found door 9!"

999 Sub Ending

Akane bleeds to death and dies beside Junpei in the Submarine Ending.

  • "Jumpy... I'm sorry... I... I might not make it. Thank you, Jumpy... Thank you so much... For everything... I was... really happy... To see you again, Jumpy... Really... happy..."
  • "Please, don't go... Please, just... stay with me, okay...? I want to... be close to you, Jumpy... When... When I..."
  • "Jumpy, did you know... You... meant a lot to me... when we were kids... I've liked you... for a long time, Junpei... A really... long... time... Jumpy, do you remember... how we hung out a lot when we were... kids? We went to the pool... And to... the fair... Do you remember... playing snowball at the school...? They're all memories I will never forget... All of those memories are... treasures... to me... But I also wanted to... go to a lot of other places with you... A lot more... But... that... won't happen... now..."
  • "That makes me happy... Really... happy... Jumpy... I feel... sleepy... Thank you... Jumpy... Thank you... so much..." (final words)

Virtue's Last Reward

  • "This will be the culmination of many years of hard work. We cannot afford failure." (to Luna about the AB Project)
  • "Luna. I am giving you an order. I am in command, and you do as I say. You are programmed to do as I say. You know this."
  • "Perhaps humans are the same, with our minds and thoughts existing separate from our bodies. Our "core" is in our head, of course. We all have individual brains, think individual thoughts, and act according to individual wills. That makes communication difficult, though. So, we're forced to rely on inefficient mediums like language, photographs, non-verbal cues, etc, to transmit information. Each one of us is an individual, and we have no direct connection to anyone else. But... is that really true? In the dimensions we are most familiar with, yes, it is. If we look at things from another, higher dimension, however... We may all be connected after all. Like the branches of a tree... Or a rhizome..." (Akane talking about morphogenetic field theory)
  • "It probably sounds silly to you. A ridiculous story made up by a mad old woman. But look at what's happened to you. You've seen many different worlds and timelines, haven't you Sigma? And what about you, Phi? I know you have too... Am I wrong? Tenmyouji should know what I'm talking about as well. I believe you experienced something very similar nearly half a century ago. You sent your consciousness to the past to help save a little's girl life. It was a long time ago, but... Perhaps you still remember?"
  • "The cat in the box... is it alive? Or is it dead? Sigma, Phi... You will decide its fate."
  • "Hahaha... oh, Tenmyouji. I can almost see you... You don't need to worry. Everything's going to be okay. I will see you again one day. I promise. But I'm going to have to ask you to wait just a little longer."
  • "Tu fui, ego eris."
  • "Zero, the mastermind of the AB Project... is you." (to Sigma)
  • "Please don't try to play dumb. I know what you are. Surely you must know by now, too. You are about to go into the past, and save the world. Phi and Sigma, even with all of his future knowledge, will need your help. Only you can right the horrible wrongs of our past. Only you can save the world." (to ?)
  • "Then you must believe. Reality is shaped by what we believe reality should be. If observation can change the motion of a particle, then how is it odd to think that human thought can shape reality? Your will can change history! The world will be reshaped into the one you imagine! Remember what I've told you. Only you can change history. Only you... can save the world." (to ?)

Zero Time Dilemma

  • "Oh, I know! Let's cut off Junpei's arm! He should be able to fit through then." (after Junpei claims she likes cake too much)
  • "Water you saying, Junpei? The shelter must be fully prepared, so they bottle of them. What? What? It's... just a joke! Come on you two, say something?!" (on a bottle of water in the Rec Room)
  • "It's that male fantasy, right? I'm not putting that thing on unless I need to." (about a lab coat in the infirmary)
  • Carlos: "Huh? There are security cameras in this place?"
    Akane: "Carlos, it's 2028. I'd be more surprised if there aren't cameras hidden everywhere..."
  • Akane: "This nuclear reactor automatically supplies electricity for years without any extra input."
    Carlos: "How do you know all that?"
    Akane: "I read it in the manual that's right over there."
  • "I think if we end up losing this game... we're all going to die."
  • "We might be in the history God abandoned."
  • "How dare you... HOW DARE YOU KILL JUNPEI!" (killing Carlos)
  • "Horrible... You're horrible, Junpei..." (after Junpei and Carlos die to save her)
  • "But that way of thinking is completely wrong! Being the sole survivor does not make me happy! There's no point in living once you lose the one you care about the most!" (to Carlos and Junpei)
  • Carlos: "Akane, calm down!"
    Akane: "I. AM. CALM."
  • "DIEEE!" (attempting to kill Carlos with a chainsaw)
  • "I told you, I didn't... I DIDN'T... KILL HIM!" (slicing Carlos' hand off)
  • "Junpei... I'm sorry... I couldn't... avenge you..." (final words as she dies)
  • "That's a damn lie! It has to be!" (after Zero claims Radical-6 is spreading across the world in C-END: 1)
  • "Junpei, I will never forget you. But please, forget me. You need to forget..."
  • "I do what I must to accomplish my goals. That is just how I am. Even if that means I must lose my life, I swear I'll make the AB Project a success!"
  • "If we work together, we can accomplish anything!"


