The ADAM in the Infirmary.

An ADAM, or Automatic Diagnosis and Analysis Machine, is a medical device that uses nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to examine and diagnose anyone scanned by it. It is similar to a MRI machine, only much smaller and more efficient. An advanced computer built into the device can automatically diagnose most diseases and ailments.

If the subject of diagnosis is already deceased, the ADAM can perform a virtual autopsy to determine the cause of death and even determine the time of death, as well as the measurements of the murder weapon.

Virtue's Last Reward


Luna scanning Quark using an ADAM.

There is an ADAM located in the Infirmary on Rhizome 9. Luna is the only one of the nine players who is capable of using the ADAM, since she claims to have a medical license. She uses it to scan Akane Kurashiki's body, Quark, Alice, and Sigma Klim. The ADAM is also used to get both the escape and file passwords when the Infirmary functions as an escape room by scanning the bedsheets found during the puzzle.