  • It is implied Akane is bilingual in Japanese and English, given she attended school in Japan.
  • In the Japanese version of the series, Akane calls Junpei "Junpei-kun" and Carlos "Carlos-san".
  • According to the timeline, Akane was born 9 days after Junpei.
  • The 12-year-old Akane being the narrator of 999 may explain why some of the game's writing can be perceived as childish and juvenile, examples of which are calling gore "pizza dough" and describing a corpse as looking like a "crab". It is also very descriptive, often detailing the visuals, as children as often very impressed by visuals. The writing is also emotional-based at times, such as, "The atmosphere in the room changed. Grief was suddenly gone, replaced by a tension." This may be a result of Akane resonating with Junpei's emotions and feelings instead of simply her own.
  • There is a concept (albeit a psuedoscientific one) called indigo children - children who are different from others. They have been described as possessing strong wills, empathy, curiosity, and are emotionally/physical sensitive. They are often perceived by peers as being strange, and are resistant/rebellious to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority. Some believe they have great purpose on planet Earth and are the next stage in human evolution, as well as theories of indigo children possessing paranormal abilities such as telepathy. Considering how much Zero Escape dives into pseudoscience (especially Akane herself), as well as descriptions of Akane, it is possible Akane was modeled after the indigo child concept. The specific reason "indigo" is used because it is claimed these children appear with an indigo-hued aura, sometimes associated with the concept of chakras. Akane wears an indigo-colored dress and has unnatural indigo eyes, and her Japanese codename (Murasaki) literally means purple or indigo
  • In the novelization, it is revealed Akane loves the film adaptation of Titanic by James Cameron and has a DVD copy. Junpei hasn't seen it. As Akane is described as having a "delicate heart" and being "very much a crybaby", she probably cries during it. Her interest in it probably began as a result of being on the sinking Gigantic.
  • Akane's fevers occur when something isn't supposed to happen. They mean Junpei's heading down the wrong path, and that she is closer to being incinerated in the past. In the True Ending route, Akane doesn't have a single fever, except for the one when Teruaki Kubota's corpse is seen by the other players.

"---" is probably Akane.

  • In the True Ending, Junpei hears a mysterious voice telling him "truth had gone" three times. If Junpei chooses "left, right, left, right, left, right", the voice speaks to Junpei and tells him he's wrong and that he should "know everything".[4] It is almost certain that the voice is Akane telepathically communicating to Junpei.
  • Aoi always goes through a numbered door with Akane to maintain the guise that his bracelet number is 3 and his sister's is 6. Because Aoi's bracelet number is likely 9 and Akane's is likely 0, adding their bracelet values to any combination has no effect on the digital root. This was implied in Question 66 of the 999 Q and A.
  • In the Japanese version of 999, instead of "Jumpydoll", it is "Grapedoll". Junpei found a "voodoo" doll, but he misheard it as "budo". In Japanese, the word "budo" (ぶどう) means "grape". Because this pun would be lost in translating it from Japanese to English, the localizers opted for Junpei mishearing "voodoo" as "For-You" instead. In addition, grapes are commonly associated with the color indigo/purple, another reference to Akane.
  • Akane designed Zero III in memory of the murdered rabbits from her childhood with Junpei, which occurred over 50 years prior to the Ambidex Game. It is also possible she used Kyle's rabbit doll as a base.
  • She has orchestrated two Nonary Games, the Second Nonary Game and the Ambidex Edition, both of which to maintain and alter events of the past. If the player chooses to go through the Cyan door in Virtue's Last Reward, she would have played the Nonary Game all three times with Clover (although during the First Nonary Game, Akane was on the Gigantic while Clover was in Building Q).

There may be a guardian spirit somewhere here.

  • In the Secret Archives of Virtue's Last Reward, it comments on the photo of Akane and Junpei. It claims Akane has a male "guardian spirit" looking after her. "Look at the left side of the picture... If you look closely, it almost looks like there's a man grinning in the background. Do you see him? Don't worry if it seems a little strange: A spirit medium has told us that the person in this picture is a guardian spirit, who's looking after her. He must have shown up here because he'd hear what sort of destiny she had in store, and decided to see how she was doing." If you look closely at the tree, a deformed grinning face can indeed be made in the formation of the leaves.

Akane's identification card in VLR.

  • Akane's identification card has an extremely blurred URL on the bottom right of her identification card. This URL goes to Chunsoft's website. Chunsoft are the publishers of the Zero Escape series in Japan.
  • In "End or Beginning?" of Virtue's Last Reward, Akane tells Sigma that she doesn't know about anything that happened in the Mars Mission Test Site. This contradicts C-END: 1 and D-END: 2 of Zero Time Dilemma, where Akane leaves the underground shelter with some memories intact.
  • Akane is originally voiced by Ali Hillis in the "End or Beginning?" segment of Virtue's Last Reward as a young woman, but this was retconned out in The Nonary Games version of it. She was re-dubbed by Rena Strober, her voice actor in the 999 remake (The Nonary Games) and Zero Time Dilemma. She is one of three characters to change voice actors, the others being Sigma and Diana.

Zero Time Dilemma Back to the Future discussion

Akane talking about Marty McFly.

  • Akane once watched Back to the Future, as shown in the Power Room when she speaks about the movie there.
  • The producer of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Jiro Ishii, as well as Uchikoshi himself have stated that their favorite character is Akane.[5]
  • For the character popularity polls, Akane ranked #2 in Japan and #4 in the United States.
  • Akane and Light never once use profane language in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, the only characters to do so, although Light says "what the hell" in the chapel.
  • Akane, Luna, and K are the only characters that never use profanity in Virtue's Last Reward.
  • She is one of three characters who have appeared in all three games, the others being Zero and Junpei Tenmyouji. If counting the first Nonary Game, which occurred when she was 12, she is the only person to be an active participant in one form or another (as a player, mastermind, or both at the same time) in all known versions of the Nonary Game.
  • Akane is good at mahjong.[6]
  • There are implications in Zero Time Dilemma that Akane is a theist. She says, "Maybe that was the universe God had intended in the first place", "We might be in the history God abandoned" and "Only God decides who lives and who dies!"
    • This is in contrast to Sigma who has implications he is an atheist.
    • After hearing Akane mention God, Zero says, "Oh ho. To think you of all people would invoke God" (presumably because it is well known that she takes an "ends justify the means" approach, and has coordinated at least one death game; two, in one timeline) and invites her to a ceremony where she will see the "true god Free the Soul believes in." and supposedly reveal the secrets of the world to her.

Akane as a moe cat girl.

  • In Zero Time Dilemma, Akane's status screen icon has cat ears. This may be a reference to her being the "Schrödinger's Cat" of the previous two games. It could also be a reference to the cat that she and Junpei saved from being set on fire and tortured. It is also designed to appear in the Moe style of Japanese art, referring to her being from Japan. The overall art style seems to be reminiscent of the Nendoroid plastic figure designs.
  • In Zero Time Dilemma, as revealed in the designer notes, Akane's outfit is symbolic. It is intended to be reminiscent of a kimono with a sash, representing Akane's Japanese heritage. The black sash around her represents her hidden dark side. The chain-like intertwined patterns represent her being constricted.
  • In Zero Time Dilemma, she is symbolized by a flower with her clothing colors from 999 on the slot machine in the Rec Room.
  • Akane's X-Passes are Crash, Key, Six, Hex and June.
    • Crash / Key - The name of her organization is Crash Keys (a rough Anglicization of "Kurashikis").
    • Six / Hex - Akane's bracelet value (though in reality its supposed value) in 999 is 6.
    • June - Her nickname in 999.



Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Virtue's Last Reward

Zero Time Dilemma


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